A Shamanistic Yoga Journey

private mentorship

Available via Skype/Zoom video or in person.

"Lydia is a beaming, genuine, breath of fresh air. Her passion for leading & inspiring women in self-care shows through in whatever space she is holding, be it a yoga class or a New Moon Circle. I regularly attend her yoga class as I know it will provide me a time to slow down, be gentle with my body and mindful with my breath. I highly recommend Lydia for anyone needing more wisdom and self-love in their life"- Michelle A. 

Yoga is a deeper journey than just connecting to our bodies. 

Ages ago, a person's yoga practice was a way to help them move their energetic body.  It was a ritual and a right of passage into living a life of devotion to self and spirit.  Today, we typically think of a yoga practice as a way to lose weight, build muscle, and increase flexibility.  This 6 week program will give you those benefits but will also show you the deeper side to why we practice.

Yoga changes lives; seriously.  My clients have gone from hopeless to hopeful and filled with empowerment. Because when we can learn to listen to our bodies, we learn to listen to our hearts.  My own yoga practice has evolved in almost 10 years to one of control and deep passion.  If you're ready to take a deep dive and build a solid foundation that can support you for the rest of your life, then this yoga program is for YOU...

I will never forget my first yoga class.

It was 2009 and I was a junior in college. I had never been an athlete and didn’t really exercise except for hiking into campgrounds. But the moment I stepped onto my mat, I knew I had found my physical body’s calling. I remember each posture feeling so unfamiliar, as my muscles shook under the pressure they weren’t used to feeling. Over time, my practice has evolved from a beginner’s flow, to heated power classes, to strictly restorative, to hatha, and now to my own blend of Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha. Yoga has helped me so much with my anxiety; it was what allowed me to have control over my panic attacks and know that I could begin to heal my body. Yoga has taught me that physical, and emotional sensations are just that; temporary sensations that will always pass.  


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"I enjoyed how customized you made the program for my specific needs. You were very in sync with what my body needed and you were constantly fine tuning each session to best address me in that moment or day. Which was very healing in itself."

Week 1: Breath

In our first session, you'll learn how to breathe deeply. Most of us are breathing in the opposite way that, energetically, we are supposed to. You'll learn different pranayama (breath-work) techniques to allow you to reduce stress and to feel the deeper parts of your energetic system. 

Week 2: movement

In our second session, you will discover the right type of Yoga practice for YOUR body. Everyone is different; we all have a different energy, and Lydia will guide you through postures that will balance out your energetic mind and body.  Postures will be done at your level of flexibility and strength and nothing will be forced.  Each posture will be mindfully linked to the way your body naturally moves as well as to help break down movement patterns that hinder your growth and healing, or cause injury.  

Week 3: Meditation

Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting cross legged with closed eyes, om'ing.  It is a different practice for everyone. I will show you specific techniques so that you can start a meditation practice and continue using it with a real-life application.  Using words and breath, you'll discover how to start, and keep up, a meditation practice that allows you to create an inner stillness, so your outside world is no longer so chaotic.

Week 4: breath + movement 

This week is all about discovering how to link certain movements with your breath for a smooth transition between postures! If you're still feeling new to the postures, I will work with you to guide your body to be linked with your breath.  This is where your practice really starts to have a positive impact on how you show up in the world.

Week 5: movement + meditation

This week, you will learn how to start your own yoga practice with meditation, keep that calm mind during postures, and end with a personal savasana, for rest.  Without movement, we cannot know stillness. You will find yourself embracing the stillness as well as the sensations in each posture.

Week 6: Breath + Movement + Meditation

During our final week together, you will learn how to put it all together by linking 3 mindfulness practices for a seamless transition between body, mind, and spirit.  You will already be familiar with pranayama (breath), asana (yoga postures) and meditation; this week you'll learn how to link the three together for a well-rounded yoga practice that you can keep up for the rest of your life, no matter your age or energy level.

Would you recommend this program to a friend? "Yes!" 

" I would definitely recommend it for anyone who suffers from anxiety or just being a human living a modern life! I am often amazed that people function as well as they do with the fast paced way of life these days. It's the most amazing gift to be able actually be with and FEEL your body  again, not rushing around. I found myself living in an alternate reality for a day or 2 after our class. Being more observant, calmer, slower, feeling more. And it definitely increased my self confidence,  groundedness and sense of self." - Amanda S, program graduate

Your Self-Care Investment

$425 for the 6 week program

6 private sessions 

Hands on adjustments + reiki + aromatherapy


"Nothing was pressured or rushed. I didn't feel like I needed to be able to do crazy poses to get that amazing "yoga brain" feeling when I was done."


Student Reviews:

"Lydia lives what she teaches; her classes spring from her dedication to mindful living. When you take one of Lydia's classes, you comprehend the breadth and depth of the body and mind which you never fully realize from other teachers. She'll show you the paths you've never seen that allow you to still your anxieties and appreciate the awe of life. The next time you feel inadequate and inferior, consider one of Lydia's classes and you'll realize your true self and potential." - Kit
"Lydia is really well-articulated and I felt like I knew exactly what to do without being so wordy (I dislike classes where the teacher fills every moment with so much information - it takes away from the whole 'relaxation' piece). Overall, the things that I look for in a yoga class that reminds me why I need it in my life were all present; I felt comfortable, music complimented my practice, received adjustments, most importantly I was transported out of my daily, stressful mind and able to breathe and be present and grateful for everything I am." - Anita  
"I trust Lydia with my body - quite literally. Receiving information and learning from her about my cycle and and the art of being a woman is like receiving an exquisitely wrapped gift. I regularly encourage her to produce more because the world needs her information and her commitment to self-care!" - Victoria

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