Tired of feeling like you’re not enough?

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Not good enough, successful enough, stable enough, healthy enough, a good enough daughter, partner, friend, employee, business owner?


But it’s easier said than done to actually BELIEVE it, right?

I know, because I’ve spent literally my entire life until recently feeling like no matter what I did, said, accomplished, healed, and worked through- it was never enough.

There comes a time in every woman’s life, though, when she’s ready to stop running around in circles and wants to just come home.

Home is inside of you. Unconditional love is inside of you. Spirit/God/Universe/Goddess is in YOU.

And there’s a simple but v. intentional way to finally BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Are you ready to finally believe, in your heart and soul and body, that
you are enough?




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The nature of a healer/an intuitive/a mystic/ a modern-day-witch is someone who FEELS deeply, loves unconditionally, and believes in the power of healing. But we don't always apply what we know, to the inner language we speak to ourselves. But it's totally possible to embrace this intuitive and loving side of you without losing touch with your current reality, and when you do, your life will finally feel RIGHT.

When you feel like you’re “not good enough”, you get stuck.

You don’t express who you truly are.

You don’t let the world enjoy what you have to offer.

Here’s the deal:

Most of us were raised to hide our true nature because perhaps when we did try to express ourselves, we were “rejected” by our parents (ignored, told to quiet down, to stop asking so many questions)….. To not be so sensitive, to not feel others’ pain, and to be nice to everyone... To make decisions with our brains and to do the “right thing”. But when you try to justify everything you do with logic, you put a stop in Time. The energy that was once intrinsically flowing (that you were born with) is thickened. 

Every thought is driven by fear, self-doubt, self-criticism and takes you farther away from what you already own deep within. You get stuck in that place of fear and so you barely inch forward.

Here’s why we feel “stuck”:

We can never know exactly how our life will look until we start living it.

Often, we don't make decisions from our deeper self, because we want to please others by keeping them comfortable. We don’t want them to not like us. But what we create when doing this, is a space for fear to grow. Fear of the unknown, yes- but also fear of the known.  Of our truth. Of our power.  

This, I'm sure you know, leads to an existence that doesn't feel quite right and like we're going to burst with all of these creative ideas but with no container to put them in.  

It feels like everything is a "maybe" and nothing is a "hell yes".  

when you uncover your layers and tune into your intuition and know that you are enough...

You begin to live your life in a way that feels free-flowing AND aligned with your soul…

and it feels F-ing amazing…


Finding your inner voice to remind you that you ARE enough is 100% possible but it's a skill that must be learned, applied, and nourished over time.

It's not something that happens overnight but once you figure it out, the universe hands you what you've been asking for.

Honestly, life is not as complicated as we've been led to believe.

Your life can be easy, money can feel infinite, and you inner wild nature will guide you for the rest of your time here on this Earth. Forever.

So, what is 13 Moons?

It’s A monthly ceremony + on-going live conversation to help you listen to your inner voice.

What if there's a system that you can use for the rest of your life to tune into your inner guide and figure out what should be doing with your life?

Would that reduce your anxiety, clear confusion and make you feel connected to your inner witch/wise woman/ soul? 

A system that could help you:

  • tap into your intuitive abilities to guide you daily

  • figure out the "thing" you feel like you're looking for

  • clear up any confusion around your worth and not feeling good enough

  • help you learn how to set clear boundaries with others

  • help you move into a place of compassion and forgiveness for your mother and/or father

  • eliminate fear mode and tune into a life based from love

  • ... help you solve any problem that's slowing down the flow of your energy!

Imagine, all you have to do is learn who you are, on a fundamental level, and then for the rest of your life just stayed connected to that. You'll feel like you're in the right place every single day.

13 Moons is here to help you:

  • Learn how to:

    • set boundaries

    • speak your truth with confidence

    • share your story

    • ask for support

  • Understand:

    • your core wounds (the things that trigger you) to find your core gifts

    • how to listen to your inner little girl to find your passions

    • explore your creativity and how to think outside of the box

  • Finally live an intuitively witchy life

    • learn the difference between manifesting and setting intentions

    • use your life as a literal vision board to creatively move towards what you want

    • uncover how your thoughts become your reality

You can finally stop searching outside of yourself so that you feel "good enough" to live the life of your dreams.

The reason this program works so well is because we cut through the bullshit, get to the juicy parts of who you are, and tune into our inner healer (the one we've always been) without fear. 

Bridge the space of the heart (emotions)
and the head (logic)
to meet with the voice (inner truth). 

