full moon r i t u a l 

Greetings, goddess.  This is a very special day! Not only is it a Full Moon, but it's also a Lunar Eclipse.  This eclipse marks the end of a six month period of tumultuous obstacles but great personal growth. This, combined with a Full Moon will give us a potent boost of external energy that we can use to focus on new projects, aspects of ourselves, or new relationships. 

Together, we will take part in a Full Moon Ritual.  Find someplace cozy and gather a candle + lighter, a journal + pen, and any crystals or gemstones that feel special to you.


The Full Moon is a time to release and surrender what has been manifested since the New Moon. It isa time to let go of what was and step into what IS. 


Blow out your candle to symbolize that which you let go of.  Place your crystals out in the Moon light tonight to cleanse their energies.

You can end your ceremony with my favorite Native American Full Moon prayer; please click here to view the prayer. 

Celebrate the beauty that you are creating by being open and connected to your Source, whatever that may be. Dance with these changing winds.

Click here for PDF if document above doesn't work for you. 

Click here for PDF if document above doesn't work for you. 


As the month goes by, really keep tuning into your deepest desires. Print out your worksheet and keep it on your altar space!

art by Camille Chew

art by Camille Chew

Full Moon 

During your Full Moon or Ovulatory phase, your body releases eggs, preparing for fertilization. It is during this Full Moon phase (of your inner cycle and the Moon's cycle) that we let go of the old, to make room for the new. Like the moon’s brightness, our energy is at its peak. This is the season of Summer.

Your Physical Body

Vaginal mucous increases at this time and becomes clear and stretchy, like egg whites. The cervix starts to become high and soft, indicating fertility. If you want to prevent pregnancy, avoid intercourse during this time or use protection. Estrogen levels are still rising as testosterone drops; this is why you feel most attractive during this phase, and why others are most attracted to you at this time. During this phase, your vital energy is at its height and communication with others feels very clear so take part in high intensity exercises done in a group or a class. This is a great time to do some power yoga, or jogging!

Your Emotional Body

Your emotions are stable during this time and your ability to communicate clearly is at its height. This is the perfect time to schedule important meetings or conversations. It is also an optimal time to get the bulk of your work done, if you can plan your month around your cycle. Productivity is heightened and you can really be efficient during this phase. After this, you will start to experience your luteal phase (most women know this as "PMS") so try to prepare meals for the next week during this productive phase. Check things off your list!

Your Soul Body

There are many goddess archetypes representing this phase of our Mother selves; Isis, Demeter, Toci, Gaia, and so much more. They all have certain attributes in common, the main ones being fertility, love, nurturing, support, and sensuality. Most women notice this phase of their cycle as feeling like everything is “flowing”; life feels pretty solid and our focus is less on ourselves and more on others. Try and nurture yourself during this phase just as much as you nurture your loved ones. You will be thanking yourself for it as you move into the next phase!

Guest Contributor Kim Sedgwick

Despite living in a sex-saturated society, Kim Sedgwick feels that candid, honest conversations about sexuality are far too rare. It’s her mission to help change that! Through workshops and one-on-one coaching, she supports women who are ready to begin claiming and communicating their erotic desires. 

Kim is a co-founder, along with her sister Amy, of Red Tent Sisters – a business dedicated to women’s reproductive and sexual health. Her work has been featured in every major Canadian media outlet, including The Globe & Mail, The Huffington Post, The Toronto Star and Maclean's. She’s also appeared on CTV, Rogers TV and Cosmo TV.



Kim shared with us her knowledge about sex, pleasure and staying safe! Click below to hear what she had to say. 

Beyond Intercourse: Expanding your Sexual Repertoire 

Click here to download Kim's amazing tips on how to enjoy pleasure in the bedroom during your most fertile phase! 

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