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Does your home & the things in it reflect your personality and your interests? This is the place where, ideally, you look forward to going to.  It should be a safe-haven; a peaceful place of repose.  The more space you can create in your home, the more space you can create in your heart, and in your mind.   Whether you need help organizing or need a full re-design, I've got your back. 

I will guide you towards full alignment of home AND career.  Life's too short to not love either!

1. Home | Office Organization
2. Home life  Intentions
3. Sacred Home Rituals


                                                  stress reduction

Stress, anxiety... it comes in different forms. I personally suffered from debilitating panic attacks for years before I learned how to control them.  From the moment we wake up, to the moment we sleep, we can make decisions that will either cause us more or less stress.  For some of us, it seems that no matter what we do, the anxiety is always there.  

Through my years of energy work (Reiki), breath-work, and meditation practices and trainings, I have developed rituals for different people who all want the same result- to not suffer from stress.  Are you ready to breath deeply and fully nourish yourself? 

1. Rituals for reducing stress & anxiety
2. Guided Meditations
3. Breath-work practices



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Are you ready to start living intentionally not just in spirit but OUT in the world? Does your job reflect your values and your passions?   Can you truly be yourself at work? This is the place you spend most of your time- so let's start making sure IT aligns with YOU- not the other way around! 

We will erase any guilt or shame you have around putting YOU first, as we go on a journey towards mapping out what exactly you want from this precious life you've been given. 

1. Create your Career Desire Map
2. Learn to speak authentically in order to live authentically
3. On-going support



Level 1: One private (1.5 hour) Skype/phone session covering one or all of the topics above. 

Level 2: Three private Skype or phone sessions on your choice of Nutrition, Yoga and Feminine Health + email support.

Level 3: Two private Skype sessions (6 total) on each topic above + additional email support + self-care products shipped to your door. 

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