Moon Insights

Full Moon Balance

The Full Moon will greet us on Wednesday with a Lunar Eclipse in the morning! Both eclipse times and Full Moon times can be filled with high energy; channel yours in a positive way by taking part in ceremony or ritual.  This Libra Full Moon is all about balance; within ourselves and others.  When we can live in moderation, as a lifestyle, we find that it's easier to see that same balance in others and in external situations.  

Everyday Example of Balance: Choice 1= Eat healthy during the week but splurge on weekends or vacations.  Do a cleanse or special diet every few months to "rid" your body of toxins.  Choice 2= Eat healthy all throughout the year, relying on routine and ritual to feed your body the nutrients it needs, without shocking your system. 


Full Moon Balancing Ceremony:

Supplies: A piece of fruit, crystals/rocks/gems/feathers, flower petals.
Take part in this ritual either the day before, the day of, or the day after Wednesday's Full Moon.

1. Gather your materials and go under the light of the Moon or near a window.
2. Set your fruit aside.
3. Create a mandala  using your supplies.  You can create this as big or small as you'd like. With flower petals as part of your decoration. This mandala is all about balance. Each time you place an item on one side of the circle or near the center, place another item evenly across from it. Take your time, making your mandala as intricate as you'd like. 
4. As you build your mandala, think about areas of your life that you'd like more balance. Each time you think of one, speak it aloud as you place another treasure on your circle.
5. Once your mandala feels complete, place your fruit in the center and allow it to soak up the Full Moon light and energy overnight. Let it nourish you in your morning breakfast.  

Note*  If you set any New Moon Intentions at the beginning of the month, take this time to reflect on where you can use balance in your life to help bring your intentions to fruition! 

stop, recalibrate and listen.

Truth: I made C's in all my science classes. I don't know why but I just didn't care to know how everything worked. Fast forward many years and I am finding myself greatly influenced by science and a certain Celestial body; the Moon.

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. So it's no joke that the gravitational forces of the Moon have a great effect not just not our planet's bodies of water (the oceans) but also on OUR bodies of water!

Like the Moon pulls in the tide, she stirs your energy.  With her full, glowing light, you feel alive and breathless and creative.  With her dark, empty nights, you feel introspective and alone.  She feeds you every day with her energy and her love.  She controls your cycles and your rhythm.  She IS you.

The Lunar Effect is a great example.  This is the "belief that there is correlation between specific stages of the Earth's lunar cycle and behavior in animals (including humans), that cannot simply be explained by variation in light levels." You have probably heard sayings like "the crazies will come out on the Full Moon" or you may be aware that your own energy or anxiety levels increase during a Full Moon.  While many of notice this effect, a more subtle change comes about in us during a New Moon.  

copyright: Lydia Jarjoura


When the Moon is at it's darkest point in it's orbit, it's in its New Moon phase.  During this time, our introspective nature takes precedence over our controlled thought patterns. Our shadow selves are at the forefront and, although subtle, there can be a noticeable  different in our levels of creativity and moodiness.  Because this New Moon phase is considered the beginning of the Moon's Cycle (Day 1), it's a potent time to set intentions for the month ahead. This can be done through meditation, journaling or joining in ceremony with others. 

The New Moon is a time to re-calibrate our Selves and regain our balance. Setting intentions for this moment, next month or the future is such a giant step on the path of self-care.  

To take part in your own New Moon Ceremony, grab a candle, paper and a pen and a quiet space.  Light your candle. Take a few moments to settle into your space, sitting on the ground or a chair as you breathe in and out, deeply, three times.  With each inhale, draw your breath out longer, and with each exhale, breathe a little deeper.  

Take some time to envision yourself one month from now. What are you doing? Who are you with? What do YOU want?  Spend a few moments envisioning exactly where you'd like to see yourself.  Then write down your intentions for the coming month. This could be one word, like "peace" or a statement of change. Write anything and everything that comes up.  

