How I Got Here

I’ll start by saying that I don’t believe we’re ever “there”.

I used to think that life got better when ___ happened. “Life will get better when I don’t have panic attacks anymore” turned into,

“Life will get better when I get to optimal health and stop binge eating sweets” turned into,

self may 2019 13.JPG

“Life will really begin once my business supports me financially 100%” and then it was most recently,

“Life will be great when I stop wishing I wasn’t single”

Those milestones mean NOTHING, though, if we’re miserable while we get there.

Life isn’t just those big aha moments. It’s the 365 days a year, most of them mundane.

Life is the in between.

But here are the parts of my journey that led me to today:


(1988) My parents lose their 8 year old son in a car accident and conceive me & my twin a few months later. We soaked up our mother’s grief (epigenetics) in utero, resulting in extreme empathic tendencies.

(1989-2003) Lived a “normal” life, not knowing that anxiety was a thing and that kids could have it. I thought it was normal to feel shitty all the time and to feel responsible for the emotions of my mother.

First big spiritual awakenings:

(2004) First big “trauma that I didn’t know was a trauma” (age 14) when a tragic death occurred close to our family. That trauma was buried under layers of anger and somber-ness, for many years.

(2009) First black-out panic attack. Trauma began to resurface. Resulting in official “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” diagnosis + prescribed medicine, daily.

(2009-2011) College partying mixed with my first Eckhart Tolle book (THE POWER OF NOW) + discovered Quantum Physics/ Law of Attraction. My mind was starting to open to new possibilities of being human.

Adulthood- when I changed my life

(2012) Moved to Austin, Texas + got off of anti-anxiety medicine by changing my entire lifestyle & diet (quit alcohol, sugar, processed foods + yoga/meditation daily).

(2013) Attended a 10 day silent meditation course + started teaching yoga + dove into THE 4 AGREEMENTS as a way of living.

(2014) Started leading Women’s New Moon Ceremonies each month, until 2018!

(2015-2017) Quit my 9-5 job (Sustainability Office) to create my company, Lunar Nourishment. I offered Reiki, menstrual cycle education, and Moon Ceremonies. Got my official health coaching certification, too!

(2018-today) I’m doin’ my thang coaching badass women who have been playing small, live BIG lives!

Timeline of my business:

When I realized I wanted to start a business, it was mainly because I was unhappy in my job. I had landed my dream job in the Office of Sustainability at The City of Austin. But it was totally unfulfilling to me. I felt like I should be grateful. I was in my mid 20’s, making over $50,000 a year. But the work didn’t challenge me. I couldn’t be creative. I had 2 degrees from college; one in Business Management and the other in Fine Arts.

I’ve been a painter since I was about 9 years old and art was my language. So this job, though it was aligned with my beliefs and the work I’d done in sustainability since I was in high school, simply didn’t fuel my creative fire.

So, in March of 2015, I told my boss I was leaving and on July 2nd, I had my last day at work. I remember the next day, I couldn’t get out of bed. My body was paralyzed with fear. “What the fuck have I done and how will I not become homeless?”

Side note: I live very frugally and was able to save an emergency fund to get me by for a few months until I figured out my next step, while teaching yoga part time.

Like anyone who’s started a business, it’s the same story:

I started with: What the fuck am I doing? I have no idea but I’m going to tell everyone I know that I’ve got a business.

Oh, and I’m going to waste my first $1,000 on things I don’t need (business cards will be the first purchase).

I quickly realized that my first business idea, self-care herbal products, wasn’t going to work because the women I wanted to reach had no idea WHY they needed to use different herbs during the 4 different phases of their menstrual cycle.

So I pivoted and started with educating them. That’s when I created my first online course, Balanced Babes. Over 200 women from all over the world are BB grads; we’re still going strong! BB’s learn how to balance their hormones NATURALLY and this leads them to radical self acceptance. It’s pretty amazing.

While that was going on, I was barely making enough money with my business so I started to rent out my little apartment on Airbnb every other weekend. That paid over half my rent! I also taught several yoga classes a week, and built websites for people. This is the hustle that I feel so grateful I’m NOT in, anymore.

It took a couple of years but, by consistent social media and newsletter writing, I was able to build a trusted audience of about 2,000 people (I don’t count my 4500 IG followers b/c not all of them are engaged in my work).

I began to ask questions, to see what these women wanted to learn from me.

They wanted to change their lives and find their voice.

So in 2018, I created my biggest program to date, Lunar Nourishment 13 Moons. That first round, over 75 women joined me for ONE YEAR! To learn how to live a seasonal life and find themselves.

I was finally making MORE MONEY with my business than I had with my 9-5 job!

Now, I spend my days creating content and supporting clients in my three programs:

Balanced Babes

Soul Income Mastermind for Wellness Entrepreneurs

13 Moons

These are all under the umbrella of the Lunar Nourishment Sisterhood.

The women that come to me are so similar.

They’re witchy and intuitive and sensitive and empathic and scared to speak up but quite opinionated and they want to help people but they also resent that they’re afraid to ask for help.

They’re ready to let go. To start living life for themselves.

And I relate to them, to you, more than I’ve ever related to anyone. We have the same story. We struggle with feeling like we don’t exist. We try so hard to not let anyone down that we let ourselves down, instead. We have inconsistencies with the way we take care of ourselves. We eat healthy during the day but use cannabis or binge eat sweets at night. We feel either numb or full of pain. We’re one in the same.

The bittersweetness of knowing someone’s struggle is that, I’ve been there. And what worked for me, will work for you.

If you’re interested in joining the Lunar Nourishment Sisterhood, drop your email below and I’ll be in touch with you on Tuesday.