Life is but a dream.

At different points throughout our lives, we need support.

We need to be taken care of on a SOUL level as we navigate our life journey.  For some of us, that nurturing needs to be gentle and done on an energetic level.  For others, we need an organized plan to help keep us on track. 

Where is your journey taking you? 


Your Session:

via phone, computer video or in-person in my home studio in Austin, Texas

60-75 minutes

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focal points: 

Relationships //
cord cutting, trauma release + support, sacred sex, honest intimacy, balancing masculine + feminine

Self-care //
nutrition, yoga, sleep rituals, anxiety + panic attack reducing practices, chakra balancing

Women's Wellness //
fertility awareness, pregnancy prevention + planning, menstrual disorders, hormone balancing, cycle tracking

Feminine Initiations //
womb-clearing, moon cycle guidance, self-pleasure, guilt + shame release, self-worth, feminine opening

Lifestyle //
career-changes, home cleansing (energetic + physical altar-ing) , tools for soul nourishment (crystals, smudge wands, rituals)


During Your Session: 

Meditation //
This is what we begin each session with. To ground you, calm you, nourish you.

Conversation //
Maybe you want to talk for the entire session. Maybe you need to vent or rant or rage.  This is YOUR time. 

A Support Plan //
If you're the type who likes a plan to move forward, this is where we'll design one, just for you! Paper to pen, the old-fashioned way; we'll create a plan for self-nourishment.

Your Unique Session //
Each time we meet is different and it's all based on what you need that day. Wear something comfy because we might move around, we might meditate, we might breathe; we might shake things up! This is your special time and it's all perfect!


Why work with me?

Lydia is truly an amazing person.  Her passion for helping women unlock their most honest, authentic, and loving selves is powerful.  Since working with Lydia I have deepened my spiritual practice, gained a greater appreciation for my body, and realized a more whole understanding of what womanhood and sisterhood mean to me.  Lydia always practices empathy and gratitude when sharing wisdom and holding space for others, and her ability to model how to honor one's self and maintain boundaries in a loving and kind way is inspiring.   - Jenna

Working with Lydia always brings me to that tuned-in state of being that is so easy to lose track of in our hectic, modern world. She offers just the right amount of guidance and direction and then holds space for you to make your own deep discoveries that lead to healing. A session with Lydia always leaves me nourished and refreshed on the heart, mind, and soul levels. - Heather


I trust Lydia with my body - quite literally. Receiving information and learning from her about my cycle and and the art of being a woman is like receiving an exquisitely wrapped gift. I regularly encourage her to produce more because the world needs her information and her commitment to self-care! - Victoria

Read more praises by clicking here. 


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