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A 4 part guided audio series to help you tune in, ground down, and connect to your deepest self. 

For those who want to live a live with less anxiety, more self-acceptance, and a solid connection to themselves. Cultivate a meditation practice to get you through the hard times and keep you grounded during it all. Experience a life filled with confidence in who you are, gentleness when you forget who you are, and freedom to be you, in every moment. 

Here's how we'll do it:

For 4 days, you'll experience just how grounded and calm you truly are. I'll guide you through gentle practices of learning how to connect to your breath and observe your thoughts. You'll see how much more important YOU are, than the stories that play out in your head.

I'll be with you each step of the way to show you how to cultivate and KEEP a calming practice that will last you a lifetime. 


Here's the deal...

We don't always have the time to sit at 10 day silent meditation course (I did that once..) or pay tons of money to experience a wellness retreat. Not all of us feel good when we have a moment to ourselves.

I've been there. For most of my life, I experienced crippling anxiety, panic attacks, and a general feeling of misery. I began meditating and quickly learned that most meditation practices were too intense for me and didn't make me feel good or calm. I've been in your shoes- maybe you feel like you don't deserve quiet time alone.

Maybe your thoughts are too scattered to be able to sit in complete silence. Maybe you're too sad or emotional to be able to go to a group meditation class. Community is awesome, but sometimes we need the privacy of our home (or car!) and the ability to show up when we FEEL like showing up, to connect to the deeper parts of ourselves.

If you've got a busy schedule, aren't ready to spend the big bucks on a meditation retreat, or just want the privacy and flexibility of going at your own pace, this guided audio series is for you.  

Why meditate with me?

"As a seasoned meditator, I am enjoying your guided meditation experience. I find your voice (both physical voice as well as content) to be very peaceful, engaging, and soft. I only wish I lived in Austin to be able to hear it more!" - Kala R.
"It's the most amazing gift to be able to actually be with and FEEL your body again, not rushing around. I found myself living in an alternate reality- being more observant, calmer, slower, feeling more. And it definitely increased my self-confidence, groundedness, and sense of self." -Amanda
"Lydia is a beaming, genuine, breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Lydia for anyone needing more wisdom and self-love in their life." Michelle

This is for you if ....


+You feel anxious most of the day and can't seem to turn your mind off

+You want to learn how to meditate in *your* unique way that works for you

+You're tired of feeling like life is just happening to you, without your control

+You have restless sleep because of too many thoughts going on

+You want to refresh your meditation practice, on your own time

+You aren't comfortable learning how to meditate in a group setting

+You are very emotional and want to be able to stop meditating if it feels too intense for you

+You think you don't deserve alone time or time for self-care and want a structured way to give that to yourself

+You want to be able to refresh your practice whenever you want, for life

How does it work? 

Upon payment + registration, you will receive your first welcome email! Then, you will receive the first audio session. Each day after that, you will be guided for 3 more sessions. You can keep the course series for life so you can always return back to the meditations by visiting your private course module page.

Many students complete the course in 4 days, and then practice each meditation every day, for a week, moving on to the next meditation the next week! This allows you to have 1 entire month of daily guidance! 

Registration details

This program is open to anyone ready to take steps to becoming your own teacher and healer without breaking the bank to learn how. Enrollment is on-going and your course begins immediately upon registration. For the cost of a typical yoga or meditation class, you get 4 complete meditations, over 1 hours' worth for just $14.99!