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Find your voice

unlock the mystery of your cycle. uncover your purpose

“I’ve grown so much this past year. I feel so much clarity around things I used to be unsure of.
I don’t feel like I’ll make the wrong decision about things.
I trust myself! Thank you Lydia.”

Hi, I’m Lydia!

I’m a cat-mom, a twin, an artist, a musician, a climber, and a human who lays in the sunshine OFTEN.

Professionally, I use my certifications and skills (health coach, yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Business Development Consultant, and designer) to help women find clarity in 3 areas:

Health (nutrition, hormones, infertility, and more)
Wealth (wellness business development)
Self (healing wounds that keep you from living a free life)

Many of my clients are where I was: anxiety, fear, staying small, but v. intuitive.

Click below to see where my journey began…