Hold your paper close to your heart and end your ritual with three deep breaths again. Blow your intentions out into your candle.

Take some time in the coming weeks to look back at your intentions and see them as they blossom into possibilities you may never have dreamed of!

Pisces Full Moon Ceremony

Welcome to this space; this screen of words that may bring you whatever you are needing, on this Full Moon night. The mood in my home is somber, melancholy and still- it’s a welcome release from my normal busy mind.  Typically, on a Full Moon, energies run high, deep sleep can be fleeting, and emotions are tender.  The Full Moon happening tonight is an especially powerful one; it’s a Super Moon, meaning that at this point, the Moon is the closest the Earth AND is in alignment with both the Sun & Earth. Also, the Virgo Sun is in opposition with the Pisces Moon so these energies are polarizing, or complementing each other. 

There is a lot going on for these next few days so be patient and kind with yourself as old wounds will arise and energies will feel scattered.  According to Annie Heese and Adam Banks, this“Virgo-Pisces polarity… deals with the balance between day-to-day functions and routines, physical health, and the need for order (Virgo) and vision, spiritual health, disorder, and the infinite (Pisces).” So it’s a HEALING Moon.  I invite you to take part in ceremony tonight or tomorrow night to bring about healing in whatever way your Self needs at this time. 

Pisces Full Moon Ceremony:

If you are taking part in this alone, create a special space for yourself outside under the Moon, or in a quiet spot in your home. Gather any crystals, stones, or gems that you have. Also grab a compass (or download a compass app on your mobile phone) and a candle.

Take your crystals and lay them outside so that they can be cleansed, overnight, by the Full Moon energy. You may create a mandala like the one below to sit in front of during your ceremony. 


Begin your ceremony by setting your intention for Healing. You may think of your own or read the one below to yourself:

I am gathered here tonight, under the light of this Full Moon, to release unwanted energies from my body, my mind and my heart. I honor the person that I have become today as I create space for Spirit to mold me into the person that I am becoming. I will release self-doubt, negativity, and judgement of myself and am ready to open my Heart to love for myself and for all Beings in my life. 

After setting your intention, light your candle and stand up as you face each Sacred direction (North, South, East and West) with a healing mantra (the one below is by Selena Fox) for each direction. 

If you are alone, you will be both the “Leader” and “All” and can change “we” to “I” and “us” to me”:

Leader: In the North, we honor the Sacred Earth and the Powers of Physical Well-being.
All: Physical Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the East, we honor the Sacred Air and the Powers of Mental Well-being.
All: Mental Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the South, we honor the Sacred Fire and the Powers of Energy Well-being.
All: Energy Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the West, we honor the Sacred Water and the Powers of Emotional Well-being.
All: Emotional Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: In the Center, we honor the Sacred Spirit and the Powers of Spiritual Well-being.
All: Spiritual Well-being come to us! Chant three times.
Leader: Let us honor and attune to the Powers of the Full Moon. All face the Full Moon.
All: We attune to the Fullness of the Moon, Ah, ah, ah, ah. Repeatedly chant.

Close your ceremony by bringing your hands in front of your heart and taking three deep breaths as you blow out your candle on your last exhale. 

Be well.

Pre-Menstruation | Waning Moon time

Some days we may feel anger for no reason, nothing looks right, everyone is annoying, and all we want to do is lay around and eat food that’s not good for us.  Personally, on days when I feel like this, I find myself consulting one of my guides, my Moon calendar, to find out what phase of my cycle I’m in.  And more often than not, I’m in my Waning Moon phase.  That all too familiar pre-menstrual week full of emotions, never-ending hunger and, sometimes, sadness.  

waning moon time

This questioning voice, this confusion and anger is why Lunar Nourishment was born. Every single one of us goes through these cycles of shedding, planting seeds, growing and blooming.  However, there is no reason why different phases of our cycle should get more attention or care than the others.  Providing nourishment each and every day, in different ways, is the ultimate tool in the self-love kit.  Think back to the last time you were in your pre-menstrual phase.  How did you feel? What decisions did you make? This is one of the most insightful times in our month.  We see things so clearly, sometimes too clearly.  It’s like, during the rest of the month, we have these blinders on; these love-goggles.  But our inner Spirit gives us a swift kick in the bum this week.  She shines the brightest light on these dark shadows that were easy to ignore.  And this is good! 

