Public Yoga Class Schedule + more!

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Yoga is for EVERYONE. I have students who range from ages 6 to 64.  No matter your physical capability, I will work with you to provide you with customized yoga sessions to meet your needs.  

Whether you want to practice yoga to relax and calm your mind, to heal from a physical injury, or to build muscle and lose weight, my private sessions will guide you into postures that are right for YOUR unique body!

$60/hour per student
$80/ hour 2 students
Groups over 2 students, rates vary.

Fill out the form below. For group privates over 2 students, I will need at least 1 week in advance of when you want your session.

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Join me for my 6 week  mindfulness program where you'll receive guidance to help you ground your body, increase your energy, and reduce your anxiety.

You'll receive hands-on support in 3 main areas of focus: breath-work, movement, and meditation as you learn practical tools for reducing panic attacks and dealing with every-day anxiety and stress.


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* My classes are all levels & focus on alignment + breath-work

9am Practice Yoga Austin 

4pm Sanctuary Yoga

Saturday August 19
noon Practice Yoga Austin



I have over 300+ hours of yoga teaching experience and over 200 hours of training.  My teaching style ranges from Restorative, to Hatha, to Vinyasa, to Yin and each class is customized to fit students' needs.  I have been practicing Yoga since 2010 and have taught brand-new students, older students with significant injuries, students with anxiety attacks, and so much more.  

"Lydia is a beaming, genuine, breath of fresh air. I regularly attend her yoga class as I know it will provide me a time to slow down, be gentle with my body and mindful with my breath. I highly recommend Lydia for anyone needing more wisdom and self-love in their life"- Michelle A. 


"I enjoyed how customized you made the program for my specific needs. You were very in sync with what my body needed and you were constantly fine tuning each session to best address me in that moment or day. Which was very healing in itself." - Amanda S.