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reclaim your feminine health and learn how to be your own healer

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What if you could diagnose what's going on in your body each time you experience discomfort, pain, or illness and maintain a beneficial relationship with your physical body and your mental health? 

You can.

The chakra workshop you signed up for, the yoga class you go to each week, the healthy food that you eat- these are all medicines to our body.  But sometimes we get so stuck in feeling like we need more knowledge and information about the human body, that we forget to listen to OUR body. 

We've all got it; intuition. We were born with it but the way we were raised and with modern society, we forget how to listen to it.

I'm here to show you how you can learn to listen to your body so you can stop second-guessing and Googling your symptoms every time you don't feel well.

Have you ever seen those women who seem like they're doing it ALL? And feel great, too? Like I'm talking the woman who has her own business, juggles being a mom or a partner, has a side hustle gig, tons of lady friends, and somehow manages to be healthy and fit AND happy? 

That's what reclaiming our feminine power is all about.

And if you've gone most of your life feeling like that was out of reach, think again.


Actually, think about it like this:

You're moderately healthy but always have that fear that "something" could go wrong. You could skip a period or bleed for months on end or not be able to conceive or feel like your birth control is making you go crazy or not understand why you still have Endometriosis or PCOS even though you eat perfectly healthy, ALL the damn time.  

I've been there. Feeling like I was literally obsessing over every aspect of my "health" only to find myself in the same cycle of getting sick or having painful periods or experiencing deeper dis-ease. Obsessing over having a 28 day cycle but then experiencing one month without bleeding at all. 

Harnessing the healing power of being a woman is totally possible and will transform your life when you find out just how simple it can be.  

Every day you don't look at the deeper messages of pain or illness that your SELF is sending you, you are giving more and more of your power away.  

harnessing your feminine health...

...empowers you to use your body's natural cycle to plan or prevent pregnancy
...gives you permission to look at the deeper message of your reproductive issues like PCOS, Endometriosis, irregular bleeding and more
...helps you see where you are draining your energy and giving your power away
...allows you to pull up and release sexual trauma, guilt, and the shame that all women experience
...gives you an abundance of energy allowing you to nurture others in a more meaningful way
... initiates you into woman-hood, healing wounds from generations that came before you and those who will come after

warning: embracing your power can cause loss of that which no longer serves you. only handle if ready for transformation

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why learn how to listen to your body?

Without taking your health into your own hands, you run the risk of always feeling like there's something "wrong" with you when you don't feel great.

The cool thing is, you can start doing it right now!

Have you ever come down with an illness and you just knew, deep down, that it happened because you really needed to rest? This "deep down" is what we're going to PULL UP in our work together.  

So, what does "health" mean?

As a health coach, I look at several areas of your life that make up your overall health. This includes not only the foods you eat but your lifestyle, your relationships, and your stress management practices. 

Ready to learn how you can harness your own healing power?

The wise woman healing curriculum + your teacher:

My name is Lydia and I was once a self-care addict. No but seriously, if there was a training about the body system, the chakras, the energy body, ayurveda, and nutrition- I've taken it. My path led me to quit my full time desk job, get my yoga training, teach yoga for 4 years, then get certified as an integrative nutrition health coach.  I use not just my training but also my experience as a body intuitive and my psychic (we're all psychic just fyi) abilities to quickly and powerfully tap into what's really going on in your body.  I can only guide others through my own experience and I've experienced a lot in 29 short years.  Death & grief and how it affects the nervous system, daily anxiety with a side of panic attacks, a hooked coccyx that connected me to the pain body in the most drastic way, scoliosis and a "twisted body" that required a shit-ton of movement and very specific dynamic body-work, painful periods and subsequent sexual trauma blocking the flow of my feminine energy.  I've been there. My story is what has drawn me to this work. And I'm ready to go there with you.  Now... on to these sessions....

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My work is centered around The Mother; embracing our inner guide and releasing the parts of ourselves that are blocking our flow of feminine energy.  When our energy is blocked, it is manifested, often, as illness or dis-ease.  All sessions include tapping into the deeper nature of our true selves through introspective meditation, conversation, energy reading, and laser-focused coaching and guidance. Possible topics covered include:

-cervical wellness (healing hpv and cervical dysplasia) 
-physical reproductive issues like pcos, endometriosis, heavy/painful/or irregular periods
-fertility awareness method for pregnancy planning or prevention (without synthetic birth control)
-gut health/digestive issues

The Sessions:

Wise Woman Deep Dive

You know what your health issue is and you want to clear it up NOW.  You're already aware of your body, aware of your cycle, and you already have a health goal.  You get 75 minutes of laser-focused energy ready and health coaching from me.  You'll get a recording of our session so you can take notes later, because I WILL give you homework to do ;)  This session includes everything from nutrition and weight loss goals, menstrual cycle health, family planning, natural birth control, irregular periods, period pain, emotional/compulsive eating, learning how to cook at home, eating with your cycle and so much more.  The Deep Dive Session does not include any follow up; it's you and I, swimming together in real time- just once.

dos lunas

Two moons. In just 8 weeks (2 moon cycles), you will get a 4 healing sessions with me, your intuition, and the power of your inner moon. This is a deeper dive and includes 4 weeks of my Balanced Babes online curriculum (valued at $149 but FREE for you!)  that you have lifetime access to.  This is for you if you're ready to commit to yourself and experience transformational growth in a short amount of time. This is NOT for any woman who doesn't feel like she actually has the power to be her own healer. Dos Lunas includes four 60 minute sessions (+ the recordings), a weekly email from me and homework (don't worry; you'll actually want to do these assignments!).  

Trying to conceive? 

Book a call with me below and we'll chat about my 6 month program to get your body fertile and baby-ready! Investment for this program is between $3,000-$5,000. 

Why work with me, in this way?

Well, first off- why not? Kidding; sort of.  What would it be worth it to you, if you could live the rest of your life feeling confident, empowered, and radically self-aware? That's where we get, together.  I've worked with women who tried to conceive for 5 years straight and finally did, after one conversation with me. I've worked with women who didn't know they were suppressing past trauma but after releasing it, found their soul-mate.  If you truly believe in the power of YOU, then we're a perfect fit. But don't take my word for it; click here to read testimonials.  

I have spent the last 10 years learning, living, researching, and working in the realms of women's health.  Some of my most valuable wisdom has come from women such as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Miranda Gray, Dr. Claudia Welch, Alissa Vitti, CP Estes, and more.  I combine my knowledge with my life experiences and my work with herbs, meditation, body movement, energy reading, reiki, and more.

Now what?

Well, if you have no doubts that this if for you, scroll down, book + pay, and you'll get email from me with a questionnaire to fill out before our first session.

Not sure yet? No worries! Click below to schedule a complimentary discovery call so we can see what your needs are and I can tell you about my system and see if it's a good fit for you.  When you click the booking button, you'll be taken to my booking page; just select a day and time that works for you, put in your info and viola! 

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