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I asked 14 women leaders of wellness and spirituality how they manage to stay authentic in such a scripted world. When we truly live and speak from a place of truth, big magic happens! My own life changed drastically when I started focusing on only speaking and acting in alignment with my true desires. It's amazing how often we say or do things that we don't really mean.

Want to learn how to be authentic, every day? Check out what the experts have to say!

Guests include: Sierra Bender, Sarah Durham Wilson, Elenore Bendel Zahn, Katy Bowman, Ali Katz, Heather Ash Amara, Caroline Sanchez, Luna Love, Marnia Robinson, Amy Sedgwick, Ayesha Meriweather, Tulasia Adeva, Rachael Alaia, and Kara DeDonato. 

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