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There's nothing better than feeling totally in the flow and free from guilt and lack of clarity.  Listening to your intuition, knowing how to set boundaries, and feeling completely comfortable in your own skin. 

It has been my life's mission for the last 10 years to gain an understanding of how to navigate life in a way that feels true.  That's why I created Lunar Nourishment!  I'm not just a coach, I empower you to be yourself, not matter what that looks like.

Through the Lunar Nourishment platform, I guide women to understanding how to embrace their cycles of ups & downs.  We creatively eradicate fear, stand in our power, and navigate the waters of what it means to be a leader and a woman today.

Are you ready to change your career or start your own business?
This is where clarity is key; knowing that you want to change your job or start a business is the first step.  Then it's time to gain a deeper understanding of the why, the what, and the how! I've got wisdom and a system to help you discover and exceed your goals and intentions in a creative and juicy way. I'm ready to see your life shift in a way that feels good to you and keeps you in the feminine flow!

Do you have a health issue? Ready to uplevel your sex-life or learn how to give yourself an orgasm?
I've got your back. As a certified health coach, I'm ready to help you. I not only went through (am and still going through!) my own journey of changing my diet, lifestyle and health-care plan and I've gained a really deep understanding of the human body. As a body intuitive, certified yoga instructor, and Reiki master my intuition and my knowledge of the ways we experience illness and dis-ease are fundamental to my coaching practice.  Are you ready to find out how YOUR unique body wants to be cared for so you can feel vital and free and SEXY every single day?

Are you tired of experiencing daily anxiety and stress and want to learn how to manage it for the rest of your life?
Most of my life has been full of debilitating, daily anxiety. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and put on medication. In 2012, I successfully got off (and have stayed off) of all medication, psychiatrists, and doctors.  I practice radical self-care where I holistically manage my anxiety. My method incorporates intuition, cyclical and seasonal living, hormone-balancing, nutrition, and coping tools for reducing anxiety and even eliminating panic attacks. I can't wait for you to experience a life where decisions happen quickly, life doesn't feel so suffocating, and anxious emotions are a temporary thing!

I'm ready to explore where you are on your journey and how we would best connect.  In the mean-time, learn more about my personal story, below!

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About Lydia 

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I could write an entire book about my journey thus far but in the mean-time, maybe this will do..

My name is Lydia Jarjoura and I grew up in the hill country of north Mississippi; home to the blues and Elvis Presley.  My father is from Lebanon and met my Memphis-raised mother soon after immigrating.  My childhood looked pretty "normal"; growing up with married parents, an older brother and an identical twin sister in a small town of 6,000. 

My twin and I were conceived into the womb of a women grieving the death of her 8 year old son.  Since fetal development is one the most important times in our human lives, that grief made its way into my soul and, I believe, has completely shaped my life.  

Death was a very big part of my life as a child- still is.  From as soon as we were conceived, born, and old enough to understand- we knew what death was and that it happened tragically sometimes. 

Since anxiety is inherited (& is in both of my parents' blood-lines), I developed anxiety disorder and, though I didn't know it at the time, my young years were filled with a sense of doom, guilt, and responsibility for my grieving parents and older brother (he was 4 years old when my parents' lost their first son).  Whenever anyone at school was grieving or lost someone, I was comfortable approaching them.  Death was normal to me.  I experienced lost first-hand when I was 9 years old and my grandfather passed. I was one of the last names he said before he closed his eyes and I'll never forget the smell of the hospital room. He taught me how to paint. After he died, he left me all of the painting supplies in his studio. 

I'd get home from school every day and paint. It was the only time I didn't feel anxious- it felt like nothing else existed.  Fast forward to age 14 and death struck our home again. My sister and I woke up on Mother's Day, a Sunday, and started getting ready for church.  The house was eerily quiet so we went downstairs and found a note on the table.  "Lauren had a wreck; we're at the hospital." My older brother's high school sweetheart died tragically that morning. Sudden and horrific, I remember when my brother got home, I hugged him, and then collapsed on the floor. Lauren had felt like an older sister to my sister and I.  They had just 2 weeks left until high school graduation & planned on going to the same college. 

The whole town came to our house an hour later to mourn.  Lauren's parents got there first and I'll never forget the sound of her mother's screams in the kitchen.  The sound of a grieving parent is something that's unexplainable.  That day spurred a process of self-growth and is the path that has led me to where I am today.  

When I was 19, I started experiencing face-numbing panic attacks and was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  I was put on Xanax and then Lexapro and took medicine for 3 years.  During those years my life didn't change much, except I began a regular yoga practice.  In 2012, when I was 22, I moved to Austin, Texas and decided that I didn't want my life to depend on a little white pill anymore.

I discovered how to take control over my health through nutrition, hormone-balancing tools, yoga, and stress-coping tools like meditation and breath-work.  My own research and trial and error has taken place over the span of almost a decade.  It includes attending a 10 day silent meditation course, implementing my skills as a body intuitive, taking part in Ayahuasca ceremonies, and becoming a self-taught herbalist. I've gone through so much pain and have learned how to set boundaries, take care of myself, and let go of things that no longer serve me.  I've also experienced times of pure flow as I've discovered my connection with the Moon and how to incorporate daily ritual into my life.  

My journey led me to receive my 200 hour yoga teacher training, a master Reiki certification, an integrative health-coach certification and a successful entrepreneur who has led over 400 women in reclaiming themselves and their health through live events, and online workshops.  I created an online course, Balanced Babes, where women from over 27 different countries have learned how to tune into their inner Moon cycle. Private clients have worked with me to start businesses, grieve loved ones, and discover how to regain their health.  

Lunar Nourishment is my life's work. to serve, witness, and support women who want to feel truly empowered from the inside out.  

This feels awkward but... here are some of my fav accomplishments...

  • Selling out of my year long women's program, 13 Moons.
  • Having women from over 40 different countries graduate from my signature online course, Balanced Babes. 
  • Getting to wake up every morning, absolutely in love with the work that I do!
  • Seeing my clients have babies they tried to conceive FOR YEARS, after we worked together.
  • Attending my first at home, all natural birth.
  • Starting this business with a $12/month website and ZERO investments and supporting myself with it fully!
  • Official stuff..... Certified Health Coach, B.A. in Fine Arts. and B.S. in Business Managment, Reiki Master, 200 hr Experienced Yoga Teacher, Fertility Awareness Method Coach, 4+ years experience leading Women's New Moon Ceremonies. 

Media bio

Lydia Jarjoura is the creatress behind Lunar Nourishment: a women's empowerment platform. Through online training courses and private guidance, Lydia helps women remember ancient wisdom about their bodies and their cycles, so they can reconnect to themselves.

Lunar Nourishment helps women live in alignment with their natural rhythms by providing support with menstrual cycle care, pregnancy prevention, family planning, nutrition, yoga, meditation, breath-work, energy balancing and more.  

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photo by The Perfect Headshot

photo by The Perfect Headshot