Why I send out my newsletter on every New and Full Moon.

When I first founded Lunar Nourishment in 2014, I began by hosting women’s New Moon Ceremonies in my living room. I had much more to share though, than a meditation and astral insights. And so began my email list as a way to communicate my obsession with living a natural life.

My email list began with 15 of my friends in Austin and has since grown to over 2,000 humans in over 40 countries!

I built my email list organically, without paying for one single ad or click. For those of you on the inside of business and marketing, you know that 2,000 is a quite small email list and that those numbers aren’t anything amazing. But they mean something to me and I’ll tell you why.

Word of mouth is better than any clickable link to sign up to your email list.

Why? Because it builds trust. And in the world of business, it’s WAY cheaper to keep a client than to find a new one. So by people forwarding my emails to their friends, the trust factor and them knowing that I’m a real-live human, was already there. Saves me time and effort and I don’t have to do some complicated email funnel just for them to know that Lunar Nourishment is legit.

Consistency is key for KEEPING people on your list.

To answer the question of this post’s title: THIS is why I send out emails on the same “event” every month. Since the New Moon and the Full Moon doesn’t fall on the same date each month, I call it an event. And my subscribers have come to know to expect words from me on those two days a month. It’s what I like to call: A Business Boundary.

They know what to expect from me, and I know when I need to write to them. It’s like this beautiful dance of stability and safety, for all of us.

If you’re an entrepreneur and have an email list, you’ve GOT to be consistent with when you email people.

Conversions mean more than a large email list.

I’ll give you an example of this: You could have 100 people on your list and have 50 of them sign up for your program and that’s a 50% conversion rate;AMAZING! Or you can have 10,000 on your list and have 1,000 people sign up for your program, but that’s only 10%. It might LOOK better because 1,000 people means way more money than 50 people BUT it means that something in your emails isn’t working… it’s not landing on the ears you want. So in the beginning of your business, it’s more important to build a great conversion rate for your industry, rather than try to sign up a bunch of people for your list.

Remember it’s a privilege to have access to someone’s personal email address.

So don’t abuse that privilege by ONLY emailing people when you’re trying to sell them something. Email them when you just want to share info. with them. Email them no matter if they ever reply. Email them what you feel would help them the most.

The people on the other side of the screen, are people just like you; reading words from people like me, are that: real-life people who feel the same types of pain and loneliness and “what the hell am I doing with my life??” that you feel.

So here’s to all of us, who have trusted someone enough to give them access to us, so that in turn, they might help us out, too. Here’s to being human.

PS: I made a workbook for you, if you’re wanting to learn how to build your email list!

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How to actually make $$ in your business...


When people ask me how I started my business, I tell them that the answer isn’t relevant anymore. Because when I was building Lunar Nourishment in 2014 the internet was still obsessed with beautifully curated Instagram feeds and quotes and memes of things that no one else was saying.

But not anymore.

Business is changing.

It doesn’t matter anymore how many followers you have. You can no longer measure “success” with likes or even comments. Because the masses figured out the system.

The followers and the comments aren’t authentic anymore, because you can buy them.

Now, business is PERSONAL. And if you don’t jump on board with this concept, you’re going to burn yourself out.

You get to choose, of course, how you run your business.

You can work on gaining more exposure, reaching more people, and selling MORE of your “thing” year after year. And you’ll work 10 times harder each year to gain each new client.

Or you can focus on creating a SUSTAINABLE business. This is a business that almost runs itself, so you can focus on the high level work you do best. A sustainable business is NOT resource heavy and doesn’t focus as much on “the harder you work, the more money you make.”

A sustainable business is scalable. It’s one in which, year after year, you feel MORE relaxed in what you’re selling.

The trick to all of this?


It doesn’t matter anymore how beautiful your life looks on the screen; now it’s about authentic human connection.

You’d think we would learn this after the Industrial Revolution, and mass production, and then computers and seeing how IF a task can be automated, it WILL be.

And this is NO different for those of you coaches, healers, therapists/counselor, and teachers out there who are trying to make your money with an online course or an ebook.

If someone else can fulfill your work for your clients and give them the same results, then you’re not being authentic enough.

If what you’re selling isn’t a part of who YOU are, on a daily basis, then your clients will move on from you when they’re done and go to the next person.

