Food is nourishment.  Good food makes us feel good and bad food makes us feel bad.  So you would think that everyone would simply eat good, healthy food. But it's not as easy as that- especially when you barely have time left in your day after work to exercise AND do something you enjoy.  By following a few simple principles, you'll learn how to eat healthy, cook simply and do it all on a budget.  

If you're ready to throw away the bad habits and start to LOVE the good ones- you're halfway there! Did I mention you'll learn how to make the best ooey-gooey no guilt brownies ever? Oh, and I'm not going to put you on another diet- I'm going to show you how to make your body and your food, work for you!

1. Nutritional Assessment + Intention Setting
2. Hormone Balancing worksheets
3. Meal plan + grocery list


Movement is as natural a part of being human as eating and sleeping.  Unfortunately, many of us are stuck behind desks , under fluorescent lights most of the day.  But how awesome would it be if you could have an exercise routine custom made for your body and your time? You can! Yoga changed my life- I've been practicing and teaching for over 5 years now and it's seriously AMAZING.  

Annnnddd... it IS for every body! No need to get all fancy and get upside down to have a yoga practice.  By working with me, I'll show you simple techniques and tips that will give you the most freedom in movement.   Plus, we'll have a lot of fun while doing it! 

1. Physical Evaluation
2. Private Yoga session
3. Custom “take home” yoga sequence

          Feminine Health

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Most of the work that I do revolves around feminine health + ancient Moon wisdom.  There is much power to be had in a woman who truly knows herself.  Through my private mentorship, online courses, and live workshops, hundreds of women have reclaimed their cycles, reduced period pain, and learned how to harness the gifts of their menstrual cycle.

This part of self-care is truly life changing.  Did you know that you can balance your hormones just by eating certain foods? Did you know that your menstrual cycle directly aligns with the cycle of the Moon?  There are 4 main phases of a woman's monthly cycle and together, we will discover the physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects of each phase.  

After our work together, you'll know exactly how to chart your cycle, alternatives to hormonal birth control, how to reduce both PMS and period cramps and how to embrace this wise system inside of you.  

1. Menstrual Cycle Education
2. Natural Birth Control + Family Planning
3. Endocrine System + Natural Pain Relief

Your Self-Care Investment

Level 1: One private (1.5 hour) Skype/phone session covering one or all of the topics above. 

Level 2: Three private Skype or phone sessions on your choice of Nutrition, Yoga and Feminine Health + email support.

Level 3: Two private Skype sessions (6 total) on each topic above + additional email support + self-care products shipped to your door. 

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