Heart + voice

Desire, passion, truth- these are three key parts of any well-rounded relationship.  Whether you're working on an intimate or friendly relationship, knowing what you want and being able to give it a voice is vital.  

Have you ever held resentment towards a partner for not giving you what you needed; even though you may never have stated your needs? 

Situations like these are common but very "surmountable".  Together, we'll begin to give a voice to your desires as we work on discovering your needs, your desires and your unspoken resentments.  This is heavy work but is well worth it if you are in the realm of relationship! 

1. Balance the Heart + Throat Chakras
2. Discover Pleasure Centers
3. Give a Voice to your Desires


                                                   Masculine & Feminine

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Though most all of us are born either male or female, we each hold both masculine and feminine energy.  Just as we work on our bodies and our minds, it's important to work on this balance in our relationships.

Have you ever been in a relationship that just never seemed to go right? No matter how nice you and your partner were; something was just "off"? 

This is often due to an imbalance (or over compensation) of either masculine or feminine energy.  Together, we will work on simple exercises that both you and your partner can do to bring more balance into your relationship.

1. Learn the Taoist principles of Yin + Yang
2. Practical lessons for balancing a relationship
3. Masculine + Feminine rituals


              sacred sex 


This can be a touchy subject for some but if you're ready to truly change your life and your relationship for the better- then get ready for some juicy stuff! 

The ancient Taoists believe that neither a man nor a woman should orgasm- they believe it reduces creativity and spirituality. DON'T WORRY- we're not going to try that here. But what we ARE going to do is teach you how to conserve your vital energy, increase pleasure during sex and regain your confidence in the bedroom!

Being a woman means being confident in your own skin.  Through discovering your sexual needs and desires, you'll be able to speak and act in a way that aligns with your inner self.  Get ready to get down and dirty!   

1. Embrace femininity
2. Increase vital energy
Consent and long-term relationships


evel 1: One private (1.5 hour) Skype/phone session covering one or all of the topics above. 

Level 2: Three private Skype or phone sessions on your choice of Nutrition, Yoga and Feminine Health + email support.

Level 3: Two private Skype sessions (6 total) on each topic above + additional email support + self-care products shipped to your door. 

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