All of this to say that I’m 100% passionate about sharing what I know so that you can run your business from your heart, without having to sacrifice your integrity.

There are MILLIONS of people with your same credentials. Are you ready to learn what will set you apart from the crowd?

I truly believe that email is QUEEN. If you have a business but don’t have an email list set up, I HIGHLY encourage you to change that. When social media crashes or when FB is obsolete or when you simply don’t feel like putting yourself out there in that way, email will win. Email is THE best conversion tool to get people to go from reading your words, to buying your services.

So, for those of you who would like to have more people on an email list, without having to pay for ads to get them there, I created a FREE workbook for you!

In the workbook you’ll learn:

  1. How to get clarity on WHO you’re wanting to help

  2. How to set up your email list

  3. How to create THE THING that will get folks to sign up for your list

  4. How to get comfortable “selling” without feeling sleazy

This is a no-strings-attached workbook that, if you’re a business owner with a personal offering/service (like a counselor, therapist, life coach, healer, yoga teacher, health coach, wellness influencer), you are GOING TO NEED in order to sustainably grow your biz.

Get it while it’s hot!

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My fav immune boosting recipe...

This past July, I very quietly graduated from a year-long coaching program with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a certified health coach. I don’t talk about it much but food has been a huge part of my life. I remember making my first meal for my family (roasted lemon garlic chicken) before I was a teen.  I was going through old photos the other day and found a picture of my sister and I helping our dad cook a traditional Lebanese dinner (he’s from Lebanon) when were around 8 years old.

Food is one of my biggest healing tools. It was what enabled me to get off of my anxiety medicine in 2012.  It’s what brought me closer to understanding how unique my body and energy is. It’s my medicine.

I wasn’t planning on being a certified health coach; but because food is something that I found myself discussing with most of my clients, it seemed like the next best step.  

Anyways, all of this is to say that I’m excited to share with you my favorite, daily “medicine” that makes me feel grounded, full, and strong; bone broth!

Yes: bone broth!

Before I get to the recipe though, I’ll give you some background. When I was 14, I decided to stop eating meat and fast food (after watching Supersize Me- love that film!) and then eventually became vegetarian.

But when my anxiety shot through the roof at age 19 (or rather, I was officially diagnosed with it after a black-out panic attack), I realized that I needed to nourish my body in a different way.

I’ve always been extremely passionate about sustainability, environmental ethics, and keeping a low carbon footprint (that’s a whole other post I’ll do) and so when I moved to Austin, Texas in 2012, I was ecstatic about being able to eat food that came directly from our local food system.

Everything in the crock pot, ready for water and vinegar!

Everything in the crock pot, ready for water and vinegar!

Enter… bone broth.

At this point in my life (I was 22 at the time), I’d done EXTENSIVE research about Ayurveda and how each of us has a different energy make-up (called your “dosha”) and how important it is to nourish our specific dosha, rather than doing a fad diet or over-all way of eating (like vegetarian or vegan).  

As I started eating according to my dosha (I was high Vata at that time), I could feel my anxiety slowly melting away.  Serotonin is only produced in your gut so literally the way you feel is based on what you eat! I began to get my gut health back in balance and my body was asking for animal products.  

As I started introducing meat back in, I began eliminating ALL refined and processed foods (think: breads, sugar, chips, pastries, etc).  

Sugar was THE HARDEST thing for me to let go of. I did it by first replacing white sugar with raw cane sugar, then turbinado sugar, then honey, then dates, then I just stopped eating sweets almost all together.

This is the point where I didn’t need my anxiety medication anymore;  I was liberating myself through food!

Anyways, fast forward to my food evolution and I’ve been making my own bone broth. Did you know that your farmer’s market might just have organic, grass-fed bones for sale?! Ask around!

Why bone broth?

For me, as a Vata and someone with anxiety, her head in the clouds, too many racing thoughts, a very petite (skinny) frame and no extra body fat, naturally cold, fatigued often, bone broth is VITAL.  It’s got lots of protein (since I don’t eat large quantities of meat, this is important), collagen (great for gut health), and other key minerals and amino acids that the body can’t get from other sources.  The biggest bonus, for me, is that it boosts the immune system.

Basically, my body loves bone broth.  I’m not one to tell others what to eat but if you’re anything like I described (Vata) it could just be your golden elixir, too!