Meet Your Guide


Lydia Jarjoura


I've worked with hundreds of women who have felt “stuck” and confused and bursting with so many ideas but no clue as to what to do with them.  I've been there; I used to live my life from a place of fear. I literally KNEW that I was meant to do deep work but I kept putting it off. Each time I would put it off until something forced me let go of an old way of being.  Debilitating panic attacks, social anxiety, physical pain, several shitty relationships, an ayahuasca journey- they were all catalysts for where I am now.

And now, I help women remove that fear on THEIR terms.

I’m a Reiki master, an experienced yoga instructor, a women’s health coach, an intuitive reader, and all around empowerment guide for anyone wanting to live life on their terms.  My degrees in Business Administration with working experience in digital communications and marketing +  Fine Arts with experience in web and graphic design have served me to help female entrepreneurs start a business, build a soulful brand, and tell a meaningful story. 

What You'll Learn in 13 Moons


In addition to what will arise for the group during!

Wise women live life based on who they are, not on what others want. 

This lunar immersion is simply a container for your personal and spiritual growth.

How it works + what’s included:

There are 4 seasons in our year together. Each season has a theme and that is what our classes, moon ceremonies, and meditations will be about.  Since enrollment only opens right before each season begins, you won’t miss a thing when you join since we’re all starting at the same place each season!

A monthly live new moon ceremony + q&A

Ceremonies take place via Crowdcast. No download/no equipment needed. Ceremonies are 75 minutes long and are recorded.

an online community

All Moon Maidens (that’s YOU!) will join our online Slack community. It’s like Facebook but no ads, no one else, just us. There are channels with topics for discussion. Channels include: support, creativity, book club, new moon intentions, and more! This is where the real sisterhood takes place. This is an on-going conversation and you can be as involved as you’d like.

A portal of resources

You’ll get instant access to an online portal filled with resources like guided meditations, a monthly workbook, and the replays of our New Moon Ceremonies! You’ll have your own secure log-in and will have access to this as long as it exists!

Seasonal themes:


WINTER: Seed & Sprout

  • ROOTED: Ground your energy to reduce anxiety.

  • THRIVE: Learn how to set yourself up for financial success.

  • INTENTIONS: Discover how to not just manifest but create your dream life.


SPRING: Growth & Blossom

  • VOICE: Share your story to change the world.

  • CREATIVE INCOME: Think outside the box to create a career you love.

  • WITCHY: Embrace the shadow world & learn how to change your outer reality.


SUMMER:  Flower & Fruit

  • WHO: Why you’re here + your story

  • PLEASURE: the art of finding it in every-day life. Self-pleasure is key.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: showing up and choosing wisely.


FALL: Harvest & Compost

  • KON MARI- simplifying our lives. A “cleanse”

  • THE MOTHER: learning how to parent ourselves in 2 ways.

  • TRAUMA QUEENS: embracing our trauma to lift us out of it.

Who is this for?

  • Women who are ready to take their life, their healing, and their health into their own hands.

  • Women who aren’t afraid to be triggered by seeing trauma patterns come up, in a safe space.

  • Women who have no serious mental health issues and who understand that this program does not replace support from a professional (doctor, therapist, counselor, medication, etc).

  • Women who are a little witchy, a lot intuitive, and are ready to find their calling in life!

  • Those who aren’t afraid of the shadow-work and of living a life of more meaning and less drama.

  • Those who want to understand how to live in rhythm with the seasons and the moon!

  • Self-identifying women who feel called to lead a more spiritual and intuitive life.

  • Women who have the time (1-2.5 hours per month) to devote to SELF-CARE in the form of journaling, meditation and live ceremonies.

  • Women who aren’t afraid to let go of some of their ego, their conditioning, and caring about the opinions of others.

  • Women who want to understand where their patterns come from and why they keep repeating the same cycles with different people.

  • Those who are brave enough to share their stories with the sisterhood, receive support, and offer support.

This WILL be the last program you think you need,

to finally feel like you are enough. I promise.

What (some of the 80!) 13 Mooners are saying…

"The decision to work with Lydia is critical to the state of clarity and intrinsic motivation that's currently flowing through me.

“I joined to unlearn all of the shit I grew up believing about myself.”

“I joined because my self talk is not the way I want to feel about myself; because I constantly look to others for validity. I joined because I want my life to be mine wholly.”

“I joined because I am afraid of my own power and voice. I am flowing with ideas and knowledge that I know can make a huge impact on others, but my fear, anxiety, and past stories constantly overshadow and make me feel small. I compare myself to others and make up excuses. I was craving connection and community with other powerful women that can hold me accountable.”

”I joined because instead of showing up in the world and for myself, I strive to be invisible and silence my inner (as well as my outer) voice. This has become incredibly tiring. My intention is to come back to myself and to let myself be seen.”

