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As women, we often experience a disconnection with our bodies and our ability to heal ourselves.  We don't often realize how strongly our mind-body connection is, until something gets out of balance. There is so much more to being a woman than we are taught to believe. Within each of us, there is a Mother, a Priestess, a Crone and a Maiden.  We are all these women, yet we aren't taught how to harness the gifts they provide for us.  I offer guidance on how to heal your body, from the inside out, so that you can use the gifts it has to offer you.

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Menstrual imbalances can manifest themselves in our body through painful periods, acne, endometriosis, weight gain/loss,  & so much more.  Emotionally, when our body's intricate system is out of balance, this is manifested through mood swings, PMS, low libido, and anxiety or depression.  

I will guide you through learning about your body's hormones, what they can do for you, and how to bring them back into balance.  

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I will guide you through learning about your monthly cycle for pregnancy prevention including how to track your cycle, how to understand when you are fertile + infertile, and how to practice safe sex during your monthly cycle.  

Ready to get off birth control? I will guide you through next steps so that you can learn what you need to know to protect your body and make informed decisions. 

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It's no surprise that over 1.5 million women in the US are unable to conceive due to lifestyle conditions. I will work with you if you're ready to learn about natural options for conceiving including, but not limited to: nutrition, herbal support, lifestyle changes, energy work, fertility awareness support, hormone balancing & more.  
I will guide you through natural options to bring more juiciness into your life as you start to plan your family!

1 hr 15 min |  $85 

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