Now, since I’ve been cooking regularly for over 15 years (!), I don’t use recipes anymore.  I don’t bake so I literally never measure anything. It’s good for me but bad for trying to post a recipe.  So forgive me but… this is a rough idea of how I make my broth!

  • You’ll need bones.  Any kind of animal bones will do; marrow bones, meaty soup bones… bones.

  • Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice: you’ve gotta have an acid in your broth to help extract the important minerals hiding in those bones.  

  • Garlic, onion, ginger, tumeric (optional but great)- these are immune boosting and will make your bone broth even healthier!

  • Salt (any mineral salt is good. Tip* if your salt is bright white, it’s been stripped/bleached of minerals. Make sure it’s pink salt or damp, almost gray salt).

  • Pepper: This is a very important herb for stimulating digestive fire (called “agni” in Ayurveda).  You want to stimulate it, especially during cold + flu season so that “ama” or waste products don’t build up in your colon, causing a compromised immune system that can lead to a cold.

  • Anything else in your fridge: you can add veggies to your broth like carrots and celery.  The more veggies you add, the “thinner” your broth will be. You can add additional spices, too! I like to use bay leaves, basil, asofeotida (a GREAT spice for us “Vata’s”), cumin, coriander, fennel and black mustard seeds.  Use what you already have!

I roast the bones first, then add them to everything else!

I roast the bones first, then add them to everything else!

So, I add two handfuls of bones (see, I literally don’t measure) into a crockpot and then definitely at least one pod of garlic and at least half of a medium red onion and about 2 tablespoon of grated ginger (I actually just add a chunk but I’m trying to give you measurements..) 

Then I add about a teaspoon of each spice and about 4 tablespoons of salt, along with ⅓ -ish (....) cup of apple cider vinegar (be sure to shake it first so you get the “mother” mixed in).

Add anything else you have on hand (like chopped veggies) and then cover it with water. Not too much water but enough to cover everything. Turn the crockpot on high. Then when it starts to boil, turn it down to low. I like to cook my broth on low for at least 15 hours. The longer, the better!

The finished product (before straining), after 18 hours on low. Golden medicine.

The finished product (before straining), after 18 hours on low. Golden medicine.

Once it’s done and cooled down enough, you can pour it through a colander into a big bowl and then use a ladle to scoop it into either glass jars OR a silicone square mold. Then you can freeze the squares and add a square each time you make soup or rice or anything hot!

bone broth blog 1 .JPG

I wanted to share with you some photos of the ACTUAL PROCESS of how the bones break down and the collagen gets to be ingested. In the image to the right (or if you’re on your phone, below), you can see the hard bone, then how part of the end of the bone (where the marrow typically would come out) has broken off, then how it’s breaking down to end up as the last piece on the right; gelatinous, fatty protein, ready to be digested!

If you use glass jars, let it cool first then freeze anything you won’t use in the next two days.

The broth, once cold, will form a nice layer of fat at the top! If you don’t have that layer of fat, then next time add more bones and less water and veggies.  

Phew; this was long! Comment below if you’ve ever made bone broth!

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How I made $30,000 from ONE course, in just 6 months…


In 2015 , I started Lunar Nourishment. I made $0 that year with my business. I spent my time running in circles, paying money for things that I wasn't ready for, and Googling my way through things.

I thought that just because I had a business degree and a GREAT concept, I would make enough $$ to support myself.

But y'all- that ain't how business works. You can’t just have a great business idea; you have to know HOW to offer it to the people who NEED it.

Stop here: if you don’t have full clarity on your business, download the free workbook below.

Getting clear on a few things is going to help you IMMENSELY in having a scalable, profitable business.

So, here are my tips that I used personally, to create ONE program that brought in over $30,000 in just 6 months:

  1. Get over the “shame of selling”. If you are legit helping people with a real problem, there is NO shame in selling your services or your offering. You will make zero money if you timidly try to get clients. The more confidence YOU have, the more they’ll have in you. Before you follow the next steps, get over this hump.

  2. Get extremely clear on the problem you want to solve for your clients. This is going to help you speak their language when you’re selling to them. If I’m able to make a profit by selling a program based on the Moon’s cycles- you can sell anything. The more clear you are on what you’re helping them with, the more they trust you. I believe in 100% transparency in business.

