Define Your Sacred Space

You are a goddess of the Moon.

By learning to embrace your cycles, you are setting yourself up for positive intentions to carry you through each month.  One way to express your monthly intentions is through altar-building.  Perhaps you already have an altar space. Use this week to "spruce it up"! Make some changes to your altar that you feel resonate with how your current state of mind or spirit is now! If anything on your altar space doesn't vibe with you anymore, remove it and add something that does! 

Never created an altar? No worries! There's no need to go out and buy items; you'll see in the video below that you can often create a beautiful area using what you have around your home.

Click on the video below to learn about the elements of an altar. Password is balancedmoonbabe.



Elements of an altar


Crystals, Gemstones, Sticks, Moss, Leaves, Bones, the color brown, bear, coyote, deer, wolf


Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Flowers, a bowl or chalice filled with fresh water + flower petals, the color blue, dolphin, otter, all aquatic animals


Feathers, incense, the colors blue/white/gray, butterfly, eagle, owl


Candles, Lanterns, Smudge Sticks, Lights, the color red, lion, tiger, lizard 


Create your altar space! 

It can be a "mobile" altar where everything lives in a box and you set it up temporarily. It could be in a corner of your room, or even a small space on your counter. This space is for you to touch, only.  It's a space for you to go to for silence and relief and meditation.  Start small, with things that mean a lot to you; then, as you walk in nature or go through life, you may find things that you know should be on your altar space. If you wrote down your intentions last week, you can place them on your altar.


Recommended Video: Watch Daughter of the Sun create a mandala altar. 

art by camille chew

art by camille chew

Waxing Moon

During your Waxing Moon, or Follicular phase, energy is fresh and a sense of rebirth fills the body and spirit. You are not yet fertile but your body is awakening and building up energy that it used throughout your last moon cycle. Just as the moon waxes, so do we. our light starts to shine brighter every day. This is the season of Spring.

Your Physical Body

Increase in energy; vaginal mucous is almost non-existent initially, then starts to increase and is sticky in texture. Cervix is low and firm, signifying this infertile time. Physical activity can increase as it reaches its peak during this phase. Yoga, swimming, hiking; these are all optimal activities to practice during this time.

Your Emotional Body

Emotions will feel the most balanced and high during this phase. It's a perfect time to be social and engaged with others. Since this is still considered the beginning of your Moon cycle, your month, concentrate on starting new, stimulating projects and activities. Get your creative juices flowing! Try something new, and go play. During this phase, we feel most in touch with nature so getting outside during this time is optimal.

Your Soul Body

The Waxing Moon or Follicular phase of your menstrual cycle is represented with nature and new beginnings. Another representation of this spring-time energy is the Maiden or the Virgin (Athena, Artemis, and Hestia). Traditionally, we think of that word as meaning pure or untouched. However, we now realize from mythology and stories that goddesses and women representing this virgin energy were independent, sexual and fierce. They were huntresses of nature and embraced their independence by making decisions for themselves, rather than trying to please others. Because you aren’t yet fertile at this phase, you are free from ‘pro-creating’ and can use your creative energies to radiate self-confidence. During this time of spring, you may feel both playful and restless. Embrace your independence and take yourself somewhere fun!

Guest Contributor: Jillian Anderson

As a writer and women's health mentor, Jillian Anderson fuses her background in yoga, bodywork, and spiritual healing, to give women the tools they need to step into full feminine power. She believes that pleasure is potent medicine and that sexual energy can be redirected for healing, vitality, next-level love, enhanced intuition, and the blissful life that is your natural birthright.

From roman catholic to modern mystic, she's learned how to honor her body to create more freedom + self-love by ditching the guilt and shame that so many of us carry unconsciously. As women heal, and reawaken the womb, the planet shifts into alignment with the experience of Heaven on Earth.
Forever a student, she writes and teaches in New Jersey where she lives with her partner and son. You can find her enriching articles and her new course, Sex + Soul, at


Jillian spoke with me about a sacred and vital self-care practice of using a Jade egg! Click below to learn what she had to share.


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Self-care practices allow us to really tune into our desires. Complete the worksheet below to tune into your happiness factor! 

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