Discover how to be a more authentic human
by tuning in to your intuition.

(WARNING: listening to your inner voice may cause drastic life (& career) changes, setting new boundaries, and finding more honest connections than you ever thought possible.

Cool with that? Okay… proceed…)



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Who I am!

Learn about me (!), Lydia Jarjoura, the founder of Lunar Nourishment

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This is a website. It exists to show you how I can help you through my different programs.

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Be your own teacher, your own healer, your own best friend.


There's nothing better than feeling totally in the flow and free the brain fog and lack of clarity re: your life.

Life feels good when you’re listening to your intuition, setting boundaries, and feeling completely comfortable in your own skin.

It has been my life's mission for the last 10 years to gain an understanding of how to navigate life in a way that feels true. That's why I created Lunar Nourishment! I'm not just a coach, I empower you to be yourself, not matter what that looks like.

Through the Lunar Nourishment platform, I guide women to understanding how to embrace their cycles of ups & downs. We creatively eradicate fear, stand in our power, and navigate the waters of what it means to be a leader and a woman today.

I spent much of my life (I’m 29 by the way…) taking all the mind/body/spirit workshops, reading all the self-help books, and getting all the trainings I had time for.

Because nothing ever felt quite right. I thought that once I got “there”, I’d feel better. Many years, many trainings (ha!) and many relationships later, I can finally say that THE BEST LIFE is simply living in a way that’s true to myself.

That’s what I help women do.

Find clarity, discover your purpose in life, learn how to manage a relationship or build a business or heal your health issues- this all happens when we find out what is and isn’t working in our life.
I’m here to help you learn how to let go of what no longer serves, and let more love in.

I take this work quite seriously and I am a bit “picky” in choosing my clients; that’s the freedom that comes from building my own business.

But know this-

… if you exist for something bigger than a 9-5 job and living for the weekend…

… if you know that it’s possible for you to experience more JOY than heart-break…

…and if you’re okay with being a little bit witchy, then you’re in the right place.


This is supposed to impress you…


From the words of one of my business mentors, Tania Fox, this is supposed to impress you. I’ve worked with women and companies all over the world. Some have taken my online courses, some have featured my writings. Here are their logos… 

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