Live in Austin, Texas?

I quite often get asked who I see as my wellness practitioners, etc. Here's a list of my teachers, healers, and those I trust to send you to for any of your wellness needs!  


Bodywork by Ben Heath

Ben Heath is very intuitive and gifted at listening to the body to figure out what particular modality will best serve to release the tensions in each particular part of the body. Some combination of the different techniques will usually be utilized to find the most optimal relief from pain and tension:

Deep Tissue Massage
CranioSacral Therapy
Myo-fascial Release
Yoga-Bodywork combined session

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Holistic Gynocology

Mary Barnett at Second Nature Women's Health Care, is a certified nurse midwife and has been working in women's healthcare for decades. I see her for my gynecology needs and she makes me feel so comfortable.  She does all of the following:

Annual exam + pap
Menstrual Issues
Birth control counseling, pills/rings, IUD placement + removal, Implanon/Nexplanon removal, Cervical cap/diaphragm fittings,
discussing sexual concerns

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Birth Support

Carly Bev, Bear Together Holistic Birth Services, is a local doula who holistically supports ALL forms of birth, not just the natural ones. Here are some of her services:

Birth Doula (provides continuous emotional and physical support before, during, and after labor.)
Post Partum Doula (A postpartum doula fosters the transformative, oh-so-special first-6-weeks after birth by creating time and space for rest, nourishment, and exploration.)
Sibling Doula (Sibling services are also known as “on-call babysitting” services.)


Midwife Services

Heart of Gold is a home birth midwifery practice. Ulrike Schmidt CPM; LM offers individualized prenatal care for low-risk clients, with a holistic and humanistic approach that focuses on the whole person. 

Routine  Prenatal Care (unrushed visits: 1x per month up to 26-28 weeks; every 2 weeks up to 36 weeks; weekly until birth). 
Routine lab work, Basic nutritional counseling, Referrals for Ultrasound and Genetic testing
Labor and birth (including birth tubs)
Normal Postpartum care for 6 weeks, Breastfeeding support
Pap Smears
Doula referrals , Childbirth class referrals, Practitioner referrals, Preconception counseling


Infant Sleep Consulting

Sarah McElvain, LMSW, WHC, CD of is an educator, infant sleep consultant, and holistic women’s health coach in Austin, TX. She has been supporting Austin area families for over 12 years and enjoys helping Austin parents set realistic expectations to create a vision of the ideal experience for their family. Sarah is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a certified Women’s Health Coach, as well as an Infant Sleep Educator, a Breastfeeding Educator, a Your Birth Experience Childbirth Instructor, and a Certified Postpartum Doula. 


Nutrition Response Testing

Joseph Strickland is an Applied Clinical Nutritionist.  I saw him for almost a year and it seriously changed my life. It's SUPER hard for me to explain what he does other than he helps you (through the use of all-natural supplements) feel amazing in your body and helps you get to a place where your body is actually absorbing the nutrients it needs.  Here's what his site says, "Better Body Clinical Nutrition helps improve an individual's health by helping their body repair itself.  We use Nutrition Response Testing to design custom health improvement programs specific to individual needs.  This designed nutrition has helped people with problems such as weight loss, headaches, migraines, blood sugar balance, fatigue, lack of energy, hormones, and even functional health and wellness, just to name a few


Mental Health Services

Hannah J. Milford, MA, LPC, LCDC helps children and adults at her counseling practice, Happy Camper Counseling.

According to Hannah, "Life can be overwhelming and emotional stain can lead to anxiety and stress.  It takes courage to take control and make important life changes.  Counseling can be a powerful opportunity to learn about yourself and grow through turbulent times." 

Many of my clients see Hannah and she's Austin first and only Airstream counseling office!