The Self-Care Sessions

8  | on-going support | life changing + soul awakening work
woman to woman.


Life's tough.  It's not simple. And sometimes we just need support.  

If you're anything like me, you are a leader in your community, you are empathetic to others' energies and you require lots of self-care, just to feel sane! Years and years ago, I was on an anti-anxiety medicine,  I drank 4 cups of coffee a day and I kept falling in and out of mindfulness practices ( I tried every meditation program under the sun!).

But then I got tired of trying to be the best ME without any support! 

Not too long ago, our communities focused on mentorship, rather than "education".  

Women were taught by their mothers and elders of the power that lives inside of their bodies.  They were supported and held. 

Unfortunately, our ancient feminine wisdom & support has been lost through the past few generations.  Now is the time to receive the support you need, so that you can support those around you.

It's time for a self-care system change!   

And I'm here to support you on that journey.  If you're ready to be held accountable and to live mindfully each and every day, then get ready! 


The Self-Care Sessions are a year-long mentorship. I will hold space for you, send you my tips and tricks for self-care, reducing anxiety, and practicing ritual amidst the craziness that we call life.  

Over the course of 1 year, you will receive:

MONTH 1 (1).jpg
  • A monthly theme divided into 4 weeks
    • Week 1 : Self (your inner soul discovery)
    • Week 2: Relationships (intimate + community)
    • Week 3: Abundance (financial + spiritual)
    • Week 4: Life Design (your daily rhythm) 
  • Weekly exploration email 
    • Personal Affirmation Statements
    • Journal Practices
    • Calls to Action
  • 24/7 Email Support

Why join? 

Self-care means more than sipping a cup of hot tea. It is a constant practice of consistency and good intentions.  Don't take my word for it; see what others have to say about receiving this support from me! 

"This was a really beautiful and mindful way for me to practice self-care.  The simple but strong emails allow me to step back and really gain perspective on how I'm living my life."
 "I love the simplicity and femininity it offers. Just like we should be. Strong, powerful, but delicate and sweet."
"It changed a lot of my perceptions. I was already starting my journey of this inward reflecting and self-care, and you came into my life at just the right moment I needed."

What will the emails be like?

2017-02-14 (1).png


Your investment?

$45 for 1 month of support


$365 for one year of support! 

That's just $30 a month; or about $1 a day!


What's stopping you? 

Take a deep breath in through your nose. And sigh it out.  
Do you feel a YES? If so, keep on readin'.  
Do you feel a NO? What is blocking you from taking a big step towards self-care? 

So, is this right for you? 

  • You hold space for others all the time but no one really holds space for you on a deeper level.
  • You want to start or end a career OR figure out what you want do in life! 
  • You want to find your voice in relationships.
  • You want to increase your overall health and well-being.


how does it work? 

The mentorships start at the beginning of each month.  After registration (below), you'll receive an email with directions for beginning your mentorship on the first day of the month.

feeling a Hell Yes? Great! 

Our next round begins on April 1st!

Want to be notified when registration opens? Enter your info below and feel free to ask a question if you have one!

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