Now you can finally trust yourself. 

Unlock your soul's messages to find your inner voice.

In this lunar immersion, you'll uncover your inner guide to make life decisions you're ready for, start a soulful business centered around your passions, and give yourself permission to live an empowered life, on your terms. 


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If you've been looking for life to "feel right" since you were a little girl... this is for you.  

Have you ever felt like you KNOW you're powerful, intuitive and meant to help others in a deep way but you're afraid to actually start doing it?

Are you sensitive and able to pick up on others' energy and even emotions but you always assumed everyone could do that?

This is exactly the nature of a healer. And it's totally possible to embrace this side of you and when you do, your life will feel RIGHT.

But what most don't realize is that there's a way to find the answers you've wanted.  It takes some time and practice but once you tap into it, spirit shows herself to you and life begins to feel really, really good.    

Imagine realizing your purpose without a second thought. Owning the path you’re on towards the work you are meant to be doing. YOU would decide what you do and why and how. YOU would decide to stay clear of situations that have hindered you in the past. Life would be simple, success would be attainable, and you’d feel empowered in all that you do.

Unless you've learned how to apply all the work that you've done in the last few years, to your life and career and relationships, you've probably not been able to use your gifts to the best of your ability AND make money from them...

We are taught to be reasonable and THINK things through.We're told we're too sensitive and we need to toughen up.To smile and hide how we really feel.To get a good job, save our money, and look for the perfect partne.png

When you try to justify everything you do with logic, you put a stop in Time. The energy that was once intrinsically flowing is thickened. 
Every thought is driven by fear, self-doubt, self-criticism and takes you farther away from what you already own deep within.

We can never know exactly how our life will look until we start living it.

Often, we don't make decisions from our deeper self, because we want to please others by keeping them comfortable. But what we create when doing this is a space for fear to grow. Fear of the unknown, yes- but also fear of the known.  Of your truth. Of your power.  

This, I'm sure you know, leads to an existence that doesn't feel quite right and like we're going to burst with all of these creative ideas but with no container to put them in.  

It feels like everything is a "maybe" and nothing is a "hell yes".  

But... when you uncover your layers and tune into your intuition....

You can finally start living your life.png

It's totally possible for you make money from your passions right now!


Finding your inner voice to find your life's direction is 100% possible but it's a skill that must be learned, applied, and nourished over time.

It's not something that happens overnight but once you figure it out, the universe hands you what you've been asking for.

Honestly, life is not as complicated as we've been led to believe.

Your life can be easy, money can feel infinite, and you inner wild nature will guide you for the rest of your time here on this Earth.



This is why I created...

A season by season experiential guide for finding your inner voice

What if there's a system that you can use for the rest of your life to tune into your inner guide and figure out what should be doing with your life?

Would that reduce your anxiety, clear confusion and make you feel connected to inner witch/wise woman/ soul? 

A system that could help you:

  • discover your career and your purpose
  • tap into your intuitive abilities to guide you daily
  • figure out the "thing" you feel like you're looking for
  • clear up any confusion around your worth and not feeling good enough
  • help you learn how to set clear boundaries with others 
  • eliminate fear mode and tune into a life based from love
  • ... help you solve any problem that's slowing down the flow of your energy!

Imagine, all you have to do is learn who you are, on a fundamental level, and then for the rest of your life just stayed connected to that. You'll feel like you're in the right place every single day.

I want you to get there so I created a program for you...

13 Moons Women's Lunar Immersion- 

Here's why you want it:

13 Moons is my step-by-step guide where I walk BESIDE you and show you exactly how to find your inner voice (in 4 intuitive parts) and your soul income.

This program will...

  • show you how to develop your story, your brand, and your voice to use in business, relationships and life in general

  • guide you to understanding who you are on an intrinsic level and how to use your gifts to serve you and others 

  • show you how to live an intuitively witchy life where you'll manifest everything you want without attachment or craving 

Simply speaking, it'll show you how to finally stop searching outside of yourself so that you feel "good enough" to live the life of your dreams.

The reason this program works so well is because we cut through the bullshit, get to the juicy parts of who you are, and tune into our inner healer (the one we've always been) without fear.  We bridge the space of the heart (emotions) and the head (logic) to meet in the middle with the voice (inner truth). 

