A 31 day email series to get you back in alignment with yourself 

For anyone who wants to create consistent patterns of positivity and self-care without spending a ton of time or money to do it. Learn how to break free from negative habits and cultivate a self-care routine that works for YOUR life.

Why "Renew"?

Making time for self care is hella hard. But if you're anything like me- you NEED to take care of yourself regularly so you don't go crazy. But not everyone has time to go to a meditation retreat or take a weekly yoga class even.  So Renew is a way to get grounded, feel centered and connected to yourself, and find out how patterns affect our mental and physical health.

How does it work?

Every day, for 31 days, you'll get a simple but powerful email inviting you to focus on something for the day.  Forgiveness, taking deep breaths, asking for help- these are just some of what you'll experience during your month long journey.

Some people use Renew as a way to instill positivity into their lives so they can affect those around them. Others use it to help reduce anxiety and learn how to better manage stress. 

Whatever the reason, having a moment to yourself each day is worth more than gold in this crazy busy world. 

What others are saying:

"Having a daily dose of thoughtfulness allowed me to create a consistent habit of dedicating even a few minutes to myself every day. I looked forward to the words, the messages and the calm it brought to my day and the higher thinking it brought to my life. It's funny how a simple email and a few minutes can really do that."

"The simplicity of the format was so great. I could sink into the words and idea of the core message, but then get something quick, clear and more tangible from the day's affirmation the day's affirmation."


This is for you if you want to: 

slow down

reconnect to yourself

align your life with how you want to feel

Feel held accountable to take time for yourself

Experience daily anxiety

Create consistent habits that will keep you focused on YOU, so that you can be present in all areas of your life. Start your year off with a daily practice to help you stay productive, connected to yourself, and tune (1).png

More Praises for Renew!

"I love getting your insightful emails every morning! Last year, I subscribed to one of your nourishing email challenges, and it changed a lot of my perceptions. I was already starting my journey of this inward reflecting and self-care, and you came into my life at just the right moment I needed. I love that as soon as I decided it was time to go on this journey, other women in my age group started supports of various types."
"I love the simplicity. Short, sweet and to the point. Not a long drawn out article that I only skim..but every word was powerful in its own right."

So, what are you waiting for? 

You'll have lifetime access to these emails, so you can save them in a special folder and revisit them each season!

Step 1. Register
Step 2. Receive your first email and voila! Simple as that :)