  3. Visualize your ideal client. This is a MUST. Take time each day to focus on who exactly you want to work with. Because who cares about making money if you have to spend time with people who don’t light you up?

  4. Charge based on the value, not on the time. This is a weird one to explain. But basically, you’ve got to work your way backwards. Example: if you are selling a 6 month health coaching program for women who are trying to conceive but can’t, you’re going to charge WAY more than just 6 private sessions at $90 each. Because the value of your program is a living, being, infant being conceived. So look at other industries that are helping people conceive. What does it cost for IVF? If you know your program works, why would you not charge at least a few thousand dollars so you can change someone’s life?

  5. Invest in your business before you ask someone else to. This is a game-changer. How can you expect someone to pay you thousands of dollars, if you’ve never paid a chunk of money like that to another business? Money is THE law of attraction so what you put in is quite literally, what you get out. I’m not saying that if your offering is $3,000 you need to go find a business coach and pay them $3,000 but just know that you need to know what it feels like to invest in someone else’s business. It does wonders for your confidence when you’re ready to pitch your offering.

  6. And finally, fulfill your promise! If you want to make “big money” with one offering, you’ve got to deliver 200%. Because that’s what keeps people coming back. This is why I work with people who don’t have a huge email list or social media following. You don’t need that if you have actual skills that bring actual results to your clients.

So, don’t make your business harder than it has to be. Focus on ONE very solid offering and sell the shit out of it. Deliver on it and you’re golden!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I don’t want you to waste the time and money that I did!

I wish so badly I had invested in my business earlier on so that I didn’t have to hustle so hard for three years.

If you think that you’re ready to Launch Your Thing and make actual money selling your stuff, and support yourself 100% with your business, sign up for my waitlist below to learn about a BRAND NEW program I’m launching soon for therapists, coaches, and healers to learn how to create a profitable program!

Eat right for YOUR body and reduce anxiety!

Vata season is here (that auto-corrected to ta-ta. haha…)

Anyways; Fall Equinox has come, we have our Harvest Full Moon TODAY and the weather, for most of us, is starting to get cooler. Most of my audience are like me, and so I’m assuming you are Vata; this is one of the three Doshas in Ayurveda; a science to Yoga.

In Ayurveda (comes from ancient India), the three Doshas are energy types that determine our physical structure, our mental and emotional health and how we feel in the world.

(There are tons of online Dosha “quizzes” so you can see what you are, if you don’t know.)

The three Doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha correspond to a season however, Vata only has one season; autumn. Pitta and Kapha dominate all other seasons.

So for those of us who are Vata, it’s OUR time to really really make sure that we’re practicing self-care.

I have soooooo many things I could write about Vata and trauma and anxiety and how that manifests as a lack of confidence, self-doubt, fear, and grief.

But for now, I want to share with you my favorite tea recipe for relaxing all the high-strung energy, cold, and dry-ness that comes with being Vata.

This tea is nourishing and meant to promote healthy agni, or digestive fire, in the body. All Vata imbalances live in the colon (each Dosha corresponds to a place in the body) and though Vata is air and ether, it’s the GROUNDING and lower part of our body that we really need to make sure we’re taking care of.

A Vata imbalance can manifest as many things but the most common tend to be constipation/diarrhea, nervousness, excessive worry, dry skin, wavering appetite (either soooooo hungry or you could eat a cracker and feel full) and a general sense of discomfort in the abdomen.

Drinking warm beverages (like this one!), eating foods high in healthy fats (bone broth is a great example), and having lunch as your biggest meal of the day are three SUPER simple tips for balancing excessive Vata.

Okay, on to the tea…

I buy all of these ingredients in bulk (my organic grocery store carries them but you could also order via Mountain Rose Herbs).


You’ll need:

  • Fresh Ginger (dried would do but you can probably find fresh)

  • Fresh cracked pepper (coarse ground)

  • Rose Hips (and/or Rose Petals)

  • Cinnamon Stick (not powder)

  • Licorice Root

  • Raw Honey

  • Milk or nut milk

While your water is boiling, thinly slice the ginger (about 2 discs per cup), and crush your cinnamon stick ( I use a mortar and pestle).

Mix a half teaspoon each of all other ingredients (except just a pinch of black pepper) and place in a tea strainer.