Meet Your Guide


Lydia Jarjoura


I've worked with hundreds of women who have felt just as “stuck” and just as confused and bursting with so many ideas but no clue as to what to do with them.  I've been there; I used to live my life from a place of fear. I literally KNEW that I was meant to do deep work but I kept putting it off. Each time I would put it off until something forced me let go of an old way of being.  Debilitating panic attacks, social anxiety, physical pain, several shitty relationships, an ayahuasca journey- they were all catalysts for where I am now.

And now, I help women remove that fear without something ‘tragic and big’ forcing them to go there.

I’m a Reiki master, an experienced yoga instructor, a women’s health coach, an intuitive reader, and all around empowerment guide for anyone wanting to live life on their terms.  My degrees in Business Administration with working experience in digital communications and marketing +  Fine Arts with experience in web and graphic design have served me to help female entrepreneurs start a business, build a soulful brand, and tell a meaningful story.


What You'll Learn in 13 Moons


In addition to what will arise for the group during the year!

  1. Get "un-stuck" and stop living from fear

    You'll go from feeling stuck, scared, frustrated, and not good enough to being a confident leader / healer.
  2. Learn how to start a business or find your dream career

    You'll finally figure out what you wanna be "when you grow up" and will stop questioning your purpose and your path.
  3. You'll find your tribe

    You don't have to do this work alone. Myself and 12 other women will be walking beside you for an entire year. We'll see your successes and you struggles, we'll witness what you want to manifest and we'll be your sisters, for life. 
  4. You'll get comfortable in your own skin

    Uncovering the layers of society, your upbringing, and female conditioning will allow you to see yourself as you truly are. A wise woman of a wild nature who cannot be tamed but has the power to help heal the world.
  5. Make better decisions, faster

    No more second-guessing or self doubt. When you know WHO you are and how to listen to that inner voice, life become truly easy.
  6. Manifest the money you want, without attachment 

    Wanting to make money from your passions is THE #1 reason most women have the drive to find their purpose.  Can you imagine how life would feel if you woke up each morning , did the things you loved and made the money you need? We'll cover all this and more.

Wise women live life based on who they are, not on what others want. 

Imagine yourself one year from today, fully knowing your purpose, helping others and making money from your natural abilities.  Life feels so “right” and you have finally stopped searching for something to give you more confidence, take away your fears, and reduce your anxiety. Your life is full of joy, purpose, and love. 

If you’re reading this, you’re being called to step into a bigger version of yourself; one that helps others and enjoys her life. Why keep putting off the life that you want now?

Are you ready to vibrate on a different level than you ever have before, and stay there?

Copy of We are taught to be reasonable and THINK things through.We're told we're too sensitive and we need to toughen up.To smile and hide how we really feel.To get a good job, save our money, and look for the perfec.png

A perfectly witchy but practical way to find your calling, share your story, and love your life. 

This lunar immersion is simply a container.

With your guide (me!) and 12 other women, you will co-create a version of heaven on earth.  Each season, for an entire year (13 New Moons), you will have Lydia and your tribe by your side as you explore yourself on a deep level.

I will share with you how to embrace the light and the dark- birth and death- to feel no longer distant from who you are. 

There are 4 seasons in our year together. Each season has a theme and that is what our classes, moon ceremonies, and meditations will be about.  

If you're familiar with my work at all though, you know that what we do is based on who shows up.  So while you'll see the themes below, just know that the 13 women who enroll will ultimately decide what we work on together.   

The New Moon Modules...

seasonal living with a monthly moon theme

Copy of FRUIT & FLOWER JUNEWho Are You_We'll jump right in and break down old patterns and belief systems. We'll uncover the stories you tell yourself that keep you being your true self. +Medicine Making Class_ Herba (3).png

SUMMER:  Flower & Fruit

To know what path to choose, we must first know what feels right for us and what doesn't. This is the first step. This is where you'll discover what your inner self has been asking of you all this time. 

Copy of Copy of FRUIT & FLOWER JUNEWho Are You_We'll jump right in and break down old patterns and belief systems. We'll uncover the stories you tell yourself that keep you being your true self. +Medicine Making Clas.png

FALL: Harvest & Compost

After you know the life you want, it's time to let go of the things that aren't getting you there.  We'll explore our trauma and our childhood and you'll learn practical tools for helping you release what is holding you back so you can live from love, not fear. 

FRUIT & FLOWER JUNEWho Are You_We'll jump right in and break down old patterns and belief systems. We'll uncover the stories you tell yourself that keep you being your true self. +Medicine Making Class_ Herbal Tea bl.png

WINTER: Seed & Sprout

You're halfway there. You have a plan for the life you want, you've learned to let go of the things that hold you back from it. Now it's time to GROUND all of that in and set magical intentions in a practical way. You now know you can get anything you want but here's where we'll distinguish unconscious manifesting vs. receiving what is meant for us.

