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Hi! I’m Lydia and I’m the woman behind the scenes of Lunar Nourishment.

Why it’s called Lunar Nourishment:

When I started teaching yoga in 2013, I quickly found my purpose of bringing people together for a deeper reason.

In 2014, when I began leading women’s New Moon Ceremonies in my living room, in Austin, Texas. From my leadership + women’s experience, I created my first online program called Balanced Babes. Over 200 women in over 40 countries have graduated from this program that taught them everything about their period that they never learned in school!

In 2018, after finishing a year long coaching certification program, I created and launched 13 Moons and led a group of 75 women through a seasonal living + sisterhood journey!

In early 2019, I launched the Soul Income Mastermind; a business accelerator to help wellness entrepreneurs create a profitable and scalable program.

Today, my time is spent serving the women in the Lunar Nourishment Sisterhood, playing with my cat Chester, cooking really good food, and spending LOTS of time in the sunshine, near a body of water.

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Photo by The Perfect Headshot

Photo by The Perfect Headshot

Through her group coaching programs, Lydia helps women find their inner voice so they can live a life of alignment and ease.

Lydia is a certified health coach, experienced yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Business Consultant and solo-preneur.

Her work focuses on the birth, death, rebirth cycle as she connects women to their inner voices by showing them the gifts of their deepest wounds.

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