If you don’t have one, just pour the boiling water over the ingredients in a large mug.

Cover and let steep for a few minutes.

Strain (you can use a colander to strain if you don’t have the tea strainer).

Add a half teaspoon of raw honey and a little milk.


For added benefit of detoxification, you can add in fresh turmeric just like you added the fresh ginger.

For all you Vatas out there; keep your feet warm and move slowly this season.

Take care of YOU, first.

Dating Yourself...

“If you’re waiting for your next love, look in the mirror.” 
Bridgett Devoue


I used to get so frustrated in my relationships with others. It didn’t necessarily matter the type of relationship:

Lovers, my mother, my brother, coworkers; kind of many people that I came into contact with.

And I always thought the problem was them.

I thought they weren’t accepting enough of me.

I thought that they didn’t understand me enough.

I wanted friends but felt like I never really had a solid group.

I never took the time to look at myself

But I’ve learned that relationships with others are a mirror of our relationship to ourselves.

Here’s what I mean:

If we expect others to fulfill our every need, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

There is no person on this Earth that can be everything we need them to be.

I’ve come to understand that different relationships serve different purposes.

Because we no longer exist in a tribal community, it sometimes feels like everyone for herself.  We isolate our physical bodies but we are also more digitally connected than ever. It’s quite a contradictory experience that we’re living out.  

Society will have us believe that as soon as we find our soul-mate, we will be happy. That they will fulfill our every needs and they are our missing piece.

But no one person can complete us.

That’s not how it works.

I read something a year ago that said something like “Be the woman you want to date” and in doing that, my life has shifted in the most beautiful way.

This is empowerment; taking our happiness, our love, and our needs into our own hands.

Is there anything that you want, that you’re waiting on someone else to give you?
Is there anything that you feel is missing in your life that you want to come from another?

I encourage you to cultivate a practice of dating yourself, this week or this month.  

Why not now? Now is the perfect time to move forward in our relationship with self. 

So this month, take yourself out, make yourself feel good, tell yourself the things you want someone else to tell you.

If you’re single, don’t wait for your life to happen- take it into your own hands.

If you haven’t yet downloaded my Pleasure Practice workbook, a guide for bringing yourself to orgasm, click below to get it! If you want to go even DEEPER into this work, in a supportive group of women, check out my seasonal program, 13 Moons!

Work Less & Make *more* Money…

Hey you, I’m here with some tips on how you can actually make the money you want in your business by working LESS.

That’s right. The less work you do, the more money you can make.


You’ve probably heard me talk about the law of attraction, of setting intentions, of manifesting etc etc.  

Photo by  Andrew Bennett

But what if, no matter *what* you wanted to manifest, you still felt like you’re spreading yourself thin, you still second-guessed the things you set intentions towards, and you still don’t feel GOOD on a regular basis?

That sucks.

It doesn’t matter HOW good you are at manifesting and vision-boarding; if you still aren’t feeling in alignment with SOMETHING, then you’re doing it wrong.

Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you should do it.

Just because Universe hands you an opportunity, doesn’t mean you have to say yes.

The key to living an aligned life and feeling in the flow is only doing the things that don’t feel like work.

Another way to put it is “work smarter- not harder”.

That feels good, right??

To summarize my point and show you how to make more money with your business, I’ll give you the following scenario:

Betty’s dream is to have a yoga teaching business and to fully support herself by teaching yoga. So she says YES to any class opportunities that come her way, even if they pay $20 a class, because it will lead her to her ultimate dream, she thinks…

But a year down the road, she’s been teaching yoga full time, driving to different studios, making less than she was at her desk job when she counts all of her driving time, and she’s already burned out.

She’s a popular teacher, she has a great social media following and a beautiful website, but she feels like life is passing her by, she’s helping people, and barely paying her bills.

Let’s show Betty how she can work less and make more money:

Betty’s students always tell her how much her classes help their relationship with their partner. Since she was young, Betty has always been the friend who gives others advice, especially with relationships, since she’s been in a secure relationship with her partner for years and did a lot of work to get there.

So what if Betty combined THAT skill with her yoga teaching?

Instead of just teaching public yoga classes, Betty leverages her current student trust AND her social media following by creating a PROGRAM.

Connected: an 8 week yoga program for couples to deepen your relationship and increase intimacy.  

