Heart Centered Living

There are so many ways that we can learn to work on our inner growth.  We can do yoga, meditation, healthy eating- the possibilities are endless. But how can that work bring about growth? It does provide discipline and structure and I’ve definitely seen countless people change their lives in a positive way by sticking to a strict and healthy schedule.  Is it possible though, that the more regimented our personal growth practices are, the less we truly grow? 

I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about living from a heart space; speaking and acting from the heart, rather than the head.  What does heart-centered living look like? To me, it looks exactly like mindful living.  Everyday situations are approached carefully, and there is always a lesson to be learned, even from the most mundane things.  But there is one big difference; the gut.  Yes, that place behind your belly button where you feel butterflies, or fear or instincts kicking in.  Head-centered living ignores the gut- it provides rational answers and logical responses that we’ve learned SOMEWHERE in this lifetime.  Maybe it’s things you read from a book or perhaps even learned at a meditation course.  These things aren’t bad, but when we spout off what we have learned (what our mind now has knowledge of), we aren’t coming from an authentic heart space- we are still coming from our mind, discounting our spirit selves and validating our learned human selves.

Think back to the last time you were in an argument with a loved one or friend.  What did you say to them to explain why you were upset? What words did you use? Did those words have expectations tied to them? Now think back on that argument and see if you can remember why you were REALLY mad.  Were you mad because they ate your last apple, or were your feelings hurt because you felt they didn’t care about your needs (ie. apple)? 

When we get upset, it’s easy to get lost in the “why” of the argument, and that’s where our logical thinking comes in.  But after the fact, after we’ve cooled down, it’s easier to feel what our GUT is telling us.  You no longer need or want the apple, so what’s really the issue? How do you really feel? Maybe it’s a lack of compassion or awareness on their part. Perhaps you’re upset at yourself for not letting your needs be known in the first place.  

Can you feel the difference? Listen to your voice the next time you find yourself in confrontation or even calm discussion with someone.  Is your voice coming from your head space? Are you expecting the other person to act a certain way? Do you think that you’re supposed to use certain words or a certain tone of your voice?  See if you can ignore that and instead, concentrate on your womb space, or that lower belly place of your stomach.  What do you really need to say? Do you need to cry or babble random things until the right thing comes out? That’s okay- do it! Speak from your heart! It’s okay if it’s not cool and calm and collected. It’s okay if you don’t practice a Buddhist style of non-reaction. It’s okay if you use your throat chakra; LET IT OUT FROM THE HEART. 

Heart-centered living looks exactly like MIND-ful living. It’s that person who meditates daily. It’s the yoga instructor or the self-help guru. The difference though? Speaking from the heart. We’ve all been told new or seemingly correct things by someone we look up to- but our gut tells us when to really pay attention and tune in. Everyone we interact with doesn't get our full soul's attention.  But some do. Our gut tells us to stop and feel the words this person is speaking, because we can hear the words coming from the their heart and their SOUL.  

What is your soul telling you? I invite you this week to pay attention to how you treat and speak to those around you.  Is your voice coming from a place inside of your head? Can you speak to others from your heart?

Write down how your week goes as you live and speak from your beautiful heart space. See what changes it may bring about.

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