Mother's Blessingway


A Blessingway is a traditional Navajo ceremony created to celebrate a woman's passageway into motherhood.  Rather than a typical baby shower, which tends to focus on gifts, a Blessingway honors the new mother and supports her in total love and care.  Close friends and family gather with mother for a day of pampering and wellness.  

The mother-to-be ends the day feeling refreshed and full of vibrant energy, confidence and strength in her body as she moves closer to birthing her baby.  This day is all about love and support!


Since this day is all about the mother-to-be, treat her with her favorite way to feel pampered! Take turns giving her a relaxing foot rub or give her a group pedicure or manicure.  A full body massage or a nice back rub might do the trick! This is the time for her to lie back and receive the loving energy from her closest girlfriends.


Celebrate the life she is creating by making her a flower crown or painting her belly! Henna or paint on her belly celebrates the vibrant energy within.  A crown, fit for an Empress helps mama embrace the power she holds.


This is a time for sitting in circle, sharing what you find powerful, beautiful and nurturing about mama-to-be.  This is her day and it's her time to gain confidence in her strengths as she prepares for birth! Share what you'd like; a funny story, a lesson you've learned from motherhood.. this is all about coming together and being open.


A group session provides healing and support for everyone involved.  Guests will take part in guided meditation and mantra.  This work helps balance the chakras, provides strength and releases physical and emotional tension. 

Wellness Gifts

Participate in creating a gift for each woman to take home to remember this special day.  Gift-making will involve either creating an herbal tea, a bath soak, a smudge wand bundle, or a special mala necklace for the mama or baby!

A self-care gift for all!


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