Yin & Yang: Finding the Balance Within

Join Lydia for an in-depth look at the cycles of our human nature through the lens of Yin and Yang. 


Learn about the cycles of your human nature through the lens of the Moon & the Sun. In this 2 hour workshop, you will get an in-depth look at the ancient principles of Yin and Yang and will walk away with the tools to live a balanced life in Mind, Body AND Spirit.

You will have a deeper understanding of how your specific astrological and zodiac energies relate to both Yin and Yang energy as you learn how to harness this energy specifically to create balance in your every-day life.

Learn to sleep smarter, begin or deepen a meditation practice and create ritual and ceremony for the most potent times during each month.

Learn About:

  • Parasympathetic + Sympathetic nervous system
  • Yin energies
    • Sleep Smarter
    • Nighttime Rituals + Blue Light
    • Melatonin + Pineal Gland
    • Herbs for hormonal/sleep support
  • Yang energies
    • Morning Rituals
    • Cortisol + Exercise
    • Daily habit patterns
    • Nutrition to pacify Yang energy
  • Astrology
    • Moon phases
    • Zodiac signs relating to Yin and Yang

Are you a Yoga studio or Fitness center?

This class can also be done as a Yoga workshop ! It will begin with a warming Yang-Vinyasa practice then the discussion, and it will end with a relaxing Yin-Restorative practice.