Before she launches the program publicly, she asks a few of her couple friends if they’ll take it for free. She then makes tweaks and gathers their positive feedback.

Now she’s ready to create her sales page, and launch her program!

Now, Betty can charge a premium price because she’s set herself apart from the “competition” and she knows her program works.

Because she’s charging based on the value of her program (perhaps she charges $40 per group class versus $15) she won’t have to teach as many classes. And because she knows her target market (couples who want more intimacy) she can sell with confidence.

See how it’s done?

This is just one example of how working smarter, not harder, is the most sustainable and scalable way to operate your business.

If you think that you’re ready to Launch Your Thing and make actual money selling your stuff, and support yourself 100% with your business, sign up for my waitlist below to learn about a BRAND NEW program I’m launching soon for therapists, coaches, and healers to learn how to create a profitable program!

Anxiety is feeling bigger than you allow yourself to be...

I woke up this morning feeling more anxious than I have in the last few weeks. I almost went through the same cycle that I usually do; canceling any immediate plans that I can, lying in bed, crying some, journaling, and then after a while deciding that I don’t want to feel that way anymore.

But today was different.  Because today, someone set a boundary with me and forced me to set a boundary with my anxiety...

So, I used to think that by structuring the way I lived my life, by doing specific self-care routines, and by having a healthy mind and body, that I could “heal” my anxiety and make it disappear.  

Then I learned that general anxiety doesn’t ever go away but there are ways to cope with it.  And so I went from feeling it in my entire soul-body to feeling it just pass over me as waves.

But there’s always been one part of my anxiety that I never could seem to learn from or push past.  It was the moments when it made me freeze.

That feeling like you don’t want to leave where you are even if you don’t like where you are.

That feeling that you want to have fun and do good work but all your body can do is lie down and distract yourself with a screen or a book.  


That feeling of knowing that you seem “flaky” and don’t have as much of a social life as you’d like or don’t network as much as you would like to help your business.

That feeling of wanting to be out in the world but feeling so withdrawn and paralyzed with fear that it turns into what looks like procrastination.

That feeling of literally second-guessing every single decision you make.

This is all anxiety.

But I’m also learning that anxiety is being and feeling more expansive than you let yourself feel.

Like a hermit crab who has outgrown her shell but is afraid to leave it find another one.  It’s how I felt when I had my 9-5 desk job but was afraid to quit. It’s how I felt before I broke up with my boyfriends that I knew I wasn’t meant to be with.  It’s how I feel before I have to confront someone honestly. It’s even sometimes how I feel right before I’m about to lead a women’s workshop; I know deep down that the evening will be AMAZING but right before, I’m scared as hell.

Anxiety is the feeling BEFORE you find the new shell or quit the job or speak your truth or set the boundary or let something go.

Do you ever have anxiety?

How does it show up in your body, in your mind, in your actions?

This blog is being written right now because this morning, one of my best friends set a boundary with me- and it couldn’t have been better timing. She told me I was letting her down by flaking and in that moment I realized that I’m in catering to my anxiety, I’m letting down the people that I love.  I’m making my paralyzing fear a priority, rather than leaning in to the life that I actually want.

So that boundary that this amazing person set with me, helped me set one with myself.

Have you ever set a boundary with yourself around your anxiety? She did that for me.  It opened my eyes, it helped me get up off the bed and get dressed. And instead of dreading getting out of the house, I opened myself up to receiving her support.  I allowed myself to be honest and vulnerable. I’m proud of her for setting boundaries and I’m proud of me for being honest.

Is anxiety causing you to freeze in an area of your life right now? Sometimes it’s work, sometimes relationships, sometimes a health-thing that we know we want and need to do but just can’t.  

This is where boundaries can be used.  Imagine your anxiety is like another person.  You can speak to it- you can set the boundary.  You can write it a letter:

“Dear anxiety,
I understand where you’re coming from.  I value the lessons you bring me but I have to set a boundary. I am ready to _____ and you are keeping me from doing that.  I understand that you’ll always be in my life but right now, I need to take some space from you because this isn’t cool to me anymore and it’s not serving me.”

drawn arrow.png

Are you interested in diving even deeper in finding out where you're holding yourself back?

Prince Charming Doesn’t Exist

“You are dreaming your life into being”

(lyrics by Marlena Jarjoura)  


I spent a lot of my life feeling like someone else was going to save me.  