Copy of FRUIT & FLOWER JUNEWho Are You_We'll jump right in and break down old patterns and belief systems. We'll uncover the stories you tell yourself that keep you being your true self. +Medicine Making Class_ Herba (2).png

SPRING: Growth & Blossom

This is the time to see all of your work pay off.  Your true colors will emerge as you learn who you have always truly been. You’ll hear your intuition loud and clear. Whether it’s a business idea or finding your passion, we will build the life you’ve been yearning for: full of ease, abundance, satisfaction, and joy.

Bonus content...!

The Business ClassesWhat's your passion_ The WHY of your bizBusiness Plan_ How about a life plan firstMoney Mondays_ creating a budget for your life and your businessFinding Your Target Market and the WHO of your biz (1).png
  • Biz classes!! Check out the content in the image <<!
  • BOOK CLUBBBBBBBB: yes ma'am; we'll read one book every quarter!
  • Office hours with Lydia for when things come up. These will be live group calls that you'll get to take part in for free, several times a year!
  • FREE access to the Balanced Babes online training course where you'll learn all about your feminine cycle and how to use it to your advantage.
  • A workbook on the full and new moon to help you manifest your desires and release what you no longer want!

The Value:

What would you give to be able to stop trying to figure out what to do with your life?

This means that whenever you have to make a decision, you'll know if it's right or not. You will know exactly what to do.

Your anxiety, illness, drama in relationships, feeling not good enough, lacking self-confidence, having too many ideas and too much procrastination- this will all magically disappear.  

Developing your inner voice and using it to find your purpose will totally transform your life. Money, fulfilling relationships, a connection to spirit, expressing your creativity, pleasure in everything- this will all come your way- I promise. 

What is that worth to you?

Here's what it's worth to some of my clients:


"The decision to work with Lydia is critical to the state of clarity and intrinsic motivation that's currently flowing through me.

Testimonial headshot 2 .jpg

 Lydia opened her heart, and let me into the safest little cavern. The work felt sacred, feminine, cathartic, scary, and raw. Being in communication with her when fears came up, or epiphanies (I had a few), was an anchor for me. Lydia felt out exactly where I was, and by having me tap into myself - the dark and the light - she helped me see what is possible when simply being aligned with my life's potential. 

Through Lydia's coaching, I've shed layers that once blanketed my wild nature, and I've given myself permission to live an empowered life that seemed out of arms reach before. I feel spiritually in tune. I am patient withy myself. I'm making decisions that make sense to me! I'm taking my passion for movement one step closer to my heart and will soon concentrate in pre-natal yoga. In addition, I am a Birth Doula in training. " - Christina, Brooklyn NY

testimonial headshot.jpg

"Everything we discussed and my plan of action is spot on. I feel good about our work together. I'm so happy I found you! This shift I'm experiencing is life-changing. You are one hell of a woman with deep wisdom, and I've been able to mirror that in myself. WOW.

So many areas of my life started to shift- in my personal relationship, in my own heart, and in my work life. You do amazing work. You really do. I’m so grateful. In every single area of my life, I felt even a little bit of a shift. The biggest one was aligning to myself and the path that I’m on. I think that was the biggest shift for me; becoming confident and feeling a lot of my love for myself on this process.  Connecting to myself on a whole new level and then everything else… flowed.

You started deep within..cut straight to the point. You went back in time and helped me clean it and then helped me form space to go forward. I’m ready to continue and that’s what’s’ve created sustainability and momentum to move forward." - Rachael, Miami FL

headshot testimonial 4 .jpg

"I'd recommend working with Lydia because she has this magical ability to connect with you, even through a screen. She can bring that out and really use it as a tool in helping you with whatever sort of direction you need help with and for me, that's huge. It's helped me to identify other areas of my life and I should probably let go and move on from - things that my ego wants me to be part of but that don't actually serve me in any way (things that actually drain me). Powerful stuff, indeed! I feel like a sponge, just soaking up all this great stuff. 

I’ve been feeling so grounded and focused lately that I’ve been able to be open to up to changing my previous thoughts or ideas about myself and my business. I am beginning to get what I’ve always been searching for: connection with my partner, confidence in myself, and permission to actually do what serves me." - Kala, Paradise CA

testimonial headshot 3 .jpg


"I left our session glowing and full of feminine energy. Since then, I have already had two powerful and genuine connections with two strong women friends of mine. The energy is contagious and abundant now that I'm opening up to it!

