Empowering women with feminine wisdom

Women all over the world are wanting to reconnect to themselves & their bodies.

Women just like you; who do yoga, meditate, eat healthy but still have a yearning to heal the deeper parts of themselves.  

Through conversation, meditation, and ceremonies, I help you remember the most ancient part of yourself.

Are you ready to reclaim your cycles?


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The power to heal yourself

EVERY woman has infinite energy inside of her. Most of us aren't taught how to harness our energy to allow it to work for us.  We weren't taught that our power comes from our monthly moon cycle.  

When our bodies or minds feel imbalanced; it is a message from the deeper part of ourselves telling us that something needs to be healed.

And so it is my hope that every woman understand and embrace her own inner strength so she can use it to FIRST care for herself, so that she can care for others.

Here's to all of the Priestesses, Crones, Maidens and Queens in us all!


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