The thing or person that was going to rescue me had many faces. My mother, my high school sweetheart, my college degree, my dream job, the first boyfriend I ever lived with, my business… you get the picture.  

Each time that I started to depend on one of those knights in shining armor, I was disappointed.  I expected to “find myself” in each of those things and people but instead, I found myself BECAUSE of those things.  

When I realized that my Mother wasn’t an angel, I discovered how to nurture myself.  When I realized that I’d never end up with the first boy I ever slept with- my high school sweetheart- I learned how to let things go and discovered that I’d be okay.  When I graduated college and realized that 4 years of work led to me sitting under fluorescent lights all day, I realized that I had to find my purpose and create my own livelihood, on my terms.

When I moved in with a partner and discovered that living together doesn’t magically make you like the person, I had to learn how to stare conflict in the face and set boundaries. When I started my business and realized that even with my “dream” job, I still wanted more, I had to learn to strive for contentment, rather than pure happiness.  

And now, now I see that prince charming doesn’t exist. That ALL relationships take work.  I have learned that you cannot depend on your partner to be everything for you; your best friend, a boyfriend, your therapist, your handy-man, your travel partner, your lover.  A relationship is two people existing as individuals who aren’t dependent on each other for their own happiness.

Through all of this; the relationships, the careers, the DEEP healing- I’ve learned that my relationship with SPIRIT comes first.

When I say Spirit, I mean Self. To me; they are one in the same.  I don’t pray to Jesus or worship a God or follow a religion. My God is LOVE and it exists inside of me.  I have specific things that I do to access that love, and I can feel when it’s cut off.

The biggest way that I stay connected to Self/Spirit/God is by living a life that is in alignment with the person that I am now.  As a very impatient person, my nature is to be disappointed that the life I have now isn’t the life that I want but in doing that- I am cutting off the connection.  I am not present with the life that I’m creating.

Life is about creating.

If we are looking TOO far ahead, we become disappointed with what we have now.  If we look TOO far behind, we aren’t focused on the present and we stop our flow, our connection.  


My work with women is deeply rooted in the feminine- more specifically with our Mother wounds (we’ve all got them). For most of us, we weren’t initiated into our femininity and we haven’t yet learned what that means for us.  Our sensuality- this is our juiciness for living. For a lot of us, that well has run dry. We aren’t sure how to fill it back up. But with intention, ritual, and letting go, we can fill up our cups until they run over, so that we have the energy to do all the things that we were put on this Earth to do. 

I would never have been able to start my business, or my women’s group, and do all the other things in my life that I do, if  I wasn’t connected to my femininity. The feminine is the flowing, the receiving, the cold, the dark, the night, the rest, the movement, the passion, the beauty.  

This is what makes life fun!

How do you connect to your femininity?

Comment below!

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Want connect more to YOU?

This is what "alignment" means...

Alignment is the new sexy.  When I first started my business, I would write a lot about alignment.  My very first business card said “Awaken Your Soul’s Path” and I FELT exactly what I was talking about but I didn’t know yet what it fully meant.


When we aren’t in alignment- we feel off. 

If you’re reading this, you are probably an empath. You can literally feel others’ emotions in your own body.  You can tell when someone or something is “off”- or not in alignment. It's sometimes harder for us to feel when we're off, ourselves.

I’ve gone through a shit-ton of trails and tribulations (that’s a phrase, right?) in my life as I’ve focused on alignment.  For me, it’s been a pretty big single point of focus with my main goal being to transition into a life that feels really good to me- on ALL levels; not just most levels.

I’ve highlighted below some realizations that I've had in order to get to where I am (although I am definitely aware that I have a lot longer to go…).  Maybe some of my own trial and error will help guide you in a direction that feels good, too!

-Alignment happens inside of us, first.

In order for us to break a habit or make a change; we’ve got to be motivated to make that change. And there are different motivators, for each of us. This was key to me transforming my life. I'll give you an example: before I realized that I needed to quit eating sugar to get off of my anti-anxiety medication, I had to first become aware that I FELT off, inside, when I ate sugar.    For me, I couldn’t quit sugar just because I knew it was unhealthy.  My motivator for making change was that I was tired of having panic attacks.  So I realized that and felt in total alignment with that decision. It was only until I felt 100% in alignment with my decision to quit sugar, that I was able to quit it.  Once I made the decision, when sugar was in front of me, I had very little desire to eat it, because now that my inner alignment had shifted- I felt “off” when I consumed it.