Speaking my truth and surrounding myself with others who do the same is becoming a non-negotiable."- Liz, Austin TX

testiminoal headshot mar .jpg

"I  feel more confident in myself and therefore my business. So far I’ve had one of the best months of sales in my business and I’ve gotten 2 additional stockists to sell my jewelry in just one month! You helped me feel more aligned with who I wanted to be and how I present myself. My whole self is my brand…and so I’m presenting myself now, the way that I actually feel." -Marlena, Blanco TX

I want you to take advantage of the $68,000 I spent on my business degree, the $7,000 I spent on certifications because I thought I wasn't knowledgable enough and the thousands of hours I spent researching my way through spirituality, health, and business. I spent all of that money and did all of that work so that you don't have to.  So that you can EXPERIENCE life flowing instead of stumbling around to look for where it begins.

If you were to take a yoga training, you'd pay at least $3,000 for about 8 weeks of support and learning.  If you were to keep seeing a therapist for most of the rest of your life because you kept staying in the same cycles, you'd end up paying around $9,000 for 10 years of conversation.  If you were to go back to school to get a business degree, you'd spend at least $8,000! 

I'm offering you one year of all access support to me, your tribe and to the power and influence of being spiritualy aligned.

Notice what your body feels like when you imagine living a life of no fear, just passion and purpose. Feels good, right?

Level 1 (2).png

The basic membership, Maidens, includes an entire year of guidance for you to feel empowered as the woman you are and the woman you are becoming. This level is perfect for any woman who just needs a little bit of guidance on her path but is happy with where she is in her life now.

  • LIVE monthly New Moon Ceremony with women from all over the world, from the comfort of your home. Lydia will lead you in a catalyzing experience that will change your perspective and give you permission to accept yourself.  Each month's circle is based on the astral insights for that month's New Moon.  All calls are recorded and sent out via email.
  • Monthly guided meditation that includes a workbook with the topic for the month.  Self-exploration is key here and these meditations can be done over and over again! Perfect for everyone- whether you have experience meditating or not!
  • Access to an online 13 Moons Maidens portal where you'll create a unique user id and password to access this magical content!

Maidens | $345 for the entire year! (use code EARLYBIRD for $30 off until July 4th.


Level 1.png

This is the "fruit" of the yearlong lunar immersion. The juiciness, the sisterhood, the life-designing; this is where it all happens. This membership is for women who are ready to make big leaps in their lives without doing it alone. This is where you'll receive VALUABLE private coaching from Lydia, peer feedback from the other witches, and specific business building practices for making *real* change in your life. 

Membership includes everything in the Maidens package PLUS...

  • A monthly live deep dive class during Full Moon week with the seasonal topics listed above.
  • Quarterly Medicine-making classes: You'll learn how to make tinctures, herbal infusions, tea blends, and flower essences!
  • Business coaching classes (pre-recorded) based on these topics. 
  • A bi-monthly (every 8 weeks) private accelerator session with Lydia to hone in on what your blocks are, what's coming up for you currently, and how to begin building or refining your business.  Calls are recorded and are 60 minutes. This is laser focused psychic and intuitive coaching.

Ready to join? Check out the payment options below, book your complimentary on-boarding call with me, and then I'll send you your payment link!

Level 1 (1).png

Membership includes everything in the Witches package PLUS...

* monthly private sessions
* full email + Voxxer (like texting) access (unlimited!)
* a weekly plan to keep you on track with your goals and intentions
* ritual gifts mailed to your door

This is a 6 month intensive accelerator with Lydia.  The focus of our work together is chosen by you and by Spirit. If you know my work and are familiar with my story, you know that I've helped women get pregnant, grieve, start or end relationships, and build their business.  This 6 month accelerator is going to be you taking 10 BIG leaps forward in an area of your life, with me holding your hand the entire time.  You'll have texting access to me in between our monthly private sessions! 

Topics range from any of the following:

+ Starting your business from scratch including building your website, your branding package, and social media presence.

+ Preparing for Motherhood: trying to conceive? We'll get your cycle on track and prepare your body, mind, and spirit for conception.

+ Trauma Queen: We'll cut chords, help you heal from the past that's holding you back, and focus on taking care of YOU.

