Meditation series

Learn how to meditate with a guided 4 part audio series.  You'll reduce your anxiety, increase your well-being and learn a special practice that will last you a lifetime! 

Are you tired of feeling unhappy, bored, or distracted? Perhaps you want to gain more focus or concentration. Maybe you experience panic attacks. Or you may be ready to learn how to cope with stress and decrease mind and body tension. 




Whatever your reason, learning how to calm the mind and connect with the spirit is an amazing tool to put in your self-care toolkit! 

Through guided audio sessions, I will teach you how to embrace silence and stillness, in a practical way that will fit in YOUR daily life.  

I began meditating several years ago, but it wasn't until I went to my first Vipassana meditation course, that I truly understood the practice.  

I experienced 10 days of silent meditation, 10 hours a day and truly saw how temporary our thoughts and body sensations are. 

Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting in a lotus position, with ZERO thoughts.  It can mean just observing your thoughts as they come in and out. Observing your body as you sit.  Are you ready to see what meditation can do for you? 

It changed my life and I'm confident that it can change yours too! 



How does it work? 

Upon payment + registration, you will receive your first welcome email! Then, you will receive the first audio session. Each day after that, you will be guided for 3 more sessions. You can keep the course series for life so you can always return back to the meditations!

Many students complete the course in 4 days, and then practice each meditation every day, for a week, moving on to the next meditation the next week! This allows you to have 1 entire month of daily guidance! 

For the price of a mocha latte, you will receive a meditation that will calm your mind, ease your body, and take you to a place of relief!


 "As a seasoned meditator, I am enjoying your guided meditation experience. I find your voice (both physical voice as well as content) to be very peaceful, engaging, and soft. I only wish I lived in Austin to be able to hear it more!" - Kala R. 

Meditation Series
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