This Invigorating Feeling Of Joy

We recently sat down (virtually) with some incredible women who are making their living doing what they love. 

Each woman featured in this series is following her dreams, and listening to her heart and her intuition. I hope this inspires you as much as it did us!

Missed our first guest post? Click here to read it!  Second up in our series is a woman that both Marlena and I are happy to say we know in person! Kate Freeman is an artist from our home state of Mississippi. Her work is dreamy and lively.  Each new painting she does gives us a glimpse into another talented Mississippi artist and what inspires her!  Follow Kate on Instagram at @katefree_ for daily inspiration of art and travel photos! 

1. I know who you are and what your business or passion is, but what do you say when people ask "What do you do?"
Ah yes, the "What do you do?" question! Whenever someone asks me that, I typically just say, I am an artist! I like to keep it simple when someone asks me such a broad question, you know? 

2. Was there an "aha" moment that made you feel like you just had to follow your dream?
When I was in 9th grade, I started doing black and white paintings of bands and people I admired. It was then and there that I was like "aha" something I can do for hours and not get bored! Aha! I want to do this for the rest of my life. I am so glad I decided to keep pursuing my dream after school. It's been incredible seeing how my art has grown over the past years, since the first "aha" moment. :) 

3. Who are your biggest inspirations?
My biggest art inspirations are Frank Stella and Hans Hoffman. I live in a town full of artists that also inspire me! I am so lucky! A few are; Ginger Williams Cook, William Goodman, Kristen Ley and my boyfriend, Justin Schultz. I find inspiration every time I walk out my door. I look at color, form, texture and flow when I get inspired. It's the most amazing feeling! 

4. What does a typical weekday look like for you?
On a typical weekday, I wake-up, snuggle with my cat, slowly walk to my kitchen and heat up the kettle for warm lemon water. I then get dressed and drive (or bike) the 2 miles to work. My main day-to-day job is working at a letterpress/design studio, called Thimblepress. It's FILLED with inspiration, on a daily basis. The vibe is so colorful in our studio! Then after work, I exercise to give my brain a rest, drive or walk home, then cook dinner and make ginger tea. While my tea is brewing, I get my paints ready and I paint all night until I can't hold my eyes open any longer. Then I sleep! 

5. What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about SO many things. Obviously, I am passionate about art and always will be. I am also passionate about healthy living. I am a vegetarian ( I do eat fish) and I feel amazing. I really try to be conscious about what goes in my body. I also try to take really good care of my skin! I love looking up vegan skincare and all the new brands developing. I am passionate about interior design, fashion, music and cats! It's hard to narrow this question down!  

6. What has been the least favorite job and the most favorite job/ career you've had?
My least favorite job was working as a manager in corporate retail. I worked a corporate job for 9 months and then made a switch! My most favorite job is the job I have now! I work as the Online Sales Manager at Thimblepress and I try to help/learn as much as I can with the marketing side of the business too! I have the freedom to be myself in an environment that doesn't judge. Thimblepress is full of laughter, color and lots of studio animals! 

7. What would you want to tell other women who are feeling ready to take the leap and follow what makes them happy?
Oh love, DO IT! It's scary at first but that fear will turn into this invigorating feeling of joy. The harder you work, the more it will pay off. It may take you a while to take that leap and succeed, but once you do.. it will be life changing. Follow those dreams, you are only you once.. so go for it! 

To purchase Kate's art, visit her website: