week 2
waxing Moon

You are a goddess of the Moon...

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define your sacred space

By learning to embrace your cycles, you are setting yourself up for positive intentions to carry you through each month.  One way to express your monthly intentions is through altar-building.  An altar has all of the elements that align with each of our chakras and elements: 

Earth: root chakra (altar= crystals or rocks or even salt)
Water: sacral chakra (altar= sea shells, flower essences, tinctures)
Fire: solar plexus (altar= a candle, a smudge wand to light)
Air: heart chakra (altar= smudge wand) 
Ether: throat chakra (altar= essential oils or fragrant flowers)

Using an altar is also a daily reminder for us to check in with our energy centers (our chakras) to see where there may be an imbalance. 

Creating your altar 


Perhaps you already have an altar space. Use this week to "spruce it up"! Make some changes to your altar that you feel resonate with how your current state of mind or spirit is now! If anything on your altar space doesn't vibe with you anymore, remove it and add something that does! 

Never created an altar? No worries! There's no need to go out and buy items; you'll see in the video below that you can often create a beautiful area using what you have around your home.

Self-care practices allow us to really tune into our desires. Complete the worksheet above to tune into your happiness factor! 

Self-care practices allow us to really tune into our desires. Complete the worksheet above to tune into your happiness factor! 


Art by Hanako Mimiko

Art by Hanako Mimiko

what to expect during the waxing moon phase

During your Waxing Moon, or Follicular phase, energy is fresh and a sense of rebirth fills the body and spirit. You are not yet fertile but your body is awakening and building up new energy that it used throughout your last moon cycle. Just as the moon waxes, so do we. our light starts to shine brighter every day. This is the season of Spring.

Your body goes through many physical, emotional and even spiritual changes during each part of your cycle and, for many women, the week after their period is one of happiness and ease.  Remember, if you don't have regular periods, or don't bleed at all, you can still notice throughout the month when your energy feels really good and life feels simple and easy.  This is often when you're embody your Spring-time goddess! When we are more connected to each phase of our cycle, we look at them as gifts; offerings from Spirit allowing us to harness their energy on different level. 

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This week's guest: abby clark

Abby is a MovNat Team Instructor who teaches certifications and workshops in the U.S. with a focus on empowering women through MovNat’s natural movement fitness system. ⠀

It was through natural movement that she discovered her deeper purpose for fitness and teaching it to others, especially women. ⠀

Abby lives in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband, son and fur baby, Kona. You can find her on instagram at @iamabbyclark and at www.abbyclark.me

I LOVED getting to know Abby and talking about why it's important for us to keep moving. She also had some great insights about a woman's monthly cycle!

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Nutrition for the waxing moon phase

During this phase of your cycle, your body's energy reserves are being built back up. Your hormone levels are at their lowest (this is what causes you to be infertile during this phase) but the cool thing is that now you have all this energy! Since hormones are low, it's best to focus on eating foods that contain phytoestrogens (these are natural plant-based substances that contain elements that are just like estrogen; your body can't tell the difference).  It's important though to eat naturally occurring phytoestrogens (not things like soy, but things like fermented foods, cashews, oats and almonds.  Phytoestrogens help control estrogen levels. 

Incorporate these foods into your diet:
broccoli, carrots, zucchini, avocado, grapefruit, plum, pomegranate, cherry, green lentils, lima beans, mung beans, chicken, eggs, trout and be liberal with your use of fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut.
Pro tip* remember that moderation is key. So when incorporating these items, try to stick to a moderate amount (a few eggs a week versus a couple of eggs every morning).  


action items for this week

Nature + Sound
Remember, this is the time of your cycle when getting out in nature will be most beneficial.  You are the Huntress of Nature- the Forest Fairy- the Magical Maiden; so this week, embrace the outdoors! 

Binaural Beats Audio 

Sometimes, we can't always go outside because of schedules or weather or... life in general.  So allow yourself to embrace the audio track below as a way to get your rhythms in sync- just like if you were out in the forest! Binaural Beats are two different sound waves, that you hear through each ear, to give you the perceived pitch of "unity".  To me, this is what happens when I am out in nature and my being is vibrating with that of the trees. 


Click below to listen to a meditation that I created just for you, for this phase of your cycle. Enjoy!

“Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back.

Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered...” 


~Clarissa Pinkola Estes