Full Moon Ceremony

Welcome to this space; this screen of words that may bring you whatever you are needing, on this Full Moon night. The mood in my home is somber, melancholy and still- it’s a welcome release from my normal busy mind. 

Typically, on a Full Moon, energies run high, deep sleep can be fleeting, and emotions are tender. 

I invite you to take part in ceremony on the Full Moon (or the day before and the day after) to bring about healing in whatever way your Self needs at this time. 

Full Moon Ceremony:

  • If you are taking part in this alone, create a special space for yourself outside under the Moon, or in a quiet spot in your home. 

  • Gather any crystals, stones, or gems that you have. Also grab a compass (or download a compass app on your mobile phone) and a candle.

  • Take your crystals and lay them outside so that they can be cleansed, overnight, by the Full Moon energy. You may create a mandala like the one below to sit in front of during your ceremony. 


Begin your ceremony by setting your intention for Healing. You may think of your own or read the one below to yourself:

I am gathered here tonight, under the light of this Full Moon, to release unwanted energies from my body, my mind and my heart. I honor the person that I have become today as I create space for Spirit to mold me into the person that I am becoming. I will release self-doubt, negativity, and judgement of myself and am ready to open my Heart to love for myself and for all Beings in my life.

After setting your intention, light your candle and stand up as you face each Sacred direction (North, South, East and West) with a healing mantra (the one below is by Selena Fox) for each direction. 

If you are alone, you will be both the “Leader” and “All” and can change “we” to “I” and “us” to me”:

Leader: In the North, we honor the Sacred Earth and the Powers of Physical Well-being.
All: Physical Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the East, we honor the Sacred Air and the Powers of Mental Well-being.
All: Mental Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the South, we honor the Sacred Fire and the Powers of Energy Well-being.
All: Energy Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the West, we honor the Sacred Water and the Powers of Emotional Well-being.
All: Emotional Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the Center, we honor the Sacred Spirit and the Powers of Spiritual Well-being.
All: Spiritual Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: Let us honor and attune to the Powers of the Full Moon. All face the Full Moon.
All: We attune to the Fullness of the Moon, Ah, ah, ah, ah. Repeatedly chant.

Close your ceremony by bringing your hands in front of your heart and taking three deep breaths as you blow out your candle on your last exhale. 

Be well.

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