I'm glad you're here and ready to collaborate with Lunar Nourishment! I have two online, fully automated courses (hosted on Teachable) that hundreds of women from ALL over the world have taken! (you can read some testimonials here.. as well on the respective course sales pages).

These courses guide women to self-connection through the exploration of their monthly cycle. They are for all self-identifying women, of all ages, backgrounds, and belief systems.  

Logistics, payments, how it works:

Why be an affiliate?

First off, it's easy money. I've spent almost two whole years create and refining these online courses and am proud to have them finally fully automated. So there's no work for us to do, women get this life-changing wisdom; it's a win-win. 

How do payments work?

It's simple.  After you decide you want to be an affiliate, I'll send you a unique link for each course.  (If you want to take each course first, let me know and I will enroll you at no charge.  You'll also get an email from Teachable asking you to set up your profile and link your Paypal account so you can receive payments. This is the link that you'll send your peeps to when they want to enroll.  You will get 50% of each course, deposited into your Paypal account on the 1st of the month (or closest business day).  

How to get people to enroll in the courses:

Via email/newsletter:

I sell about half of my courses via my newsletter and the other half through my instagram account.  I would suggest leveraging both so you can make the most $$.  People will need to read something several times before actually going through with a purchase so I find that with emailing, consistency is best. Some affiliates send out an email each month on the New Moon- others send one out every couple of months. Depends on how many sales you want to make.  CLICK HERE for text to use in your newsletter. 


Via social media:

About half of the other enrollments come via my instagram account (since many of my followers are more active there versus email). You may find the same for yours.  When posting about the courses on social media, short and sweet is best and then linking to the course.

* PRO TIP: if you don't already, use Linktree for your instagram profile because you can link to MANY of your offerings at the same time. That way you won't have to take down any of your current offerings in order to sell an LN course! * 



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Gallery #1: images for email + social media 

These are a mix of different images. Also, feel free to use your own images that represent the feminine, to you!









Gallery #2 Instagram story images

This is if you want to do a campaign where they have just 7 days of "open cart" each month to enroll. For Balanced Babes.

You'll get a lot more registrations if you make it time sensitive like this!