Pre-Menstruation | Waning Moon time

Some days we may feel anger for no reason, nothing looks right, everyone is annoying, and all we want to do is lay around and eat food that’s not good for us.  Personally, on days when I feel like this, I find myself consulting one of my guides, my Moon calendar, to find out what phase of my cycle I’m in.  And more often than not, I’m in my Waning Moon phase.  That all too familiar pre-menstrual week full of emotions, never-ending hunger and, sometimes, sadness.  

waning moon time

This questioning voice, this confusion and anger is why Lunar Nourishment was born. Every single one of us goes through these cycles of shedding, planting seeds, growing and blooming.  However, there is no reason why different phases of our cycle should get more attention or care than the others.  Providing nourishment each and every day, in different ways, is the ultimate tool in the self-love kit.  Think back to the last time you were in your pre-menstrual phase.  How did you feel? What decisions did you make? This is one of the most insightful times in our month.  We see things so clearly, sometimes too clearly.  It’s like, during the rest of the month, we have these blinders on; these love-goggles.  But our inner Spirit gives us a swift kick in the bum this week.  She shines the brightest light on these dark shadows that were easy to ignore.  And this is good! 

We have this amazingly special “ability” now to really listen to our instinct. To feed and nurture her.  If we accept that, for about a week, we may not feel sexy or social or romantic, we can rise above this “Pre- Menstrual SYNDROME”.  This isn’t a syndrome! This is life! This is a cycle and every phase isn’t going to be rainbows and sunshine.  Wow~ what a powerful realization; that it’s okay to feel blah. It’s okay to not want to talk to anyone.  It’s fine to just lay around and rest.  It’s the perfect time for all of that.  Sometimes it’s hard to trust the Universe. Sometimes we question why we do what we do. But there is this voice, that’s louder than any of ours, that keeps moving us forward.  

Let us not be ashamed to admit when we don’t feel good.  Let us embrace our Wild Woman- the woman who wants to scream into a pillow, just because.  Our adaptive human traits that once allowed us to survive may also be repressing us.  It’s time to break free of shame, negativity and hiding our emotions.  To truly flourish, we must allow Self-love to envelope us.  To become aware of something is to free yourself from it.  From this freedom comes pure, unconditional self-love. 

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