13 Moons Membership

"I joined because my self talk is not the way I want to feel about myself; because I constantly look to others for validity. I joined because I want my life to be mine wholly."

"I feel like I’m on the brink of blossoming and then I’ll self sabotage in some way by making so many things priorities that don’t serve me. Im ready to tap into endless possibilities, being vulnerable, feeling fuller so that I can spread this wisdom to my little ones and so much more!"

" I joined because I have deep wounds that I'm afraid of healing on my own. My mother wound is deep and connecting to women has been a challenge for me. My voice has been small and I'm ready to be loud."

Why join?

“I already feel so supported. And noticed. Which has been a HUGE struggle for me in my life- feeling overlooked. You have all already provided me with such a sense of community. And a liberation from worrying/caring what others think.”

“…Ever since our call I have felt a layer of protection on me that seriously feels like a force field. I have been standing my ground and holding my boundaries more than ever before and it feels so fucking great! Excuse my language as it feels so necessary... but yes, it’s like I’m growing into my own power and giving all the love to ME and my needs.”

"I already feel and see a difference in my relationships. And in how I feel about myself and my days. Thank you ALL for being here. This space means so much to me."

"So much yes. I am growing at a very fast speed. This is everything, Lydia."

"I joined 13 Moons because I am done living small, and am ready to live fully and boldly. At the beginning of 2018, a quote stuck out to me, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" The life that comes to mind when answering that question is the life I want to live and I know 13 Moons is part of that journey.”

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