We have this amazingly special “ability” now to really listen to our instinct. To feed and nurture her.  If we accept that, for about a week, we may not feel sexy or social or romantic, we can rise above this “Pre- Menstrual SYNDROME”.  This isn’t a syndrome! This is life! This is a cycle and every phase isn’t going to be rainbows and sunshine.  Wow~ what a powerful realization; that it’s okay to feel blah. It’s okay to not want to talk to anyone.  It’s fine to just lay around and rest.  It’s the perfect time for all of that.  Sometimes it’s hard to trust the Universe. Sometimes we question why we do what we do. But there is this voice, that’s louder than any of ours, that keeps moving us forward.  

Let us not be ashamed to admit when we don’t feel good.  Let us embrace our Wild Woman- the woman who wants to scream into a pillow, just because.  Our adaptive human traits that once allowed us to survive may also be repressing us.  It’s time to break free of shame, negativity and hiding our emotions.  To truly flourish, we must allow Self-love to envelope us.  To become aware of something is to free yourself from it.  From this freedom comes pure, unconditional self-love. 

Aquarius Full Moon

In the early hours this morning, our mood compass, Mama Moon, moved into Aquarius. Since this is the second Full Moon in July, it’s called a Blue Moon.  When the Moon is in Aquarius, philosophy rules. We start to wonder about the WHY’S of everything.  The past few years have been one of such tremendous self-growth and journeying so it’s important to remember to breathe deeply and ground ourselves. 

This Full Moon energy can bring about a restlessness.

So stay grounded and remember that change is GOOD. 

The Full Moon is a time to release and surrender what has been manifested since the New Moon. It is  a time to let go of what was and step into what IS. 

Taking part in ritual during a Full Moon can create some amazingly potent energy! Your Moon ritual tonight or tomorrow could be as simple as journaling a few things that you are ready to surrender be it old energy, a tainted relationship- anything no longer serving you.

Or perhaps your ritual is more involved.  This is a great time to gather with others in ceremony.  Taking part in a Fire Ritual is an amazing way to release.  Come together and write down on paper what you can let go of.  Then burn your paper as the group witnesses you, collectively. 

You can end with my favorite Native American Full Moon prayer; because of copyright laws, please click here to view the prayer. 

Dance with these changing winds.

Celebrate the beauty that you are creating by being open and connected to your Source, whatever that may be. 

With all my love, on this beautiful night,


New Moon Intentions

Happy New Moon day to you.

When the Moon is in this dark phase, both the Sun and the Moon are in the same Zodiac sign; each month brings a new sign and new energies to harness. Unlike the Full Moon nights, when energies are high, the New Moon time is one of introspection and darkness. It is a time to plant new seeds for the coming Moon cycle. As you start to set intentions each month, you may notice how the days of the month no longer hold such value, but rather, the phase of the Moon determines your actions. 

As human beings, we have always had this amazing connection to the Moon; it greatly influences our inner cycles and our outer relationships.  Rather than go against the flow, we can learn to embrace and trust in the powerful energy that this celestial body allows us to harness.

One my favorite authors, Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes: “Anyone close to a wildish woman, is in fact in the presence of two woman; an outer being and an interior criatura, one who lives in the topside world, one who lives in the world not so easily seeable. The outer being lives by the light of day and is easily observed. She is often pragmatic, acculturated and very human. The criatura, however, often travels to the surface from very far away, often appearing and then as quickly disappearing, yet always leaving behind a feeling: something surprising, original, and knowing."