-Being in alignment doesn’t have to feel really “BIG”.

Back when I worked a 9-5 desk job, I used to envy health coaches that I saw, or yoga instructors here in Austin that I loved.  I used to feel like in order for me to fulfill that dream of helping others shift their lives, I would have to totally just quit everything and do all new things.  That did happen, but it was over a long period of time.  In the beginning, in order for me to align my life with how I felt- I started VERY small.  One small step that led to huge changes was me becoming aware of the words that I spoke. I realized that I was saying things out loud that I didn’t really mean.  So day by day, I became a little more quiet, unless I had something really truthful to say.  That one change totally shifted the way that my day felt. I didn’t feel like I had to be “fake” or say things like -“my weekend was great! how was yours??” if I’d had a really crappy weekend. I felt like, for the first time, I had some breathing room.  This is because…

-When you’re in alignment, you have so much more energy

It takes a lot of our energy to contain ourselves.  Containment meaning holding ourselves to some level expected by others that doesn’t really feel good, inside.  We use a lot of energy each day just to be civilized human beings.  How many times have you felt like just screaming or throwing yourself on the ground and saying “I give up!” but you don’t? When you live a life that feels good to YOU, a lot of your energy of containing yourself, frees us.  I remember when I wanted to eat healthier and I thought it was going to be impossible and that I’d be in the kitchen 24/7.  I remember seeing women who literally were doing EVERYTHING and still had all this energy left to blog about it- I didn’t get it.  But now I do.  Now that I’m not in a battle with myself every day, I have so much extra energy.  Energy that I get to use to run my business, or help my partner and his son, or cook really tasty meals every day.

-It’s obvious when we’re out of alignment but we like to ignore it

We tend to think that things are way harder than they are.  When I wanted to regulate my menstrual cycle and take more control of my health-care, I remember feeling like I had to go to medical school just to be able to take care of myself.  I felt like there were a million steps between me and holistic health that I didn’t even know where to start.  So I ignored it for a long time. I continued to pop a pain pill when my period found me in a fetal position of cramps. I continued to use drugs and alcohol each week to numb the way I felt, and I continued to stay in relationships that just didn’t feel good. Because I thought that changing those things was going to be hella hard.  And honestly - it was pretty hard but it’s totally worth it.  For example: now that menstrual cycle is regular and I rarely have painful periods, my PMS has decreased. I used to waste 2 weeks out of every month basically in a terrible mood, with zero energy, and then with a painful period.  But now, I feel like I have my life back, and my health-care practices that I do at home, feel much more in alignment with my soul, than depending on a doctor for my care.

-Being in alignment is easier when you’re not alone

I hate asking for help. Like… really really hate it. I get all fumbly and embarrassed.  But the truth is- we all need help sometimes.  I wish so badly that I didn’t spend 10 (ten!!) years of my life doing this work alone.  My learning and research into women’s health, practicing on my own body, could have been half the time, if I had just reached out to other women who had been there before. I suppose this is what led me to starting Lunar Nourishment; I see so many women who are wanting so badly to live a life that feels healthy and in alignment but don’t know where to begin- so they just don’t begin.  But my message to them is that you CAN transform your life, relationships, career, health, and SOUL into the life you’ve always wanted to lead.  And I’m here to guide you towards that.

-Finally, alignment is an individual experience

This sounds contradictory based on my previous paragraph BUT it’s not.  Because alignment is different based on who you are! There’s no exact way to get in alignment. There’s no formula; there is only figuring out what feels good to you.  It’s almost so simple it’s confusing. I used to think that being healthy meant I could never each chocolate or binge-watch Netflix or skip a healthy meal one day.  I thought that to be healthy meant I had to meditate every day and go to yoga each week.  But being healthy just means that you feel like a WHOLE person.  Not disjointed in how you live your life.  It means that you are the same person at home alone, as you are with your partner, and at your job, and with your family.

Alignment is staying true to who you are; feeling into your heart before you say yes or no.  Alignment is the true meaning of self-love.  And it looks different for us all.  

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