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What if you could learn to see your emotions as they are, without judgement?

What if you discovered how to not escape situations or emotions, but face them head on with the support you need?

Everything you need to know is already within you- are you ready to uncover it?

Join me for a 3 month journey of 


I truly believe that...

Empowerment comes not only from the self-care practices or spiritual work that we do, but more importantly from the acceptance we have of each situation we are in.  Empowerment is AMPLIFIED when we get to hear and share our experiences with other women.

For 3 years, I have brought women together in living rooms, yoga studios, online webinars, and wellness centers and I have witnessed the empowerment that comes from self-acceptance, and from feeling love for showing up exactly as we are.  The empowerment comes from not faking a smile or talking just to fill a void- but from speaking from the deepest parts of our heart.  And from being received and accepted no matter what comes up.

Are you ready to look directly at yourself & transform negativity, trauma, and grief into a working model for living a content life?





This is not an online course. It’s not a school or training. It is LIFE.  It is a ceremony, each and every day.  

The lunar lodge is a real life model for

self acceptance.

This is a 3 month experience.  3 New Moons and 3 Full Moons. We will close out 2017 intentionally and with the support you've always wanted and we will enter 2018 with a fully formed plan to keep you moving towards self acceptance.  

In the Lodge, you show up, speak your truth, share your story, and experience the deeper purpose of what it means to exist.  

The Lunar Lodge is a place for you to see the naked quality of your emotions.  it is a temple of truth.

You’ll be supported on a deeper level because you’ll be free to be yourself, even if it’s different than who you’ve been your whole life.

“No one can really change your personality absolutely. No one can turn you completely upside down and inside out. The existing material, that which is already there, must be used. You must accept yourself as you are, instead of as who you would like to be, which means giving up self deception and wishful thinking.  Your whole makeup and personality characteristics must be recognized, accepted, and then you might find some inspiration.”


Why the lodge?

Application deadline is November 1st.

This is sisterhood. This is community. And you’re invited to join us.  We will meet in the comfort of our homes, on the Full and New Moons to talk and release and empower each other to be ourselves.  

This is different than an online webinar. It’s different than a private coaching session.

This is soulful ceremony.

Life IS a ceremony and when we can learn how to apply our growth to daily situations, we are truly free. The dramas of life will never change but our reactions to situations can change.  

This is about us, awakening our soul’s purpose by seeing our life as it is, without thinking we are "good" or "bad". we just are.


In The Lunar Lodge you will learn how to release what no longer serves you. You will learn how to rest in the parts of yourself that feel in limbo. You will learn how to create the life you want to lead by letting go of the life you think is expected of you. You will, most of all, learn how to mother yourself in the ways that you really need. 



This isn’t about escaping our problems.

it’s about changing the ways that we have always dealt with our problems.  


Keep reading to find out the monthly theme and live call schedule and to apply. This program is limited to a small amount of women and there is an application process. This is for women who not only want to feel supported but who will commit to the full program and will show up to all live calls.  


Is the lunar lodge right for you?


Are you tired of over-thinking and analyzing everything you do?

Do you want to LIVE your life and flow through it with grace and ease and less drama?

Are you ready to experience embodying your feminine energy?

Do you want to live in alignment with what feels good to you?

Do you want to find out your soul’s purpose: whether it be for your career, relationship, interests and passions and create an action plan for moving towards that purpose?


Now is the time to dust off the covering that we mask ourselves with in order to fit into society.  So, who are you, really? Who do you want to be? What do you like? What makes you feel good? What would your life look like if no one else existed? 

So are you ready to join us? Are you ready to experience an exclusive but warm Moon Lodge, every other week? Are you ready to feel completely supported on your journey so you can face life head-on with clarity and acceptance? 

Then keep reading to find out exactly what the program includes! 


what does it include?

  • 2 live calls a month. *Each call will last anywhere from 75-120 minutes, depending on what comes up for the group.  Each live call will be recorded for those who didn't make it to the live call. Calls will be sent out within 48 hours.
  • Email support between live calls with specific action items and support tools based on the previous week's call.
  • A Lunar Lodge Giftbag mailed to your door filled with ritual tools for you to use on our journey including the following: 2018 We'Moon Calendar, smudge wands, and a Lunar Crystal Necklace.  
  • Soul Sisters for Life: Each woman will have the opportunity for additional fun and support by being partnered with another woman from the lodge. You'll receive more details about this after applying.
  • $50 off tuition for Balanced Babes graduates or FREE tuition to Balanced Babes if you haven't taken it yet!

How does it work?

This is for women of ALL ages, nationalities and belief systems. We have had women ages 17-70 participate in these gathering and all are welcome.

We will gather on Zoom video/or your phone every other week on the New Moon and the Full Moon. If you do not have a computer or the internet, you can always use your phone to call in to the live call.  

Every other week, we will laugh and talk and learn together.  We will sit in silence and feel the space of existence; we will talk about feminine practices, moon rituals, and anything else that comes up. We will respect the container that we will create together. We will cry tears that sometimes don’t have a reason behind them. We will exist alone but together at the same time.  We will take part in a modern moon lodge- a red tent- a gathering of individual souls who, together, are the sisterhood.

In between our chats together, you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to a lunar sister for additional support.  In the week between our live call, you'll receive email support from me, based on what came up during the call. This could be a checklist, a meditation, a booklet, an insight; the possibilities are endless and they depend on the women who show up. 

Month 1 

Session 1-Taurus Full Moon: "Grounding"

We'll take a deep tour of ourselves and our bodies to locate and begin to release what holds us back from what we want. 
Live Call: November 3rd

Session 2- Scorpio New Moon: "Diving Within"

We'll take a look at our shadows and our patterns that keep repeating over and over again in our lives.
Live Call: November 18th

Month 2 

Session 1-Gemini Full Moon: "Integration & synthesis"

We will learn practical tools we can use in our daily lives to help us mother and support ourselves & our growth. 
Live Call: December 3rd

Session 2-Sagittarius new Moon: "one true aim" 

What do you REALLY want? We'll explore creating an intimate relationship with our intuition to find freedom.
Live Call: December 17th

Month 3 

Session 1-Cancer Full Moon: "emotional intelligence"

We will learn how to activate our feminine wisdom to create balance in how we react to & handle situations. 
Live Call: January 1

Session 2-Capricorn new Moon: "create a plan" 

Our work together will end with a discovery of how to utilize ancient tools for our modern lives.  You'll create a self-empowerment plan that works for you.
Live Call: January 16th

*After registration, you will be sent a Doodle poll to choose the call-time that works best for you.  I will choose the time that works best for most women. (Remember, call recordings will be sent out if you can't make it live.)


This program is exclusive to the women who are ready to show up and be real.  I do not take this work lightly and it is up to all of us to accept where we are and take responsibility for ourselves.  The work and transformation that you'll do during our time together will be reflected in your own life, including your finances, your relationships, your home life- these will all get "leveled up" and your own abundance will be lifted higher. This is an investment for the rest of your life.  You know if it's right for you.  

One payment of:$300

or 3 month automatic payment plan of: $125 

*remember, Balanced Babes graduates or current Balanced Babes students save $50 off tuition! + another $25 off tuition if you're in the private BB facebook group! That brings your total price down to $215 :) 

Application deadline is November 1st.

*a minimum of 4 women must apply in order to launch this season's lodge!*

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Apply below. You'll hear back within 24 hours with follow up details and payment information.

Application deadline is November 1st.