Capricorn Full Moon Beauty

Tonight, the Moon will move its Full, shining beauty into Capricorn.  What does this mean and why does it matter?

Ages ago, our ancestors celebrated and lived by the cycles of the Moon.  They used it as a calendar and a mood-mapping tool.  Just as the Moon goes through the same cycles each month, we do too! 

About every 27 days, the Moon starts a new orbit around Mother Earth.  This complete cycle brings a sense of Rebirth during the New Moon and a feeling of celebration when the Moon is bright and Full. Knowing each Moon phase and how it affects your mood, work-life and relationships is an amazing piece of knowledge to have!  It’s especially important for those wanting to embrace the feminine to understand the Moon’s cycles, as they directly correlate with a our internal female cycle. To learn more about your internal cycle, book a session with me by clicking here! Sessions include a Moon Mapping tool and more juicy stuff :)  

Keep reading below for some insights to this Capricorn Moon!

When the Moon is in Capricorn, we tend to let our work come first.  Capricorn is a self-contained sign of the Zodiac, meaning that you’ll find more strength in these areas if you look within yourself, rather than through direct, external action.  This week is a good time to look within and use the vital energy that you’ve been cultivating since the New Moon! 

There is a lot of fiery energy swirling about and it's easy to get caught up in it; during this week, pay close attention to how your emotional reactions and make sure you take responsibility for yourself.  Imagine the bright light of the Full Moon shining light on any shadows or issues that may have been lurking around or inside of you. Observe what you are ready to surrender and know that everything happens as it should. I invite you to take part in the Fire Ritual, below. You can do this alone or with loved ones during the Full Moon, each month. 

Full Moon Fire Ritual

Come together with friends or a partner to let go of the old so that you can make room for more FULLNESS in your life! Join in ceremony each month to see intentions blossom into reality. 

  1.  Form a circle outside, under the Full Moon, in front of a fire pit (or a cookie sheet with a candle on top). 
  2. Have someone burn sage inside and outside of the circle, to cleanse energy.
  3. As a group, have someone lead a guided meditation or speak an invocation. 
  4. After coming to a seat, light the fire or the candle. 
  5. Everyone writes down their past intentions, experiences, and anything else they want to let go of.
  6. Have a circle share for anyone wanting to be witnessed, and allow each person to throw their paper into the fire.
  7. Join in song or prayer or whatever feels nice.
  8. Then dance around and have fun!

Let me know how your fire circle goes! Stay tuned for a Men and Women’s Full Moon Lunar Nourishment gathering this fall in Austin, Texas.

Wishing you love and joy and positive vibes during this creative and FULL time. Remember to practice self-care and nourishment, always!


reclaim YOUR cycles. 
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