Aquarius Full Moon

In the early hours this morning, our mood compass, Mama Moon, moved into Aquarius. Since this is the second Full Moon in July, it’s called a Blue Moon.  When the Moon is in Aquarius, philosophy rules. We start to wonder about the WHY’S of everything.  The past few years have been one of such tremendous self-growth and journeying so it’s important to remember to breathe deeply and ground ourselves. 

This Full Moon energy can bring about a restlessness.

So stay grounded and remember that change is GOOD. 

The Full Moon is a time to release and surrender what has been manifested since the New Moon. It is  a time to let go of what was and step into what IS. 

Taking part in ritual during a Full Moon can create some amazingly potent energy! Your Moon ritual tonight or tomorrow could be as simple as journaling a few things that you are ready to surrender be it old energy, a tainted relationship- anything no longer serving you.

Or perhaps your ritual is more involved.  This is a great time to gather with others in ceremony.  Taking part in a Fire Ritual is an amazing way to release.  Come together and write down on paper what you can let go of.  Then burn your paper as the group witnesses you, collectively. 

You can end with my favorite Native American Full Moon prayer; because of copyright laws, please click here to view the prayer. 

Dance with these changing winds.

Celebrate the beauty that you are creating by being open and connected to your Source, whatever that may be. 

With all my love, on this beautiful night,