This is what "alignment" means...

Alignment is the new sexy.  When I first started my business, I would write a lot about alignment.  My very first business card said “Awaken Your Soul’s Path” and I FELT exactly what I was talking about but I didn’t know yet what it fully meant.


When we aren’t in alignment- we feel off. 

If you’re reading this, you are probably an empath. You can literally feel others’ emotions in your own body.  You can tell when someone or something is “off”- or not in alignment. It's sometimes harder for us to feel when we're off, ourselves.

I’ve gone through a shit-ton of trails and tribulations (that’s a phrase, right?) in my life as I’ve focused on alignment.  For me, it’s been a pretty big single point of focus with my main goal being to transition into a life that feels really good to me- on ALL levels; not just most levels.

I’ve highlighted below some realizations that I've had in order to get to where I am (although I am definitely aware that I have a lot longer to go…).  Maybe some of my own trial and error will help guide you in a direction that feels good, too!

-Alignment happens inside of us, first.

In order for us to break a habit or make a change; we’ve got to be motivated to make that change. And there are different motivators, for each of us. This was key to me transforming my life. I'll give you an example: before I realized that I needed to quit eating sugar to get off of my anti-anxiety medication, I had to first become aware that I FELT off, inside, when I ate sugar.    For me, I couldn’t quit sugar just because I knew it was unhealthy.  My motivator for making change was that I was tired of having panic attacks.  So I realized that and felt in total alignment with that decision. It was only until I felt 100% in alignment with my decision to quit sugar, that I was able to quit it.  Once I made the decision, when sugar was in front of me, I had very little desire to eat it, because now that my inner alignment had shifted- I felt “off” when I consumed it.

-Being in alignment doesn’t have to feel really “BIG”.

Back when I worked a 9-5 desk job, I used to envy health coaches that I saw, or yoga instructors here in Austin that I loved.  I used to feel like in order for me to fulfill that dream of helping others shift their lives, I would have to totally just quit everything and do all new things.  That did happen, but it was over a long period of time.  In the beginning, in order for me to align my life with how I felt- I started VERY small.  One small step that led to huge changes was me becoming aware of the words that I spoke. I realized that I was saying things out loud that I didn’t really mean.  So day by day, I became a little more quiet, unless I had something really truthful to say.  That one change totally shifted the way that my day felt. I didn’t feel like I had to be “fake” or say things like -“my weekend was great! how was yours??” if I’d had a really crappy weekend. I felt like, for the first time, I had some breathing room.  This is because…

-When you’re in alignment, you have so much more energy

It takes a lot of our energy to contain ourselves.  Containment meaning holding ourselves to some level expected by others that doesn’t really feel good, inside.  We use a lot of energy each day just to be civilized human beings.  How many times have you felt like just screaming or throwing yourself on the ground and saying “I give up!” but you don’t? When you live a life that feels good to YOU, a lot of your energy of containing yourself, frees us.  I remember when I wanted to eat healthier and I thought it was going to be impossible and that I’d be in the kitchen 24/7.  I remember seeing women who literally were doing EVERYTHING and still had all this energy left to blog about it- I didn’t get it.  But now I do.  Now that I’m not in a battle with myself every day, I have so much extra energy.  Energy that I get to use to run my business, or help my partner and his son, or cook really tasty meals every day.

-It’s obvious when we’re out of alignment but we like to ignore it

We tend to think that things are way harder than they are.  When I wanted to regulate my menstrual cycle and take more control of my health-care, I remember feeling like I had to go to medical school just to be able to take care of myself.  I felt like there were a million steps between me and holistic health that I didn’t even know where to start.  So I ignored it for a long time. I continued to pop a pain pill when my period found me in a fetal position of cramps. I continued to use drugs and alcohol each week to numb the way I felt, and I continued to stay in relationships that just didn’t feel good. Because I thought that changing those things was going to be hella hard.  And honestly - it was pretty hard but it’s totally worth it.  For example: now that menstrual cycle is regular and I rarely have painful periods, my PMS has decreased. I used to waste 2 weeks out of every month basically in a terrible mood, with zero energy, and then with a painful period.  But now, I feel like I have my life back, and my health-care practices that I do at home, feel much more in alignment with my soul, than depending on a doctor for my care.

-Being in alignment is easier when you’re not alone

I hate asking for help. Like… really really hate it. I get all fumbly and embarrassed.  But the truth is- we all need help sometimes.  I wish so badly that I didn’t spend 10 (ten!!) years of my life doing this work alone.  My learning and research into women’s health, practicing on my own body, could have been half the time, if I had just reached out to other women who had been there before. I suppose this is what led me to starting Lunar Nourishment; I see so many women who are wanting so badly to live a life that feels healthy and in alignment but don’t know where to begin- so they just don’t begin.  But my message to them is that you CAN transform your life, relationships, career, health, and SOUL into the life you’ve always wanted to lead.  And I’m here to guide you towards that.

-Finally, alignment is an individual experience

This sounds contradictory based on my previous paragraph BUT it’s not.  Because alignment is different based on who you are! There’s no exact way to get in alignment. There’s no formula; there is only figuring out what feels good to you.  It’s almost so simple it’s confusing. I used to think that being healthy meant I could never each chocolate or binge-watch Netflix or skip a healthy meal one day.  I thought that to be healthy meant I had to meditate every day and go to yoga each week.  But being healthy just means that you feel like a WHOLE person.  Not disjointed in how you live your life.  It means that you are the same person at home alone, as you are with your partner, and at your job, and with your family.

Alignment is staying true to who you are; feeling into your heart before you say yes or no.  Alignment is the true meaning of self-love.  And it looks different for us all.  

Want to feel more aligned? Check out my seasonal, monthly guide for listening to your inner voice, by clicking here.

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