waxing Moon Guidance


Remember how your body experiences changes, just like the four seasons? This is the season of spring! When you think of nature (of which we are highly connected to and influenced by), what happens in the spring? Fresh new life begins to sprout and grow; and your energy also does this during your waxing moon, or follicular phase.  This is week 2 of your cycle (remember though, we divide the cycle/the month into 4 weeks but you may, individually, be in your waxing phase longer or shorter than 7 days!).   

During this time, you may experience an increase in energy; your vaginal mucous is almost non-existent initially (ie- panties are nice and dry and clean at the end of the day!), then your mucous starts to increase and becomes sticky in texture. At this time, your cervix is low and firm, signifying this infertile time. Physical activity can increase as it reaches its peak during this phase! Yoga, swimming, brisk hiking; these are all optimal activities to practice during this time.

Your Hormones: During your follicular phase, your body's hormone levels are pretty low.  Your endocrine system sends signals to your ovaries, telling them to prepare to release an egg for this cycle.  

Estrogen does start to rise although it's still at a low point- but it begins to thicken the walls of your uterus in case an egg is fertilized.  



Emotions will feel the most balanced during this phase. It's a perfect time to be social and engage with others. Since this is still considered the beginning of your Moon cycle, your month, concentrate on starting new, stimulating projects and activities. Get your creative juices flowing! Try something new, and go play. During this phase, we feel most in touch with nature so getting outside during this time is optimal. 


The waxing moon or follicular phase of your menstrual cycle is represented with nature and new beginnings. Another representation of this spring-time energy is the Maiden or the Virgin (Athena, Artemis, and Hestia). Traditionally, we think of that word as meaning pure or untouched. However, we now realize from mythology and stories that goddesses and women representing this virgin energy were independent, sexual and fierce.

They were huntresses of nature and embraced their independence by making decisions for themselves, rather than trying to please others. Because you aren’t yet fertile at this phase, you are free from ‘pro-creating’ and can use your creative energies to radiate self-confidence. During this time of spring, you may feel both playful and restless. Embrace your independence and take yourself somewhere fun.

"The mind and the body are intimately linked via the immune, endocrine, central nervous, and connective tissue systems.  Today, the mind-body research is confirming what ancient healing traditions have always known: that the body and the mind are a unity. There is no disease that isn't mental and emotional as well as physical.  

...Remember that we all have choices- and we all have inner guidance and spiritual help available that can help us move toward optimal health and fulfillment.  Recovery from the mind-body split means learning to live fully from the inside out in a culture that often negates this way of being in the world. Our bodies and their symptoms are our biggest allies in this endeavor, because nothing gets our attention as quickly.  Our bodies never lie. They are impeccable barometers of how well we're living in the present and taking care of ourselves.  To become healthy and whole, you must have enough courage to be in touch with the wisdom of your female body, and to follow the desires of your heart. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that our bodies and our feelings are a clear, open pathway toward our destinies." 

-Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. (author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom)