waning Moon Guidance


For many women, this phase of their cycle comes with the most mood swings and the most symptoms of body aches and feeling tired. Premenstrual symptoms may include bloating, headaches, irritability and cravings. In the beginning of this phase, your energy will still feel high, so continue with intense exercise. But towards the last few days of this phase, incorporate more nourishing activities such as walking or yoga.

Vaginal mucous at this time is decreasing and my feel completely dry. The cervix is low, firm, and closed; signaling low chances of fertility.  Because estrogen is lower during this end week of your cycle, you may feel a tiredness in your body, and a drop of energy.  During this phase, when your vital energy is at its lowest point, take part in more solitary practices like restorative yoga, or meditation, and get plenty of rest. 



Your Hormones: during your waning moon phase, energy is decreasing as progesterone rises, signaling the body to keep the uterine lining intact until menstruation. Body temperature and estrogen levels are rising until progesterone production stops, signaling your body to menstruate. Testosterone rises as you move closer to bleeding.







During this time of your Moon cycle, your awareness moves within. It's completely natural to feel more self-aware and introspective as your energy begins to soften. This is not the time to have important meetings or make big decisions. Activities that are optimal now are taking care of things around your home; clean out your closet, do laundry, organize your pantry, etc. It is during this phase of our cycle that we really notice the details and the things we may have forgotten over the past month. Embrace this time and be gentle on yourself. Move slowly and with intention.


Archetypes and goddess linked to this phase include the goddesses of the underworld, Persephone, and Hecate. These goddesses are linked to both the light and the dark. They have specific attributes appropriate for this phase of our cycle; this is the Enchantress phase. It is one of mystery and sensuality. This is the "harvest" time; a time to evaluate decisions that have been made and take care of things have yet to be done. A ritual to optimize this archetypal energy is to burn a Juniper smudge wand; clearing old, negative thought patterns and cleansing for new energy that will come during the next phase.


"To stay or become healthy, it is useful for each of us to notice where we are leaking our energy. A good time to do this is when you go to bed each night. To begin the process of healing your energy leaks, simply notice who or what you are thinking about, worrying about, or obsessing about. What thoughts, emotions, events, or people keep coming into your mind? Are there any emotions or thoughts over which you are obsessing? See whom you're holding resentments against.  When you find these areas, you must call your spirit back.  One way to do this is by using your will and your power of intent to call back the parts of you that are caught in past or present situations that don't serve your highest good.  It is helpful to do this out loud.  Simply state, "Spirit, come back here- I need you with me."  As you're calling your spirit back, it also helps to affirm your spiritual connection verbally.  Repeat the following affirmation (or something similar), really feeling the truth of it: "I am always being divinely guided toward my highest good on all levels.  Divine love now dissolves everything that is not on my divinely designed path." The split-off parts of yourself are not used to this calling, but eventually they will respond to your efforts and your energy will return." 

-Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. (author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom)