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live a life that feels easy and still get shit done

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What if you most of your days felt good and like you were living the best version of your life. What if every piece of clothing in your closet was your absolute favorite? What if everything you said yes to, felt like a HELL YES? 

You can totally life a life that's actually EASY without feeling guilty about it.  Are you thinking, "yeah..right.."? 

I know it might seem easier said than done but it's actually EASIER done than said! 

You have likes and dislikes; you have things that make you feel alive and things that you'd rather never have to do again.  But your life is probably more focused on the things that you feel you "should" be doing.  

Are you living a life of "should's"?

I was there; for most of my life actually. Until I discovered a painfully simple system for improving my daily life and therefore my mental health and my emotional well-being.  I stopped saying yes to things I didn't like and started saying yes to things that FELT right in my gut.

As women, we go through very deep and specific life experiences. A woman's life is in 7 year cycles; where were you 7 years ago? Do you like where you are now?  These life experiences begin to shape who we are, if we let them.  If we push them away and structure our life based on "should's", we hide who we truly are. 

It's completely possible to experience each day with ease and joy, without sacrificing the things you want to do. 

Have you ever felt totally stuck? Like... hate your job, annoyed with your partner, none of your clothes feel right, all you wanna do is Netflix..stuck?

Are you ready to get UN-STUCK?  


You are eternally incomplete. The journey never ends.  There’s so much freedom in that because it means that you are always changing and expanding and growing.  There’s no limit to who you can be and what you can do.  Let's create that reality together. Creating feels better; it’s more fun than just sitting and giving in to the idea that our journey never ends. If it never ends, why not make it as fun as we can?

Get unstuck.  When you’re stuck, you have an awareness of something that you want but don’t know how to get there. That’s what STUCK feels like.  The way to get unstuck is to move the energy. To release your resistance.

To use an analogy from Abraham Hicks; imagine a dam in a river, made by logs jammed. There is always movement; the water is still flowing, just at a slower pace. There are two ways to release the jam.  Either move the flow faster with more water (or action), or unclog the dam (remove resistance).  This is what the nature of being stuck is and how to get unstuck. And this is what we’ll do. Not only will we uncover blocks you may have, but we’ll move your energy forward with practical rituals you'll do at home.

Getting unstuck feels like...

...figuring out your non-negotiables and uncovering where they are lacking in your daily life
...uncovering your deeper desires for yourself and how to incorporate them into your schedule
...letting go of anything in your daily life that doesn't feel good anymore
...aligning your words, actions, and mindset to your soul
...learning how to speak your truth to those closest to you
...designing your life in a way that makes you want to run towards it, not away from it

the life you want is within your reach: You're the only thing holding you back from it. 


My empress work is centered around learning how to nurture ourselves on ALL levels while we let go of the guilt of living an abundant life.  All sessions include tapping into the deeper nature of our true selves through introspective meditation, conversation, energy reading, and laser-focused coaching and guidance. Possible topics covered include:

-learning how to set boundaries
-the kon mari method of tidying up
-life detox
-discovering non-negotiables
-learning to speak truthfully
-learning how to say no
-feeding your intuition

The Session:

Empress Deep Dive

You know what you want your life to look like but you just need a push to actually start living that life. You're aware of where your blocks are and you want to uncover fears and triggers that may be holding you back.  You get 75 minutes of laser-focused energy reading and psychic coaching from me.  You'll get a recording of our session so you can take notes later, because I WILL give you homework to do ;)  This session includes everything from daily routines, relationships, childhood beliefs and stories, your yoga practice, setting boundaries with friends, changing your style, and sooo much more!  The Deep Dive Session does not include any follow up; it's you and I, swimming together in real time- just once.

Why work with me, in this way?

Well, first off- why not? Kidding; sort of.  What would it be worth it to you, if you could live the rest of your life feeling confident, empowered, and radically self-aware? That's where we get, together.  I've worked with women who needed to heal 4 years worth of grief after losing their mother and felt a shift in just one session. I've worked with women who, for the first time, were single and had to figure out what they wanted their life to look like. I've worked with women who experienced panic attacks daily until they got to the root of the anxiety.  If you truly believe in the power of YOU, then we're a perfect fit. But don't take my word for it; click here to read testimonials.  

Now what?

after you purchase your session, you'll receive a booking email from me with a form to fill out and a link to schedule your session via my calendar. 

then we meet, and voila. the magic begins. *actually* the magic begins right after you pay because where ever I am in the world, I receive your energy, i pull you a card and i start diving into who you are.


Empress Deep Dive
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