As women, we have learned to adapt and live in two separate worlds. The outside world and our own, inner, under-world.  During this New Moon phase, we are inhabiting the mysterious underworld. We can use this deep energy in a positive way, through setting intentions. 

The time to set intentions is this New Moon time; it’s a direct calling for us to sit down with pen and paper or photos and glue, to really make our thoughts turn into visions that we can create as our reality.  The simple act of creating ritual is often times enough of a catalyst for our intentions to turn into actions.  So whether you have an altar set up at home or if you need to carve out space in your day to spend in ceremony, the time is now. Let the Moon guide you as you put positive thoughts into the Universe. 

Creating ceremony alone can be extremely nourishing; but it’s also really powerful to come together with others.  Women, ages ago, would bleed together on the New Moon. This was a time when they would leave their partners and homes to travel together to rest and create and just BE.  Today, because of artificial lighting, lack of attention, and other factors, many women aren’t synced up together. But we can still gather in ritual and ceremony to set New Moon intentions and be witnessed by each other.  

You can visit  to learn how to host your own gathering.  

If you live in the Austin, Texas area- we host monthly New Moon gatherings. Stay tuned to our Events section to find out when the next circle takes place! 

Take thought and plant many seeds during this New Moon; keep them fertile through rest and self-care and the nourishing love that you embody, always and forever. 



Capricorn Full Moon Beauty

Tonight, the Moon will move its Full, shining beauty into Capricorn.  What does this mean and why does it matter?

Ages ago, our ancestors celebrated and lived by the cycles of the Moon.  They used it as a calendar and a mood-mapping tool.  Just as the Moon goes through the same cycles each month, we do too! 

About every 27 days, the Moon starts a new orbit around Mother Earth.  This complete cycle brings a sense of Rebirth during the New Moon and a feeling of celebration when the Moon is bright and Full. Knowing each Moon phase and how it affects your mood, work-life and relationships is an amazing piece of knowledge to have!  It’s especially important for those wanting to embrace the feminine to understand the Moon’s cycles, as they directly correlate with a our internal female cycle. To learn more about your internal cycle, book a session with me by clicking here! Sessions include a Moon Mapping tool and more juicy stuff :)  

Keep reading below for some insights to this Capricorn Moon!

When the Moon is in Capricorn, we tend to let our work come first.  Capricorn is a self-contained sign of the Zodiac, meaning that you’ll find more strength in these areas if you look within yourself, rather than through direct, external action.  This week is a good time to look within and use the vital energy that you’ve been cultivating since the New Moon! 

There is a lot of fiery energy swirling about and it's easy to get caught up in it; during this week, pay close attention to how your emotional reactions and make sure you take responsibility for yourself.  Imagine the bright light of the Full Moon shining light on any shadows or issues that may have been lurking around or inside of you. Observe what you are ready to surrender and know that everything happens as it should. I invite you to take part in the Fire Ritual, below. You can do this alone or with loved ones during the Full Moon, each month. 

Full Moon Fire Ritual

Come together with friends or a partner to let go of the old so that you can make room for more FULLNESS in your life! Join in ceremony each month to see intentions blossom into reality. 

  1.  Form a circle outside, under the Full Moon, in front of a fire pit (or a cookie sheet with a candle on top). 
  2. Have someone burn sage inside and outside of the circle, to cleanse energy.
  3. As a group, have someone lead a guided meditation or speak an invocation. 
  4. After coming to a seat, light the fire or the candle. 
  5. Everyone writes down their past intentions, experiences, and anything else they want to let go of.
  6. Have a circle share for anyone wanting to be witnessed, and allow each person to throw their paper into the fire.
  7. Join in song or prayer or whatever feels nice.
  8. Then dance around and have fun!

Let me know how your fire circle goes! Stay tuned for a Men and Women’s Full Moon Lunar Nourishment gathering this fall in Austin, Texas.

Wishing you love and joy and positive vibes during this creative and FULL time. Remember to practice self-care and nourishment, always!


reclaim YOUR cycles. 
ask me how, here.