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Giving birth is like living one lifetime in the span of a couple of days.  And to be able to experience that lesson is one of the most precious gifts that one can be given. I am truly honored to be able to experience the miracle of birth, in the work that I do.

As the work that I do for Lunar Nourishment, I am involved all of the aspects of a woman's life cycle including pregnancy prevention, family planning, fertility issues, childbirth and menopause.  The work that I do in each area includes holding space and energy for powerful women, and when I am present at births, this is no different.

Whether you will give birth in a birthing center or your home; whether you will use a birth pool or your bed, I will be right beside you as you experience this journey.

What pre-natal + birth offerings are there?


  • Private sessions for you and your growing belly!


  • Reiki and relaxation to calm the nerves and ground your spirit


  • I take a limited number of clients to support during labor. 
    • Leading up to the end of your pregnancy, I am on call for you 24/7 if you go into labor, even if it's early! This means you can call if it's the middle of the night.
    • Immediately following your water breaking, you or your family member will contact me and keep me updated during early labor.  I will be present as soon as you'd like. 
    • I am available to interact as much as you'd like, while we wait for baby to come. We can stick to our scheduled plan (of energy work, meditation, etc) but if your needs are different during labor, I'm there to hold space for you in whatever way you need. 

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