Come home to yourself.

Overcome personal blocks, release guilt & shame, discover your inner pleasure, and create a life in alignment with your soul. Whether you’re wanting clarity and alignment in your relationships, your career, or your health- 13 Moons will give you what you need to go where your dreams are.

It’s takes more than a just a month to re-pattern a life-time of beliefs and habits.

The 13 Moons community is 6 month minimum commitment program. If you consistently show up for yourself and do the work, you’ll change your entire life; one limiting belief-system at a time.

Some of our change road-map topics include:

binging, not eating as punishment, controlling what we eat
smoking weed to numb pain, using alcohol to relax
Toxic Relationships
letting ourselves get close to others so we can ‘fix’ them
staying alone because being empathic= soaking up others’ energy= exhausting
Fear of being seen
not speaking up, not being vulnerable, feeling like you’re “too much” or “not enough”

The Journey

13 Moons is a series of monthly classes & ceremonies, downloadable monthly journals, a password protected online portal, and a live sisterhood via a private Slack group.

Stop falling for potential.
Embrace what is NOW.

Money + Energy Inventory.
Where are you giving too much of yourself away?

Manifesting means nothing.
Learn how to be content without being complacent.

Share your story.
Be vulnerable AND loved.

Learn how to reduce anxiety.
Figure out your non-negotiables so you can thrive

It’s not your fault.
You ARE enough.
Learn to write a new story.

Learn how to set boundaries.
You are not your emotions.

Find it in the every-day.
Give yourself the gift of touch and sensuality.

Show up and choose wisely.
Co-dependency isn’t cool anymore. Move up.

A “cleanse” of sorts.
Saying NO when needed.

Healing the wounds.
Go from Maiden to QUEEN. It’s your time now.

Speak your truth. Express yourself. Career, with friends- use your voice.

The Guidance

with Lydia Jarjoura

I will be your facilitator; you can learn more about me, here. These 75 minute classes/ceremonies are your opportunity to ask questions (all are important and encouraged) and to show up for yourself in a different way. When you put in the “work” to unlearn it all, these classes are what bring you back home to yourself.

Why join?

I may be biased because I created this program, but I can tell you it works. Trust me, manifestation and getting the things you “want” don’t mean a damn thing if life sucked while you were trying to get there. Because there is no “there”. When I built 13 Moons,

my mission is that it’s the last thing you think you need in order to create & embrace the life you want.

And I still stand behind that. One year and 80 women after our first launch. Here’s what some of them had to say…

"The decision to work with Lydia is critical to the state of clarity and intrinsic motivation that's currently flowing through me.

“I joined to unlearn all of the shit I grew up believing about myself.”

“I joined because my self talk is not the way I want to feel about myself; because I constantly look to others for validity. I joined because I want my life to be mine wholly.”

“I joined because I am afraid of my own power and voice. I am flowing with ideas and knowledge that I know can make a huge impact on others, but my fear, anxiety, and past stories constantly overshadow and make me feel small. I compare myself to others and make up excuses. I was craving connection and community with other powerful women that can hold me accountable.”

”I joined because instead of showing up in the world and for myself, I strive to be invisible and silence my inner (as well as my outer) voice. This has become incredibly tiring. My intention is to come back to myself and to let myself be seen.”

“I feel like I’m on the brink of blossoming and then I’ll self sabotage in some way by making so many things priorities that don’t serve me. Im ready to tap into endless possibilities, being vulnerable, feeling fuller so that I can spread this wisdom to my little ones and so much more!”

“I joined because I have deep wounds that I'm afraid of healing on my own. My mother wound is deep and connecting to women has been a challenge for me. My voice has been small and I'm ready to be loud.”

“I joined 13 moons because I want to learn about myself and feel confident in my voice. I am tired of always feeling overcome, by others, by addictive tendencies in me and my family and by embarrassment.”

“I joined 13 Moons because I am done living small, and am ready to live fully and boldly. At the beginning of 2018, a quote stuck out to me, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" The life that comes to mind when answering that question is the life I want to live and I know 13 Moons is part of that journey.”

“My intention for this course is to embrace connection with other women, and to build a new relationship with myself as a strong feminine being.”

Copy of a seasonal lifestyle guide + live community..jpg

13 Moons Membership Options

There are 13 Moon cycles in one year. We highly recommend joining us for all 13 Moons.

Habits can take anywhere from 66-200 days to break.

Join us to cut cords with old ways of being and learn how to integrate the new you, into your every day life.

Membership options coming soon.

More reasons to join

  1. Get "un-stuck" and stop living from fear

    You'll go from feeling stuck, scared, frustrated, and not good enough to being confident in YOU.

  2. You'll find your tribe

    You don't have to do this work alone. Myself and all of the other women in 13 Moons (over 60!!) will be walking beside you each season. We'll see your successes and you struggles, we'll witness what you want to manifest and we'll be your sisters, for life.

  3. You'll get comfortable in your own skin

    Uncovering the layers of society, your upbringing, and female conditioning will allow you to see yourself as you truly are. A wise woman of a wild nature who cannot be tamed but has the power to help heal the world.

  4. Make better decisions, faster

    No more second-guessing or self doubt. When you know WHO you are and how to listen to that inner voice, life become truly easy.


Feel free to use the form below to ask anything else!

  • Do I need any “supplies” to join?

    • A good internet connection will be key for watching the live video calls (don’t worry, I’ll be the only one on the screen!)

    • I also suggest getting a special journal or notebook. The monthly workbooks are printable AND you can also download then type directly into them!

  • Is it refundable?

    • Since you’re immediately given the secret portal link + log-in + Slack invite, I’m not able to offer refunds at this time. Obviously though, if you have a special situation, feel free to reach out to me!

  • What if I can’t show up to the live calls?

    • That’s okay! Each live call link is ALSO a link to the replay that you can watch on your own time.

  • Do I have to be a certain age to join?

    • The women that I work with are typically between ages 26-46 but if you're not, don't worry! If you feel called to this work, then you're ready.