Full Moon Balance

The Full Moon will greet us on Wednesday with a Lunar Eclipse in the morning! Both eclipse times and Full Moon times can be filled with high energy; channel yours in a positive way by taking part in ceremony or ritual.  This Libra Full Moon is all about balance; within ourselves and others.  When we can live in moderation, as a lifestyle, we find that it's easier to see that same balance in others and in external situations.  

Everyday Example of Balance: Choice 1= Eat healthy during the week but splurge on weekends or vacations.  Do a cleanse or special diet every few months to "rid" your body of toxins.  Choice 2= Eat healthy all throughout the year, relying on routine and ritual to feed your body the nutrients it needs, without shocking your system. 


Full Moon Balancing Ceremony:

Supplies: A piece of fruit, crystals/rocks/gems/feathers, flower petals.
Take part in this ritual either the day before, the day of, or the day after Wednesday's Full Moon.

1. Gather your materials and go under the light of the Moon or near a window.
2. Set your fruit aside.
3. Create a mandala  using your supplies.  You can create this as big or small as you'd like. With flower petals as part of your decoration. This mandala is all about balance. Each time you place an item on one side of the circle or near the center, place another item evenly across from it. Take your time, making your mandala as intricate as you'd like. 
4. As you build your mandala, think about areas of your life that you'd like more balance. Each time you think of one, speak it aloud as you place another treasure on your circle.
5. Once your mandala feels complete, place your fruit in the center and allow it to soak up the Full Moon light and energy overnight. Let it nourish you in your morning breakfast.  

Note*  If you set any New Moon Intentions at the beginning of the month, take this time to reflect on where you can use balance in your life to help bring your intentions to fruition!