Herbal Medicine

custom herbal tea blends: my offering

Drinking herbal teas has had a life-changing effect on me.  Each morning I wake up and notice how I felt the day before and how I feel now. What does my body feel like? How is my energy level? Am I happy, sad, anxious, indifferent? Based on my intuitive assessment, I select my herbs for the day.  Many days, I choose Chamomile, Oat Straw and Lavender; to calm my nerves, soothe my skin and comfort my stomach.  Other mornings, I reach for something more energizing, like Lemon Balm and Peppermint.  I have specific herbs and seeds that I use based on the phase of my menstrual cycle that I’m in.  So I know each week, which herbs to choose from.  

Making herbal teas is like a dance.  The more that I let go, and let my body and intuition guide me, the more support I feel from these gifts of Mother Nature. It’s been such a journey, finding out which herbs best support my reproductive system, my hormonal balances and my stress and anxiety.  Trial and error and learning from other women has taught me so much about how to use the gifts that are provided.  I trust myself to know wholeheartedly when to use and when to discontinue use of a specific herbal medicine.  Because that’s what drinking tea feels like to me.  Medicine in the form of self-care, earthly love and pure joy.  

Honestly, when I first started working with herbs, I didn’t quite “get it”.  I thought I was supposed to feel most of their effects IMMEDIATELY; like a magic pill or something.  But over the last 7 years I have found that working with flowers and herbs creates a very deep, and sometimes very subtle change in the body and spirit.  I use the entire meaning of each herb; not just their medicinal properties.  For example, Calendula is extremely beneficial for the skin; it was first discovered to be healing for skin damage because it was first used for its color as a way to make butter yellow. It was discovered to have healing effects after people began using butter to help heal burns and, in turn, noticed the powerful skin healing effects of this magical herb. However, Calendula isn’t ONLY for healing skin issues; it’s a happy and comforting flower, also called Marigold.  It was historically used for protection and to provide strength and comfort.  So while we can use herbs strictly for their medicinal properties, when we use them for our body AND our spirit, we greatly increase their influence over us.  

There are so many reasons, both physical and emotional, to use herbs.  The biggest reason for me, and what I share with my clients, is Menstrual Health.  Not much is said about using herbal support for painful periods, emotional mood swings, heavy flows, or even breast tenderness. There is a whole universe of herbal support that has been helping and healing women’s cycles throughout our entire existence.  It’s my passion to bring that back to the main stream.  Every woman should know that SHE has the power to reduce her pain and symptoms while connecting with her inner self at the same time.  

In fact, this is how Lunar Nourishment began. I had all of these herbs and flowers, Roses, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, that I used for my own Menstrual Health. Herbs that I had read about in different women’s health and herb books; these herbs are common; you can buy them in the grocery store! 

My passion is helping others see the amazing healing power that they hold within them.  Herbs help enhance this strength and provide tools for deep healing that occurs both physically, mentally and spiritually.