A Women's Moon Ceremony

Each month, for the past 2 years, I have gathered with women under the dark of the New Moon to create intentions, take part in ritual, and meditate on what it means to be a woman during this time of great change.  Last Friday, 25 women gathered in my small space and the energy in the room was completely palpable, intense, and beautiful.  


I wanted to share with you the behind the scenes pictures of what goes into creating these amazing gatherings! 

The day of ceremony, I always feel a little anxious. 

I know it's because I'm thinking of the night ahead, wondering who will show up and who won't, and hoping that it's an evening to remember. I tend to be quite hard on myself so on "Moon Circle Days" I rest a lot and slowly prepare throughout the day, rather than close to the gathering.

I start by setting up the space. This means LOTS of pillows, floor cushions and rugs; gotta keep it cozy!  After I set up the cushions, it's time for me to start to build our altar!

I always have fresh flowers, and something from each of the 4 elements: earth, water, wind and fire.  

Each woman is invited to bring something something special to place upon the altar. Some have brought rose quartz hearts, giant selenite wands, letters from grandmothers, special pieces of jewelry, talismans and so much more. After everyone places their items on the altar, it's truly magical! 

I always sit in silent meditation before everyone arrives.  I smudge my space and myself and set an intention for holding space for the women who come.  Some women come alone; some bring a friend.  Some women have been coming for years, and others are brand new.  All are welcome and all are amazing. I truly feel that each woman who shows up, was meant to be there. 

Have you thought about coming but haven't yet? 

What's stopping you? We are in great times of change and these circles are a way to come together in ceremony, as well as create your own ritual of self-care and setting monthly intentions.  

Want to see when our next gatherings are?

What other women are saying:

"I enjoyed that I was able to share my intention with everyone, plus I was really grateful to see so many ladies come together for healing and growth."- Pam

"It's so powerful and wonderful and empowering." - Erin

"It's intense and beautiful and even during intros everyone was so supportive of where each woman was."  - Victoria

"You seem to have a real way of guiding people with your voice. I was resonating with everything you were saying during the guided meditation." - Amanda What other women are saying:


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