A New Moon: Come Home To Yourself

One of this year’s most powerful New Moons is happening right now.

A New Moon in Cancer

If you’re like most of us, you hide certain aspects of yourself. As humans, we tend to rejects the parts of ourselves that we’re ashamed of.

We hide our anger when we stuff it down

We mask our codependency with “acts of service”

We control our lives by controlling our food

We ignore our sadness by distracting ourselves

All of these emotions that we’re afraid to feel (anger, sadness, fear of rejection, shame, loneliness…) these are all facets to this human experience. They are just as much a part of who we are as our joy, our passion or drive, our humor, our love, our empathic tendencies…

They’re what I call our “shadow” selves.

Our shadow selves are just as much a part of us as the parts we let everyone see.

But for many of us, we don’t feel safe enough to let most people we know, see our shadows. So we mask them. And in the masking…

It becomes exhausting simply to exist.

When we try to hide who we are (for numerous reasons like simply not feeling safe and secure), it becomes a game of tug-of-war with ourselves…

When you play tug-of-war with yourself, you never win.

The simple thing is, you never have to explain WHY you can’t be yourself in certain situations or around certain people but simply by being AWARE of when you’re not comfortable expressing an emotion is a great place to start.

And today’s New Moon is giving you a LITERALLY PERFECT chance to simply find a new way of being-where you can fully express your whole self- shadows and all.

Cancer rules in this 4th house of the Zodiac. Cancer is the main “structure” that makes us feel safe or at home within ourselves. Think of the symbol for Cancer; the crab.

The crab has a shell; its shell is its home.

Over time though, the Crab outgrows her shell and so she must find a new one that fits her growth.

Just like you.

At different point in your life, you outgrow things. But how often do you actually LET GO of things you’ve outgrown?

©Lydia Jarjoura- image credit

We even outgrow things that we once desired! This is part of the evolution of being human.

It’s when we don’t let go of the old, that we block our energy for more a more creative and abundant life.

Just like the Crab on this New Moon… there’s a time period, though, where she has to take off her old shell and seek out a new one.

She’s THE most vulnerable, at that time. She’s essentially naked; raw. She’s totally “seen” with no protection.

If you're "in between" homes or ways of being, with this New Moon…

…how can you nourish your foundation?

Cancer rules your privacy, your ability to feed and nourish yourself and, most powerfully, your ancestral line. Remember, tug-of-war is an endless battle. By being your FULL self, you nourish your foundation. You let the ancient, primal part of you know that it’s safe for her to be seen. That’s really what most all of us truly want…

We want to be seen.

If you KNOW that a part of your path is to heal your family blood-line then this Moon is for you.

Your practice for this Moon cycle (until the Full Moon on July 16th -our first call for 13 Moons!) is to really accept all the parts of you and find a new way of being that allows all those parts to co-exist.

Cancer is THE only sign that is ruled by the Moon and by staying in tune with YOUR inner Moon, you’ve got the only tool you’ll ever need- your connection with yourself.

New Moon Journal Practice:

#1: What parts of yourself do you tend to hide away & isolate?

#2: Who are a few people that you feel safe enough to be your FULL self with?

#3: How can you invite your inner Queen out? Even during your in-between time of finding a new shell. Even when you don’t feel 100% safe?

Oh and FYI- you don’t have to find your new shell/foundation/home all by yourself. There are TONS of other women out there doing the same.

Imagine having a structure to show you how to be your FULL AUTHENTIC SELF, 100% of the time.

Imagine having a group of like-minded women who are doing the same exact, deep work- by your side every single day.

Healing doesn’t happen alone- and there’s a group of women just like you, waiting right around the corner.

Such a gorgeous sense of community, of gentleness, bravery, accountability, rawness, truth and healing that I didn’t even know was possible and I will be forever grateful for this journey and enchanted by how genuinely Lydia cares for all of us.

The doors are open for the 13 Moons Sisterhood.

But only for 2 more weeks!

We just had 75 women graduate and we’re taking new Witches + Queens!

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