“I feel like I’m on the brink of blossoming and then I’ll self sabotage in some way by making so many things priorities that don’t serve me. Im ready to tap into endless possibilities, being vulnerable, feeling fuller so that I can spread this wisdom to my little ones and so much more!”

“I joined because I have deep wounds that I'm afraid of healing on my own. My mother wound is deep and connecting to women has been a challenge for me. My voice has been small and I'm ready to be loud.”

“I joined 13 moons because I want to learn about myself and feel confident in my voice. I am tired of always feeling overcome, by others, by addictive tendencies in me and my family and by embarrassment.”

“I joined 13 Moons because I am done living small, and am ready to live fully and boldly. At the beginning of 2018, a quote stuck out to me, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" The life that comes to mind when answering that question is the life I want to live and I know 13 Moons is part of that journey.”

“My intention for this course is to embrace connection with other women, and to build a new relationship with myself as a strong feminine being.”

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"Everything we discussed and my plan of action is spot on. I feel good about our work together. I'm so happy I found you! This shift I'm experiencing is life-changing. You are one hell of a woman with deep wisdom, and I've been able to mirror that in myself. WOW.

So many areas of my life started to shift- in my personal relationship, in my own heart, and in my work life. You do amazing work. You really do. I’m so grateful. In every single area of my life, I felt even a little bit of a shift. The biggest one was aligning to myself and the path that I’m on. I think that was the biggest shift for me; becoming confident and feeling a lot of my love for myself on this process.  Connecting to myself on a whole new level and then everything else… flowed.

You started deep within..cut straight to the point. You went back in time and helped me clean it and then helped me form space to go forward. I’m ready to continue and that’s what’s beautiful...you’ve created sustainability and momentum to move forward." - Rachael, Miami FL

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"I'd recommend working with Lydia because she has this magical ability to connect with you, even through a screen. She can bring that out and really use it as a tool in helping you with whatever sort of direction you need help with and for me, that's huge. It's helped me to identify other areas of my life and I should probably let go and move on from - things that my ego wants me to be part of but that don't actually serve me in any way (things that actually drain me). Powerful stuff, indeed! I feel like a sponge, just soaking up all this great stuff. 

I’ve been feeling so grounded and focused lately that I’ve been able to be open to up to changing my previous thoughts or ideas about myself and my business. I am beginning to get what I’ve always been searching for: connection with my partner, confidence in myself, and permission to actually do what serves me." - Kala, Paradise CA

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"I left our session glowing and full of feminine energy. Since then, I have already had two powerful and genuine connections with two strong women friends of mine. The energy is contagious and abundant now that I'm opening up to it!

Speaking my truth and surrounding myself with others who do the same is becoming a non-negotiable."- Liz, Austin TX

I'm offering you one year of all access support to me, your tribe and to the power and influence of being spiritualy aligned.

Notice what your body feels like when you imagine living a life of no fear, just passion and purpose. Feels good, right?

When you surround yourself with those who vibrate at your frequency or higher, you are lifted up and held accountable at a level you're meant to be. It's time to rise up..png
  1. Get "un-stuck" and stop living from fear

    You'll go from feeling stuck, scared, frustrated, and not good enough to being a confident leader / healer.

  2. You'll find your tribe

    You don't have to do this work alone. Myself and all of the other women in 13 Moons (over 60!!) will be walking beside you each season. We'll see your successes and you struggles, we'll witness what you want to manifest and we'll be your sisters, for life.

  3. You'll get comfortable in your own skin

    Uncovering the layers of society, your upbringing, and female conditioning will allow you to see yourself as you truly are. A wise woman of a wild nature who cannot be tamed but has the power to help heal the world.

  4. Make better decisions, faster

    No more second-guessing or self doubt. When you know WHO you are and how to listen to that inner voice, life become truly easy.


Feel free to use the form below to ask anything else!

  • Do I need any “supplies” to join?

    • A good internet connection will be key for watching the live video calls (don’t worry, I’ll be the only one on the screen!)

    • I also suggest getting a special journal or notebook. The monthly workbooks are printable AND you can also download then type directly into them!

  • Is it refundable?

    • Since you’re immediately given the secret portal link + log-in + Slack invite, I’m not able to offer refunds at this time. Obviously though, if you have a special situation, feel free to reach out to me!

  • What if I can’t show up to the live calls?

    • That’s okay! Each live call link is ALSO a link to the replay that you can watch on your own time.

  • Do I have to be a certain age to join?

    • The women that I work with are typically between ages 26-46 but if you're not, don't worry! If you feel called to this work, then you're ready.

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