Ready to join? Check out the payment options below, book your complimentary on-boarding call with me, and then I'll send you your payment link!


Why spend a year with me?

"I am so much more aware of how my emotions, motivation, moods all change throughout the month and can prevent a lot of my 'breakdowns' I was having before just from being in tune and knowing what kinds of self care I needed.  I also finally am finding it more comfortable to talk about these things with other women, which is incredibly empowering to not feel shame about something so natural that we all go through!" -Rachel

"Lydia is truly an amazing person. Her passion for helping women unlock their most honest, authentic, and loving selves is powerful. Since working with Lydia I have deepened my spiritual practice, gained a greater appreciation for my body, and realized a more whole understanding of what womanhood and sisterhood mean to me. Lydia always practices empathy and gratitude when sharing wisdom and holding space for others, and her ability to model how to honor one's self and maintain boundaries in a loving and kind way is inspiring." -Jenna (music teacher) 

"Working with Lydia always brings me to that tuned-in state of being that is so easy to lose track of in our hectic, modern world. She offers just the right amount of guidance and direction and then holds space for you to make your own deep discoveries that lead to healing. A session with Lydia always leaves me nourished and refreshed on the heart, mind, and soul levels." - Heather (musician from Austin, Texas)  

"I'm so impressed by your level of knowledge and wisdom. I'm grateful that this generation of young women have a teacher like you to impart the deep knowings available to them. Your work is powerful!" -Lynn, Ph.D (career zen master at Zen Master) 

"I feel more connected with my body and definitely feel that I have knowledge that will serve me and continue to grow for the rest of my life. Often when friends and family have told me about emotional or physical struggles, I have referred them to you and your coursework." -Samantha (co-creator of FemBeat documentary series) 

"My life changed when I found Lunar Nourishment. Lydia is such a kind,loving, educational, inspiring woman, who is passionate about what she belives in and who inspires women who surround her." - Kayleigh P. 

When you surround yourself with those who vibrate at your frequency or higher, you are lifted up and held accountable at a level you're meant to be. It's time to rise up..png

Bonus Discounts! 

If you register with a friend, you each will save $20!

If you're a Balanced Babes graduate, you get $50 off tuition!

Witches + Queens get $100 off if you register by June 13th!


This is for you if...

+ You aren't afraid to see the light and the dark parts of your life and embrace them both
+ You know you are a healer, a witch, a medicine women, a leader who is ready to take back her power
+ You can be held accountable to show up to our live calls to co-create this experience together
+ You are ready to learn how to hold space for yourself so you can learn to do it for others
+ You have experienced pain, trauma, and difficult times but you know that it's possible to live a life of beauty and ease & you're ready to start now

Time Schedule

  • June 21st Solstice Ceremony | Introduction call w/ the group

  • 4th Wednesday June Full Moon group class

  • July 1: Schedule your first private session + online 13 Moons library access sent out with your first business class video module + homework

  • July 12th: New Moon Ceremony 

  • 4th Wednesday July Full Moon group class

    • All subsequent New Moon calls are listed here and Full Moon calls listed here.
    • All private sessions will be schedule through Lydia's online calendar
    • Quarterly medicine-making class schedule sent out after everyone enrolls.
Fill out the application form below. (1).png

Not ready for witches or queens?

Join the Moon Maidens! 


Feel free to use the form below to ask anything else!

  • Do I have to want to start a business to join?
    • Nope! I just happen to LOVE business coaching but if that's not your thing, then you and I will focus on something different; health, relationships- whatever is current in your life!
  • Will this teach me how to lead my own women’s circles and programs? 
    • Yep! You will walk away from our program with a deep understanding of how to hold space for the collective healing.
  •     Will we talk about sex a lot? What if I have sexual trauma?
    • A woman's sexual expression is intrinsically connected to how she exists in the world.  We will spend one month learning how to heal from and move past our sexual trauma so that it's not the only part of our story.   
  •     Do I have to be a certain age to join?
    • The women that I work with are typically between ages 26-46 but if you're not, don't worry! If you feel called to this work, then you're ready. 
  •   What if I can’t join every live call?
    • You'll receive recordings of all the calls via an internet link. Nothing for you to download- you'll just sit back and soak it all in!

                                                               Want to hop on a phone call with me to talk about if this is right for you?
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Enrollment for Maidens (no application required) will open on June 1st.






The witches + queens cart will open on June 4th.

Applications must be filled out for the Witches and Queens levels. Enter your email below to receive an application!

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