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A 6 part email series to help you reconnect to your body by discovering your inner moon cycle.

Do you ever feel disconnected from your body and yourself?

You are not alone.

When we feel disconnected from our bodies, it affects us on an emotional and  physical level. Our moods can ebb and flow, sometimes we may feel fatigued, sometimes full of energy. But there's a way to find a balance with it all.

In one week, you can go from feeling disconnected to who you are as a woman, to fully and finally understanding and accepting yourself on a physical and spiritual level.  So, what are you waiting for?

All the sisters in Reclaim Your Cycles, will receive a daily email that will help you in:

//discovering what your body has to do with the moon
// learning about the 4 phases of your monthly cycle
//hearing other women's stories about getting off birth control
//learning how to go from irregular periods to a regular cycle
+ so much more! 

It includes journaling worksheets, guided meditations, a printable moon phases calendar, and more!