your life is about to change.

1. Before you apply:

Please make sure that you’re of “sound-mind” to do a program like this. For 6 months, you’ll be looking at some shadows (your child-hood, trauma, your habits, etc) and we all take this process very seriously. It’s not a “moon club”. It's a life-changing opportunity to grow.

2. After you apply:

You’ll see a link on your screen that says, Click here to book your call. This is a 20 minute complimentary call so we can make sure levels 2 or 3 are a good fit for you. You’ll book it and get an automatic link for our video call. The call is super casual; I might even be in my pj’s depending on the time! ;)

3. Note:

Please remember to click on the “click here” link that pops up IMMEDIATELY after you submit your application. Even if you don’t want to book that instant, keep the tab open so you can find it when you’re ready.

Also, it’s happened before where someone fills out one of these forms on my site and it doesn’t go through. So if you don’t book your call, I won’t know that you applied… fyi.


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