a  6 month private coaching program


For women who are ready to create and nurture a life-long relationship with themselves and their health.



  • Are you ready to stop the up and down cycle of managing your health, your weight, your well-being, and your relationships?
  • Do you want to know what it feels like to experience TRUE self-love without guilt, shame, or drama?
  • Are you ready to finally learn how stress affects YOU and how to tailor your self-care practice to help you cope better?
  • Do you want to break free from a life that's not working for you so you can be present with those you love?


Here's the deal:

As women, many of us want to be healthier, to learn how to mother ourselves and how to take care of ourselves, but more often than not, we aren't given any practical guidance and real-time support.  We aren't given a manual for how to live, how to deal with anxiety and emotional highs and lows.  So many of us try to avoid our pain; we eat it away, we Netflix it til it's "gone" or we throw ourselves into work or relationships so that we don't have to feel our feelings.  

We can take workshops and classes and read books and learn really deep, almost shamanic, information, but if we aren't given any tools for using the things we're learning, then our day to day lives won't really change.  


Here's where I come in:

For the last 10 years, I have devoted myself and my life's work to women's wellness.  I've gone from having daily panic attacks so bad I would pass out, to taking anti-depressants every day for years, to one bad relationship to the next, and the whole time I felt like my life was meaningless. I had no purpose, and no direction.  And so for a decade, I have built my life around my mission to help other women, in the way that I helped myself. This program is a deep dive. 

I've been there. For the last 10 years I have tested and tried out so many theories of self-care, love, relationships, nutrition, money goals and more.  I've been through hell and back with my relationship with myself. I went through a really hard and long journey of cutting the chords of codependency with my mother.  I lived with a man that I could barely stand to look at and I thought it was all my fault. I've been there; and all I wanted during those times was someone to talk to and a way to track the amazing amount of growth and change that I was experiencing.  

So I spent years developing tools and rituals that allowed me to not only SURVIVE my life, but to THRIVE.  This coaching program is what I wish I had, years ago. It is with my sincerest hope that it supports you on YOUR transformational journey. 


The Program

My program is 6 months; this is to give you enough time to actually make reasl changes without feeling totally overwhelmed. We meet twice a month in 1 hour sessions (phone calls). The program includes tools and resources to assist your individual needs.  These include books, videos, podcasts, and gifts mailed right to your door.

I am a witness to you on your journey. You already have all the wisdom you need, inside of you. You were born with it. I'm here to help you learn how to listen to it. 

Are you ready to access your inner strength so you can live a life of freedom?

The investment

Your cost for the 6 month program is one payment of $1,350 or two payments of $725.  Included in your investment are handouts, gifts, books, and free access to my online webinars and my bi-monthly newsletter.  



"Lydia is truly an amazing person.  Her passion for helping women unlock their most honest, authentic, and loving selves is powerful.  Since working with Lydia I have deepened my spiritual practice, gained a greater appreciation for my body, and realized a more whole understanding of what womanhood and sisterhood mean to me.  Lydia always practices empathy and gratitude when sharing wisdom and holding space for others, and her ability to model how to honor one's self and maintain boundaries in a loving and kind way is inspiring." Jenna

"Hey, just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for doing what you are doing and passing down all this amazing info to us women.  I am DEEPLY inspired, and want to take action NOW.  This is so important to me." Katie

"I trust Lydia with my body - quite literally. Receiving information and learning from her about my cycle and and the art of being a woman is like receiving an exquisitely wrapped gift. I regularly encourage her to produce more because the world needs her information and her commitment to self-care!" Victoria

"I feel more connected with my body and definitely feel that I have knowledge that will serve me and continue to grow for the rest of my life." Samantha

"Working with Lydia always brings me to that tuned-in state of being that is so easy to lose track of in our hectic, modern world. She offers just the right amount of guidance and direction and then holds space for you to make your own deep discoveries that lead to healing. A session with Lydia always leaves me nourished and refreshed on the heart, mind, and soul levels." Heather

"I don't think I have the words to adequately describe how wonderful it is knowing you feel how you do.  You share your stories, and your struggles, and it's almost like I was there feeling the same as you.  We as women all feel similar struggles.  We see it happen all around us every day and just let it happen because that's how it's always been.  Thank you for giving me hope.  Thank you for sharing your truths, because it has certainly made it easier for me to start sharing my truths more and more.  The work you do for other women inspires me, as I'm sure it must inspire others." Kayla