What is Lunar Nourishment?

Lunar Nourishment. This phrase evokes a peaceful, moonlit night, perhaps a relaxing soak in a warm bath, or maybe an energizing conversation with a fellow empowered Sister. All things nourishing, healing, beautiful, rejuvenating, and mindful. I created Lunar Nourishment to invite women from all walks of life to reclaim her inner Goddess, take control of her life, and reach optimal health and maximum potential for growth on her journey. Every woman is worthy of and deserves Lunar Nourishment. It is your birthright and privilege to be so closely connected with the monthly rhythms of the Moon and Mother Earth. It is time that we eliminate negative stigmas around our cycle and reintroduce the sacredness and power that we hold as Women, as the mothers of creation.

Lunar Nourishment is more than a blog post and more than consciously crafted workshops and courses.

It is a way of being, or remembering, that dwells deep inside each of us. Lunar Nourishment provides the tools and gentle guidance to wake up the Goddess inside each woman that is ready to step into her power and light. I offer workshops that focus on juicy topics such as the history of the woman's cycle, the power of creativity and manifesting the reality you want. I also offer more personalized one-on-one guidance and counseling. 

Whether you are a lotus flower in full bloom and just want to recharge yourself spiritually with like-minded women and lovingly made products, or you're a tiny bud on a vine, just barely opening up to see the sun, I am here for your growth. The journey is immensely personal, but we're all walking alongside each other. Sometimes it's nice to know that you can reach out and grab a hand to hold. So, welcome to Lunar Nourishment, sister. I’m excited to see you grow!