A 9 week transformational group program

For women who are ready to create and nurture a life-long relationship with themselves.

Learn how to cultivate and maintain a friendship with yourself like one you've never experienced. 



Join 9 other women on a journey parallel to that of the Luna Moth; cocooning, transforming, and soaring above your wildest dreams.  

As women, many of us want to be healthier, to learn how to mother ourselves and how to take care of ourselves, but more often than not, we aren't given any practical guidance and real-time support. 


We can take workshops and classes and read books and learn really deep, almost shamanic, information, but if we aren't given any tools for using the things we're learning, then our day to day lives won't really change.  

It's sad to think about it, but many of us weren't taught how to take care of ourselves on really basic levels... 

~You want to get your finances in order but were never taught how to budget.  

~You want to learn how to eat SIMPLY and on a budget for YOUR body type so you can feel good, all the time.

~You want to feel okay with your sexuality but you're not sure how to heal trauma or shame (or learn where it even came from).

~You want to have a self-identity and know who YOU are without losing yourself in relationships.

~You want to heal close relationships in your life (with your mother or family or friends) but aren't sure how to cut those chords of codependency.
~You want to understand and learn how to use your voice; how to be authentic and true to yourself without compromising FOR ANYONE.  

~You want to have women in your life that you can lean on for support, who won't judge you, but are strong enough to hold space for you, in whatever way you show up.

~Most of all, you want to learn how to connect to yourself and your soul, for a lifelong friendship of self-love.


As women, we go through cycles of cocooning, transformation, and spreading our wings.  We go through cycles of life and death and birth.  Sometimes we grow alone and sometimes together.  

Now is your chance to cocoon, transform and DREAM BIG while making lifelong soul connections with other like-minded women.

I've been there. For the last 10 years I have tested and tried out so many theories of self-care, love, relationships, nutrition, money goals and more.  I've been through hell and back with my relationship with myself. I went through a really hard and long journey of cutting the chords of codependency with my mother.  I lived with a man that I could barely stand to look at and I thought it was all my fault. I've been there; and all I wanted during those times was someone to talk to and a way to track the amazing amount of growth and change that I was experiencing.  

So I spent years developing tools and rituals that allowed me to not only SURVIVE my life, but to THRIVE.  La Luna Project is what I wish I had, years ago. It is with my sincerest hope that it supports you on YOUR transformational journey. 


Do you want to be able to see the bigger picture of your life and not feel so frazzled and freaked by every little thing?


9 weeks of group and 1:1 mentorship to allow you to truly transform into the woman you're meant to be. 

  • A weekly theme to break down and transform your major energy centers. We will work from the ground up, based on each of your chakras. 

  • A weekly live group video call (will be recorded & sent out if you can't make it live)

  • A bi-weekly call with your soul sister (each woman will be partnered up!)

  • A weekly journal handout.

  • Ritual gifts delivered to your door! 

  • A private Facebook group for you to share stories, ask questions, and receive support with a weekly discussion topic.

  • Recorded meditations + more support & resources


This program is a deep dive; but one that won't feel shocking to the system as we will spend an entire week on each theme.  

This is a 9 week gestational period of cocooning and transforming so that you can soar.  

You will have 9 other sisters walking this path with you and beside you.  

You will have unconditional love and support to be who you are.

You can expect to walk away with a deep understanding of each of your main energy centers (chakras) and how you can balance each area.

You will learn:
~how to eat right for YOUR body type
~how to manage your finances in a way that's practical for you
~how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships
~how to embrace your sexuality and use your Shakti energy for a more vibrant and creative life
~how to be authentic to yourself without sacrificing close relationships
~how to make healthy decisions for yourself, for the rest of your life!

Each week will include a:

  • Live group video call
  • Exploration email lesson
  • Journal handout
  • Private Facebook group discussion prompt
  • Recommended Reading

Week 1 "Breaking Open the Soul" 

  • Group video call with intention-setting ceremony
  • Introduction to your partner for the program
  • Private Facebook group discussion prompt
  • Receiving your hand-picked ritual gift (delivered to your door!)

Week 2 "Knowing Your Worth"

This week's topic will be focused on security: feeling stable in your daily life, in your finances, and learning how to take care of yourself on a basic survival level. Our group call will center around how we feel about money now and in the past.

Week 3 "Nourishing Your Temple Body"

This week's topic will be focused on nutrition: learning about your own specific dosha (energy constitution) and how to eat right for YOUR body. You'll receive a meal-plan and we'll have organic conversation around our own food stories.

Week 4 "Awakening Your Desires"

Week 4 is all about sensuality, pleasure and how to heal our scars around our sexuality. Every woman deserves to feel DIVINE in her own skin and we'll create a safe and sacred container to talk about how we view our own sexuality and pleasure.

Week 5 "Cutting the Chords"

This week will focus on relationships with family, friends, partners and ourselves. We'll talk about co-dependency and how it makes us feel. You'll receive support as you open up about any toxic or negative relationships that you're ready to change.

Week 6 "Identifying with Self"

Our 6th week together will be a deep dive into self-identity.  Often, our ego creates a sense of fear or insecurity around how we view ourselves and how we want others to view us. We'll explore how we can be sure to not lose ourselves in relationships or the drama of life.  

Week 7 "Living Your Truth"

This week will be centered around communication. We'll discuss how we can stay true to ourselves to allow our energy to rise, connecting us to Spirit and to ourselves.  This is where we'll talk about how to practice what we preach!

Week 8 "Creating Your Rituals"

Now that we've had 8 weeks together, it's time to put into practice all that we've learned and experienced- not just in our time together, but over the course of your entire life. You'll learn how to practice a twice-monthly ritual for creating the life of your dreams!

Week 9 "Connecting the Pieces"

For our closing ceremony, we will be brave in our authenticity. We will share a ritual together that invites us to take what we've learned and allow it to sink into each of our energy centers. Our time together will be truly magical. 

In my years of working with women both individually and in groups, I've found that when we have the support of others, we feel stronger in making REAL-LIFE changes.

And that's what this program is all about; practical changes that we can make to begin living the life we want.  Years ago, I began to think about the quality of life that I wanted to lead. I realized that every day I am inundated with information on countless subjects of spirituality, meditation, yoga, nutrition and more.  And while it's important to learn new information, we also have to give ourselves the space to incorporate what we've learned.

I noticed that the women I was working with were burned out on information and were craving support and sisterhood. 

And so that's why this program is done in a group setting. Sisterhood is created here; with the group and also with the woman that you will be partnered with.  This program does have an application process because I want every woman to get the full experience. I want each of you to be ALL IN. 

If we waited until our lives were perfect to make changes, they would never happen.

So no matter where you are on your journey, this program will provide you with over 2 months of unconditional support, trust, and relief from your daily life. 

La Luna Project is a safe container of sisterhood.

This is a project of transformation and rebirth.  It is YOUR time to dig deep and pull up your shadows so you can see your light.

Join us.